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Have another Stargate SG-1 title. GoldammerArt made this lovely sketch for me and I couldn't resist coloring it! It took me longer than the others, but I think it is because of Shin's complicated design. I don't know why you guys draw him DX Anyway, I'm pleased with how it turned out and I hope you like it!


Photoshop CS3

Original Dimensions
1185 x 1610 pixels

Time Spent.
About 12 hours


Colors, Shin, Byondi, Y'ren © Shinerai that's me!
Lines © the lovely GoldammerArt
Image details
Image size
850x1158px 1.46 MB
© 2018 - 2021 Shinerai
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Your different textures between fur, feather and scales are as lovely as ever. 
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N3rdy-B1rdy's avatar
Wowowow, this is absolutely gorgeous! Your attention to detail is phenomenal. I love the colors and atmosphere here. Wonderful work!
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Thank you so much! Though mad props to GoldammerArt for making such a detailed drawing to begin with c:
N3rdy-B1rdy's avatar
You're so very welcome! ^u^ <3
And yes! They did a fantastic job as well! :D
GoldammerArt's avatar
Thank you haha :D 
N3rdy-B1rdy's avatar
Absolutely! ^u^ <333
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The color contrast is really great! As always, I love how you paint fur and feathers.
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Thank you so much! Contrast is something I've always struggled with, so the compliment is appreciated!
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omg, that phrase about the point of drawing Shinri..LOL
Personally when I was drawing him as a gift I felt same...I was literally crying and not understanding why I am doing THIS XD The designs are something impossible from time to time..BUUUT huh, I really enjoyed it haha. That's amazing artist's part of personality, when you ejoy, HELLA enjoy complicated and GOOD designs and challeng yourself over and over to draw them..RIGHT

I saw a part of you stream and I really love the time you take for each look very relaxed and contentrated. Amazing details as always, and awww it's so calm to colour someone's sketch I know that feel! You can put everything you have into details, cause everything else is done :') 
GoldammerArt's avatar
OMG! this looks awesome Shin! The shading fits perfectly <3 <3 It still looks exactly like the sketch and I love how the tiny feathers on the edge of the neck look!
It's like a collab now haha :P 

Also: thanks for keeping my signature in it!!  Attack Hug 
Shinerai's avatar
You're welcome! It definitely is like a collab! I had a great time coloring your sketch - thank you for making it for me ;u; I'm so happy you like what i did with it too!
GoldammerArt's avatar
No problem, I like to make fan art when time allows ^^
Cake-a-Tron's avatar
I've been trying to find the words to comment but it's super hard to describe how beautifully coloured this is. The rich oranges on Shin are really stunning and something I've always admired about his design, and the way you draw fur and hair is utterly beautiful, so soft! His eye really stands out too, it's really lovely. 

Loving the forest background and the subtle wing shape, really makes him pop out of the image to display all those gorgeous details. 
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Thank you so much for the compliments ;u; You called out a lot of the things I really put thought into! I'm glad you like it.
Cake-a-Tron's avatar
You're certainly welcome!
Is excellent La la la la 
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He looks so cuddly and fluffy and soft and huggable and PRETTY. Veeery nice, I just wish I'd been around for more of the process :D
Shinerai's avatar
Thank you, Toby ;u; I worked on a lot of it off-stream, so you didn't miss out on anything other people didn't miss too!
AngelOfDarkness050's avatar
I’ve always enjoyed this character and this piece is my favorite so far of him/her. Your details are very captivating in this piece. Just the slightest detail I find myself looking around for more in the piece. Amazingly done as always. :)
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Thank you very much for the compliments! I think this is one of my favorites too.
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