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Everyone 2 WIP (1)

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I already submitted a lineup with Yoi and Di some time ago with the intention of adding more characters to it gradually. I think one reason this didn't happen is that the style in which I was doing it (and the Photoshop process I was using) is too complex. I recently re-rendered Yoi from the lineup in a much simpler style. I really enjoyed it and I think replicating this style would make it much easier to add characters. Fingers crossed, anyway C:

Old one is here Everyone WIP (1)

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This style looks way better imo for this purpose. The design is clearer and the personality alot more obvious. The other style is nice for big illustrations with backgrounds and stuff.

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Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I totally agree with you, esp without the lines the design is much clearer c:

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In come the Shin-hoomans!

Seems like it is a never ending battle for you to finish hooman refs and such. By the time you get around to do more, you already see a way to improve on the old and so on, haha!

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Haha it's sooo true! I have like 50-60 characters, it would be nice to get around to drawing all of them.

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It's good to have a wish.

On a side note: don't know if you still care or not, but I am currently working on a proper outline for Iceberg's tale. I am going to finish it, and then I am going to rework the structure such that the work is original as a whole. Then I will continue writing it.

So there are updates coming. Not soon, but they are coming. Hah, it is almost like your art schedule!

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Hahaha!! You're right, that's a big mood for me. I don't read too often (sounds weird saying that) but I AM interested in Iceberg's story so thanks for telling me! I'm looking forward to a continuation c:

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Glad to hear that it is still there. Though, the story is not going to be coming for a long time from now, as I mentioned. I have a ton of work to go through such that it is in a proper spot.

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I guess your story will come along about the same time a completed lineup will come for me hahaha! I'll hold you to 'eventually' though ;D

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Hey, even one dedicated reader is nice in my books. Gives me something to work towards!

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very nice pic :)

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All these years later, still love the pink and yellow guy!

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Haha yeah! I admit he's one of my favorites xD

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I love your art! Great work with the colors
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Thank you very much c:

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