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Ask me something! (Update 3)

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2019, 9:14 PM

Shin's Journal

Hey guys! I answered more of these questions today and I still have more to go. It's been nice to think about these at night after work so thanks for taking the time to ask. Additionally, I'd like to give some attention to KiRAWRa who made a precious sleepy rat design for Squishable and it's up for vote! Please vote it a 5 so it has a chance to get made into a real plush!

JK there were only three left so I went ahead and finished them! Thank you, everyone!

aphasia-Runeic What is your favorite thing to do when you just feel like isolating yourself from the world, or just telling the world 'f- it all' and just relaxing until you feel better? I'm generally an easy-going and resilient person, so I don't often have to do this. But when I do, I just like to ignore everything that is connected to the internet! Make myself a comfortable space in the bed or couch, get the windows shining some light from outside, maybe even put some seed in my bird feeder. Draw on paper in the living room, do a craft, or play a non-stressful beautiful game like Breath of the Wild. Most importantly, I am willing to spend a little extra money on my favorite take-out like quality Indian food, Snappy Salads, or sushi.

DrakeTheAngel Can I give you a hug! Yes!

AshasCadence What is your favorite thing to do art wise and who has always inspired you? I think my favorite thing to do (and most viewers of my stream will likely corroborate this) is to refine things and make them crisp. I can be really content just sitting and over-rendering whatever part of a picture. As for inspiration, CorrosiveFool, beastofoblivion, Nambroth, Nara87, neondragon, and ReivanRyles were all very impactful of early-me's style. More recently, I also love Valentina-Remenar, Allagar, WhiteRaven90, Remarin, dschunai, AltaGrin, Heyriel, and more

ArousingSoul Whats something you've always wanted to do? I dunno! I suppose I don't have many wants. I don't ever feel like I want to do something until I've missed out on it. Like playing more video games when I was younger, going camping, traveling to another country... I think I would like to go to Canada some time. Or play in one of those skydive tubes.

BlueRavenfire What would you do with a million dollars? I think I would spend some of it on things I've always wanted but couldn't afford, like a new PC, a camera, maybe a car (been driving mine for 11 years now). I'd give some of it to my parents. I think then I would invest the rest or put it in a fund or IRA for retirement. (:

equigoyle How long did it take you to get used to Photoshop and really KNOW how to use it and all the tools? I've been using Photoshop for 13 years and I'm not sure I know how to use ALL the tools. It really did take me at least 4-5 years to get proficient with it. I think this would be much faster for someone taking an actual course but it's certainly an expansive software. Don't give up! Look at tutorials! (:

MangleDragon What was your first character? My first character was this really typical, unoriginal catgirl named Kyo. It was middle school and I was just now learning that people could make recurring characters with stories, rather than just drawing a bunch of random stuff. Kyo hasn't been around since there are no catpeople in my story but I'm thinking about re-purposing her because she was fantastic comic relief. My second character was Ryu Pen Challenge Ryu

MangleDragon When did you first start to draw? I've been forever! Ever since I was small, my favorite passtime has been making marks on something. I used to carry around a spiral notebook everywhere, and when I was in school I took notes on the back of my artwork (I once sold an original sketch for a higher price because it came with calculus...). Someone asked some similar questions last time I made a journal like this and I thought the answers were interesting, so I'll share them here.
Epulon449 What initially started your interest in doing artwork and who was it that pushed you into doing it? I have ADHD so when I was a child, I was very active. I was great at entertaining myself and others and I was always finding something new and interesting to do or learn about. My parents, however, didn't contain an equal amount of energy so they would often get tired of playing with me or I would just plain bother them. My parents decided to hand me a spiral notebook and writing utencil and play games with me. We played things like hangman and created some of our own games. And when they got tired or bored, they'd just give them to me and tell me to go away, understandably. I was probably about 2 years old when I decided I loved to doodle. And I've been doing it ever since!
Nickala When did you get serious or "more serious" about your art? I suppose I started to become more serious about art when I entered high school. I had drawn up until then practically all my life. I would doodle in class and doodle at home in my free time, and I'd doodle when I was with friends. It wasn't until high school that I truly realized I was taking my gift for granted. I had no idea that drawing wasn't something everybody could do. I didn't know that it wasn't comlpetely normal for people to draw all the time. At that point, I started to take my work more seriously and became interested in doing on a more professional level. This is also about the time I joined DeviantART.
zhidkovv How did you come up with Shinerai as a character? I'm not sending you this link to be a smart aleck! I made this a while back and it has some interesting and entertaining history of Shin's design and how it's changed over the years. I hope you like it! Shinvolution

MaskedDragonLin Do you like to cook? If so, what’s your favorite thing to cook? Cooking isn't my favorite thing but it also isn't super annoying, so I'm okay with cooking if I'm wanting a decent meal! Just about anything I cook is an amalgamation of things I randomly found around the kitchen but there is a stew that Chris loves for me to make. It's basically this recipe but with pork and without barley. And everyone at work likes me to make enchilada casserole for potluck!

