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The Harp Seal by Shine-Hikaru The Harp Seal :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 8 6 (OCs) Snivy and Chimecho Gijinkas by Shine-Hikaru (OCs) Snivy and Chimecho Gijinkas :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 5 26
With a Glorious Defeat
I...was lost.
I...was taken down, beaten, despised...
I could do nothing but hang my head while everyone looked at me in disgust or pity. Shame was what I had put myself through. Humiliation.
A disgrace, a failure...
A monster...
They could not contain me.
Me, Loki.
A god who does what he wants.
A monster does what he wants.
A prison cell? Hah!
What do they think of me? A fool?
It was easy to escape.
They did not know.
No one knew of my escapades.
After my little performance, it seems that everyone in Midgard knew of me.
I hid myself all too often in the shadows as if I was back at home...only...I knew of no one here.
But that was better than knowing, and being ignored just the same...
Is it not?
I traveled all over the world, searching for some place that could satisfy me.
But they were watching.
Everyone and no one was watching me suffer.
Whether I was in or out of that horrible cell.
They never cared.
They always lied to me.
Do I care?
Of course I do not.
:iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 3 4
(Full-Img) With a Glorious Defeat by Shine-Hikaru (Full-Img) With a Glorious Defeat :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 5 6 (Fanart) The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Shine-Hikaru (Fanart) The Boy Who Cried Wolf :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 10 15 (DTA) Raziel Chibi by Shine-Hikaru (DTA) Raziel Chibi :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 6 10 (COM) TwitterLu and Marshmallow by Shine-Hikaru (COM) TwitterLu and Marshmallow :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 4 8 (OC+Fanart) Greetings by Shine-Hikaru (OC+Fanart) Greetings :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 6 10 (CE) What Are You Looking At? by Shine-Hikaru (CE) What Are You Looking At? :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 8 10 (CE) You Want Cute? by Shine-Hikaru (CE) You Want Cute? :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 5 3 (CE) Best Friends by Shine-Hikaru (CE) Best Friends :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 4 8 (CE) LouCandy Sketch by Shine-Hikaru (CE) LouCandy Sketch :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 4 9 (OCs) Noel and Leon Sketches by Shine-Hikaru (OCs) Noel and Leon Sketches :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 2 8 (OCs) Noel and Leon by Shine-Hikaru (OCs) Noel and Leon :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 3 17
Some Teamwork (Pt. 2)
Summary: Adair and Rhett are about to face their biggest challenge yet. While Rhett is finally getting the hand of battling on his own, they are suddenly introduced to a one versus two, with their opponent being a swordsman that won't hold back. (Part 2)
The skies above were filled with white, puffy clouds...but other than that it was a nice, beautiful day to have a life-or-death match.
Rhett was trying his best to mask the fact that his hands were shaking and his palms were sweaty, yet it was much harder to control nervousness when he was already standing on the battlefield. The ground was light brown dirt, cleared of grass and shaped in to a large rectangle. Spectators of all high school years were already crowding in the sidelines, waiting for a match that would feature the powerful Caden Silas against two unfortunate students. Some were even putting in bets, and it was clear that majority of them didn't believe that the senior would lose.
Oddly enough, the star fighter wasn't even
:iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 2 3
(New OC) Noel by Shine-Hikaru (New OC) Noel :iconshine-hikaru:Shine-Hikaru 7 21


A sketch in pencil of anything. It would be great to try new things but I'm not really in to complex details. Sketches can range from 1 :points: onwards depending on the amount of people/creatures in the picture and how complicated the drawing will be (headshot, waist, or fullbody). Discuss through notes.
Inked Sketches
They are originally sketched and then inked with a pen. Slightly more expensive compared to sketches. Price can be 3 :points: onwards, discuss through notes.
I think stories will be more of a name-your-price thing. Tell me what story you want, and then once I finish it and show it to you, we shall negotiate prices. My preferred genres are adventure, fluff, and anything with feels (dramatic and sad stuff).





Okay you've definitely noticed my long hiatus.
I actually haven't stopped drawing, I just happened to not really want to go back to this account, so to speak. I don't know, I guess I want to just start over.

So I am.

I won't be telling you my username, but I'll give you a hint.
It's from my current favorite dragon in the game I'm playing right now (just flip back a few journal entries and you'll know what game I'm talking about) + my username in said game. If you can find me and message me I'll give ya a free sketch commission. :> Only applies to watchers though.

I thank everyone who greeted me on my birthday and I'm sorry for the really really late reply.
I won't be returning to this account anymore unless I really need to.
This also applies to my adoptables account, :iconrabu-and-adopts:
I'm not deactivating both accounts because people may still want to view my older works, but yeah. XD

Thank you to all who have been very supportive of me. I will be messaging a select few of my new account, but I haven't made it yet haha.

Good luck in finding me. P:

If I have happened to leave anything unresolved that you wish to continue, please PM me and I'll try to take care of it.
I will be cutting all ties from this account.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Adoptables account--> :iconrabu-and-adopts: <-- :la:
I'm a buff baby that can dance like a man,
I can shake-a my fanny, I can shake-a my can!
I'm a tough tootin' baby, I can punch all your buns!
Punch all your buns, I can punch all your buns!
If you're an evil witch, I will punch you for fun!

"Baby Finn Song" :>
To-Do List

Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist - Haven't Started
Progress Bar - Sketching by Oceannist - Sketched (Traditionally/Digitally)
Progress Bar - Inking by Oceannist - Inked/Lineart Done
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:bulletyellow: Ongoing RPs :bulletyellow:

:bulletpink: Art :bulletpink:

:bulletgreen: Contests :bulletgreen:
(These can be dropped any time. Not exactly high priority.)

(If I missed something please tell me, I'm very forgetful and I don't mind being reminded.)


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