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Fire Dragon

By Shinerai


So, I've been working on this for over a month. I've been doing it bit by bit between commissions, between homework assignments, and at work. It was a nice breather, and it's been a long time since I've created a character so thoroughly, it was very refreshing.

This is for forrgotenrose's design contest, where you are to create a fire based dragon character for her story.

Since I don't know the name or gender of the dragon, it was hard for me to write the text D: Also, I won't be mad if you don't read it. It's just space-filler garble to look nice. But If you are actually interested about minor details of the dragon, nice infoes can be found within the garblz.

I wasn't going to make a refsheet at first! But. . . anyone who knows me well, knows I can't design a character WITHOUT a making a refsheet for them. I was going to keep it super simple, but then all this other stuff kept popping on there and. . . . :fear: Also, I just couldn't resist jumping into something that was an obvious opportunity to draw an orange character.

Anyway. Best of luck to all of the participants cx.
Please full view if you want to actually be able to read it.


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Actual weight? a lot of fancy piratical explanations on this creature, which I love, but dragons are often preposterous in their designs, some being giant flying bulky tanks that need only flap wings a few times to achieve instant take off, and sustained flight at that. the wingless variety remedy the supposition of disbelief as does the "biological blimp" idea.  What's your take on this? hollow bones and air bladders perhaps? I always imagine weights around that of a Cessna
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Hello! I think you have a really interesting take on those ideas c: Unfortunately, I can't really respond with much, as those are not things I generally spend much time thinking about. Although I would really like to get that detailed, I think it could result in design limitations and, in the end, this is just art - why should it be limited? I like to create some interesting designs and integrate fairly plausible (usually mammalian) anatomy based on the knowledge I accrued from college nursing courses. Once we get into aerodynamics and weight, that's a bit too deep for me.
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Suppose I am just fascinated with the "What if" if such creatures were indeed plausible, then how? getting realistic may limit creativity but on the other hand finding clever ways to explain such extraordinary creatures gives room for much thought in the design process. What if, hollow bones, super light organs and tissue? Most creatures weight consists of 70% water right? what if such a creature is composed of only 20% do to specialized cells? what if the cells form a sort of micro mesh for scales to further limit mass? I mean I suppose most mythical flying creatures are not too far fetched if they are relatively small and lithe but their behemoth counterparts are another story. I like your dragons in particular as they are not terribly godzilified and hella pretty. 
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Haha, those are some really creative ideas! Even though I don't think that deeply, I agree that there need to be some boundaries. I have some pretty big dragon characters but only a few and they're really slow and cumbersome. Giant dragons can be pretty ridiculous unless someone is careful to integrate reasonable limitations into their design.
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Aye, maybe eastern ones are an exception though, probably mostly composed of whimsical magic fluf! Great majestic designs nonetheless <3
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I want to be just like this dragon, love it
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Why thank you very much c:
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I do truly love you work, I was wondering if you do commissions, I have an idea I would love to put to paper, buy alas, a paper/digital artist I am not, I do figures and painting them is a little easier 
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That means a lot to me! I do love to take commissions like that but, unfortunately, I cannot really commit to those anymore. I closed my commissions a while back because my normal job usually takes up a lot of my time. I'm not sure I'll be reopening them in the future unless I really need to - I'm sorry!
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No big deal, please let me know when you're free, I would really love to have you make something for me
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I'd love to! It'd be a lot easier to keep track of a note - would you mind sending one to me? c:
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sorry, I really don't get on here much, could you refresh me on what we were talking about 
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Incredible!Lovely colors and wonderful anatomy!
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Thank you very much for the compliments!
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Are the heat vents your idea?
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A really beautiful character design :D
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Thank you!
I'm actually really surprised I won, given that I didn't follow the directions xD
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Im not =P Its a great piece
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Excellent, now we just wait a couple million years for nature to bring these guys to life
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EEeeeee! This dragon is amazing! I love the idea of the spikes also being vents! Man, I love the way you drew the clouds of smoke! Very western-like style I would say :D Many people wouldn't even give smoke/clouds an outline but it makes it so much more pretty when you do! ^^

Pfft, just me being bored and browsing through your gallery X'D Hope you don't me favouriting random things here and there and dropping comments too~! ^^
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