Azorukon I'd love to know if you'd ever open for commissions ;u; it's been a dream of mine to commission you, and also do you use any other kinds of social media like twitter or instagram etc? Gosh, thank you so much! I'm sorry to say that I probably won't take commissions any time soon. Not only do I draw way too slowly (so I barely have time to draw for myself) but as mentioned below, I am horrible when it comes to commitments. I only have two trades on my plate right now and one is a year old OTL. I also do not have any other social media. I tried to get on Tumblr back in the day but there just isn't enough community interaction for me.

LshosenKirDaedes How did you learn to draw the anatomy of dragons? Most of what I know, I picked up at school. It's always been much easier for me to understand the way things work, rather than just the way things look. I took Anatomy & Physiology in high school, and we learned all about the muscles and different functions of the human body. I enjoyed it so much I took Anatomy & Physiology 1 and 2 in college. The campus was designed for its nursing program so the courses were robust and challenging. Once you learn about how the body works, it's not too difficult to apply that to other mammal and mammal-like forms. Of course the rest of my style is impressions from artist I admire! Also, here are some books I recommend (ISBN):
    Manual of Ornithology 978-0-300-07619-6
    The Anatomy Coloring Book 0-8053-5086-1
    An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists 978-0-486-20082-8
    Animal Anatomy for Artists 978-0-19-514214-3
    Atlas of Anatomy 1-902328-40-X

PkingSora What's your least fav dragon to draw? Is there one you've yet to tackle/perfect? I don't go out of my way to classify my dragons but if I had to think of the typical "dragon types" I don't think I am uncomfortable drawing any of them! The knucker is probably my favorite, the wyvern is probably the easiest, and the Asian lung or Japanese dragon is probably the one I need to work on still. My favorite lung designs are the ones that have some little details or aspects of the culture and it's difficult to reflect that inside your own style!


Hi everyone,
Round 2 on these questions! Still have more to go c:

SketchingDragon What's your favorite current video game to play? Lately, it has been Dragon Age: Inquisiton. My first Dragon Age and I put like 120 hours into it over the past 3 weeks. I've finished it now, and I really enjoyed it. Of course the character I chose to romance had the most baggage ever, and my heart was broken. I found myself progressing the story, including playing the DLC, just to see if I could reconcile the relationship lmao. If the main story had better pacing and if the UI wasn't so cumbersome, it could be a contender for 'favorite game'.

TsuriaDragon Any new favs on Netflix? I've been rewatching The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai), and it's even better the second/third time. If you can get past the fanservice, it's a great story. Aside from that, I've been watching mostly Hulu lately!

TrollGirl What do you regret at this stage of life? What do you wish you've done more, or not done at all? I have various regrets but I think a major one is not making more commitments, or not following through on commitments I did make - to others as well as to myself. I struggle to finish commissions/trades in a timely fashion, to do things I said I would do, and I struggle to allocate time/motivation to work on personal projects. It's still an issue to this day and will take some real effort to resolve.

WhiteRaven90 What is your favorite art medium and what is your least favorite art medium (to work with and/or to admire), and why? What is one positive thing that you can say about your least favorite medium, and what is one negative thing that you can say about your favorite? I'm going to make this granular because I have such specific experiences, and I'll break it into two pieces. My favorite thing to work with is probably ballpoint pen. You can find them anywhere and draw on anything. The ink/pen quality (or lack thereof) can be used to achieve various effects in your piece. One negative thing about ballpoints is that you cannot work on top of them in any way. They are not waterproof so you can't work with markers, and they are delicate so even coloring with pencil will rub/smear it. A ballpoint work either needs to stand on its own, be done on top of a color foundation, or be colored digitally.

My least favorite thing to work with is watercolors. Although I love the appearance of a well-done watercolor piece (like everything Ricefish makes. where did you go?), it's a fairly inaccessible artform, imo. Not only does there seem to be a steep learning curve to work with it properly but you also actually need to use quality materials which can be expensive and require research to discover in the first place. I suppose if I were to say something positive about it, I would admit it's a very satisfying medium. I've been way more proud of some decently executed watercolor pieces than works I've done in other mediums.

Kagisnad How do you get "in the zone" artistically? Honestly, I do a lot of work without entering "the zone" which is one reason I finish things so slowly. I enjoy chatting with friends on Discord and having a TV show up for me to watch while I draw (so I think maybe I'm not a good authority on how to focus, haha). If I do have the need to focus, I have to eliminate all distractions ahead of time. That means eating first, putting something like music on instead of a show (something long that I don't have to fiddle with often), asking my friends to not send me links, and sometimes even cleaning my desk and completing chores beforehand so I don't have those things lingering on my mind.


Hi guys!
Thanks for asking me questions - I really had to think about some of them! I wasn't able to get to them all today, but I'll answer the rest tomorrow. See you then c:

dustinwilson Would you kneel before Zod? NEVER!

