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Vulpix variations

Did some pokemon variations, I saw a lot of these things lately and I wanted to give it a try :D I picked Vulpix, and some fox species to go with it.

PLEASE DO NOT REPOST IT! You can find it on Tumblr here!
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I'd be down for the red and silver! Arctic would be amazing too!
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The grey one is so cute
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I love the red and silver varieties.
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can i use one of those design for my universe? with credit of course
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If you credit me sure, thank you for asking!
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Really love the Red and the Arctic.
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can i use these in my Pokemon game i'll give credit
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Ohh I love them <3
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So arctic is now an Alolan Vulpix :D
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I need a Red Fox Vulpix in my life :D (Big Grin) 
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Hello! I am running a Pokemon tabletop RPG involving Pokemon variations, and I was wondering if I could use some of your variation concepts in my campaign.
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Hello! Thank you for your question, sure you can use them in your RPG, I see no problem with that :) Have fun!
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tmw you predicted Alola Vulpix
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Adorable! Gray, Fennec, Silver and Arctic are wonderful!
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oh my i love them :0c they all look great
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Now looking at the alolan vulpix..
Its looks da same!
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