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March 14, 2021
A Mercy by Shinerai
Featured by phoenixleo
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A Mercy


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Title from The Terror

This is a gift piece for a-sleepy-fox of their character named Aeu. This time kind of blending my newer lineart style with some older simpler shading and texture style. c: I think it came out not too shabby!

Aeu, Ehyirin © :icona-sleepy-fox:
Art © :iconshinerai: that's me!

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© 2021 Shinerai
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zzZaba's avatar

This piece is stunning, wow;; i love the soft linework and beautiful color palette

dpcdpc11's avatar
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fireytika's avatar

wow i love the combination black and blue very much <3

his feathers is so detailed and the lotus flowers as well as the bugs around him makes the whole artworks look more lively and colorful :clap:

Shinerai's avatar

Thank you so much! I really appreciate that ♥

fireytika's avatar

you are welcome :D

Theeartistkid's avatar

Congrats on the DD!

Shinerai's avatar

Thak you very much!

drachenmagier's avatar

Congratulations to this so very much deserved Daily Deviation~! <3

Shinerai's avatar

Thank you so much, friend cx

LindArtz's avatar

Very nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!

Shinerai's avatar

Thank you very much!

Tinselfire's avatar
SwordandPenArt's avatar

Beautiful! Great art style!

Shinerai's avatar

Thank you so much :)

Bwightsongzuz's avatar
Woow those details look so nice! It looks like something from a movie!
Shinerai's avatar

Thank you very much!

Leundra's avatar

I'm always in love with your details and especially your beautiful round feathers.

Such a great work full of my favorite colours. :heart:

Shinerai's avatar

Thank you so much hon ;u; It was a totally new thing for me to try so I want to do more like this!

FlyingDragons's avatar

The artwork you make, especially in this style, never ceases to amaze me.

The way you layer feathers and flower petals like they're real, 3D objects, yet aren't stuck to a set pattern is amazing. They're uneven like in real life, showing their history: blown askew by the wind, brushed up against objects, etc. You capture the reality that they aren't stiff, stuck in place scales.

Also, the little marks you make on things like the horns or the flower stems. It really adds a lot more detail than what would normally be just an outline.

Not to mention the fur!!! It's energetic and flowing, with many of the ends left open to leave the viewer's mind to fill in details. Also similar to how the ends of fur tend to blend together.

The colored lines are another thing altogether. They follow the direction and color of the light, making a piece with minimal texturing and shading look incredibly dynamic. They're non-invasive too, like how the lines on the middle flower almost blend with the petals in the lightest sections. Gives the whole thing a breath of reality.

Needless to say, this kind of attention to detail and overall beautiful technique is why I absolutely adore your artwork. Hopefully I can keep studying and maybe pick up a few things for myself, haha. Keep it up!!

Shinerai's avatar

I have been selfishly keeping this comment in my notifications because it makes me smile every time I see it, but I owe you a reply! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed a heartfelt compliment. This piece was a totally new style for me (although it may not seem like it) and I wasn't sure the outcome was what I was going for. Hearing the ways you like it is invaluable feedback that I cherish.

TornTethers's avatar

The way you stylize feathers has been so inspiring to me over the years. It's definitely what first drew me to your wonderful work, and they remain as gorgeous as always! I'm a big fan of this new line style, as well!

I love the little katydid in the corner too, it's super cute.

Shinerai's avatar

Thank you very much! That compliment really means a lot to me c:

And thank you for noticing! I had fun including little friends in this one xD

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