DemonML Currently, what would you say is your favorite videogame and/or movie? (you can only pick one of each) I have difficulty choosing a favorite anything. I suppose for now my favorite movie might be Inside Out. Came out a while ago but still I can watch it again and cry every time. My favorite video game is Halo 4 - great game mechanics (campaign, anyway), great story, and great marketing preceding the release. I would like for Dragon Age: Inquisition to be my favorite game, but the UI is too awful.

DemonML If you were forced to watch the same movie once a day for the rest of your life, which would you pick? It would have to be funny! Maybe something like The Emperor's New Groove.

DemonGoddessSlayer Are you able to draw with both of your hands? I wish! My parents say I was once ambidextrous - that I'd draw with one hand until it got tired and then switch. I broke my left arm in second grade and had to write with my right hand for several weeks, which I was really proud of. I found my journal assignments from that time and I can't read a word they said, so I think my teachers were giving me good scores out of generosity, and now I have no idea whether what my parents said was true lol!!

Azreonn Would you ever be willing to post step by steps of your artwork? Sure! I once posted a poll about this but several people said they don't really want to see one for every piece? I'm not sure how to decide which ones to submit walkthroughs for.

Shadow-Dragon-777 What is your favorite movie series? This is hard to answer because I don't watch many movies! The new Planet of the Apes movies are probably my favorite series. The Star Wars original series was great. I loved the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series, but they are far too long and detailed to watch often.

Shadow-Dragon-777 Have you ever tried key lime pie? I think you must really like key lime pie to ask me this again! I do not think I've had it before - I'm not really too into sweets.

Chamodile Do you use discord? Can we be friends? I do use Discord! I'm not in the habit of adding strangers, I'm sorry! Back when I used to do that, I accumulated over 300 contacts on MSN, and I just don't have the time to give attention to that many friends anymore. Maybe you could chat me in a server some time, like ThoseWhoWentMissing.

Chamodile What is something you have always wanted to draw, but never have?  Why? I don't think I have ever refrained from drawing something I wanted to but there are plenty of things I have drawn really poorly. One thing I would love to be able to draw are things from dreams. Regretfully, it just seems impossible to capture them just like they were...

Chamodile What is something about you (a trait, something you do/like, etc) that you think nobody would associate with you by just knowing you on the internet, either personally or just being a fan of your art? My favorite entertainment genre is scifi despite the fact that all of my art and own story is basically a typical fantasy genre.

THOMAS-GUENTHER May I hug Shin? Yes, he loves hugs! Please hug him!

iEMT Most intense situation you’ve ever been in? This is a difficult question mostly because my memory is not so good! I wasn't going to mention anything work-related here but I have to say the most recent very intense situation I experienced was the panel interview for Microsoft. My current boss, my future boss, and two stakeholders asking me questions way above my capacity. I was shaking and sweating the whole time (thank the skies it was a phone interview). I actually did awful and probably only got hired based on merit.

Epulon449 What is your favorite piece of art/writing/anything involving your character(s) from a fan? There is no way I could pick a favorite out of all the phenomenal gifts I've received but here are some of the ones that continue to be sentimental (many of which are on display in my cubicle).

Epulon449 How is Teeny doing? Thank you for asking! She just turned three in November and she is doing great. I have to watch her carefully because she gains weight easily but she hasn't needed to see the vet for some time. Fingers crossed that it stays that way!

Epulon449 Do you like crystals in any form? I love to look at them (especially selenite) but I admit I don't have any! I do have a soft spot for spheres and have a bunch of those. I would like to add a nice labradorite and septarian (Madagascar) to my collection...

Epulon449 Do artists, like yourself, dream with colorful representations of your creativeness? I can't speak for all artists but my dreams are definitely vivid and interesting. Always something different, elaborate, and intense. I would love to be able to draw from them or even describe them but they are too complex. I've grown to accept that I won't ever be able to share them DX

Epulon449 Do you like going to the mountains, or the beach that you somewhat live close to? There are actually no mountains or beaches anywhere near me! North Texas is all flatness. It's alright though, I don't get out much...


Hey everyone,

I hope the new year is treating you well. I've been super boring lately (sorry) and figured I would write a journal since the last one was in November. I can't think of what to write about and since I'm certain you do not want to hear some lame work stuff like how I was moved out of my office and into a cubicle last week, let's do this:

You ask me anything, and I answer it! It doesn't have to be a thought provoking or serious question, it can be anything. You can tell me something interesting about yourself too, if you want (I'd like that). I'll post all the questions in this journal with the answers. (I hope someone asks me a question, I'll feel silly if it doesn't happen).

Sample questions for you if you can't think of what to tell me, but want to tell me something:

What is your favorite mythological creature (or mythos)?
What is your dream pet (real animal)?
What is your favorite YouTube, Twitch (etc.) channel?
Are you a good cook?
What is a skill you want to learn, assuming you had the time/resources?
What common thing have you never experienced?
Describe yourself with a single verb.
Who is the strangest person you've ever known?
If you could only eat one thing from now on, what would it be?
What is something you learned recently?


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