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APH: Family tree of Middle East

HQ in download ->>

PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT TOO SERIOUS these relationships aren't thought very thoroughly, it's only basic-to-medium knowledge
But somebody has to fill this blank space on Hetalia map which is Middle East okay :iconkruemelplz:

Except for Lebanon and Syria, these OCs' looks nor characters aren't developped already, so they might change! ESPECIALLY Iran I want to work him out soon

Persia & Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Palestine (c) :iconkamadoka13:  (sorry I'm not very happy with they way he turned out here ;-; but he's the best Palestine OC I've seen so far so if I draw anything involving Palestine he'll surely be included)
Lebanon ( & all the unmentioned (c) me
why html links don't work, dA?
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King David has red hair, so the drawing is right .

Awesome family tree! Keep it up!

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Is Assyria still alive? Since there is still an Assyria People that still lives in the modern day?

I suppose so and she'd be very old

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First Gen Persian-American here, I really love how cute you made Iran and Persia.

I like how Arabia is just the grand mother of like all the modern states. I like to think that (and I mean this with complete respect to Arabian nations and people) that she had an affair with almost every power in the region, hence why the Levant is so Arab, despite not having much shared history until the rise of the Caliphates.

I also like how Israel is just completely cut off from the rest of the family tree, but still belongs. Like a sort of neighbor that was there first and was adopted by the new families. (I'm not going to getting into an Israel/Palestine debate here, I'm not an expert on this.)

And I like how sullen/serious Syria looks. This fits, she's had it rough as of late.

Also, Kurdistan, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Palestine all look so young, which again fits.

It's little details like those that make me really like these designs. Well done.

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Aaaaaah I'm so happy you liked it so much! Thank you for this elaborative comment :heart: :heart: :heart:

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I'm happy you do! :heart:

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secret: most of Ancient Israelites that goes diaspora due to Ancient romans are interbreed with Khazarians
Not realy,
first off that theory that they are related to the khazars only applies to the ashkenazi Jews not the other Jews, also very few khazars actualy became Jewish and those that did would have been outnumbered by the none khazarian Jews.

we do know that some Jews did intermarry with the khazarians, as records tell that the khagan of khazaria married a Jew, however the khazars genetic and cultural imprint on the Jewish people is very small, especially when compared to the european imprint.
looking at Yiddish a language spoken by Jews, there is no trace of khazarian in the language, same goes for the other Jewish languages, european Jews also feature no Turkish physical traits.
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how bout "Israeli Jews monopolizes Middle-eastern Vegetarian and Vegan population" thing?
Uh what?
what does Israel being vegan have to do with monopolizing vegetation, to my knowledge they aren’t monopolizing vegetation I believe
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Where's Maltese?

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Who about the north africans ? (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia...)
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That's the Maghreb. Arabs invaded that but as she said, it's not the middle east. Different region coverage lol. 
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this is a family tree for Middle East...
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Ahhhhh~ Yeah true :P sorry...
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Fun history fact: Palestine basically is a hog-pog of various Arab groups (Jordanian, Saudi, Lebanese, Syrian, and Egyptian) that more or less decided to be their own entity in 1964. Despite this, originally prior to the formation of the State of Israel and the invention of a Palestinian people, the Arabs of the Mandated Palestine called themselves Southern Syrians, while the Jews were either calling themselves Palestinians (if they were immigrants from Europe) or Israelites if they were from the Middle East (including those ethnically descended from Ancient Israelites). For the most part the British (and just about everywhere in the western world at the time) were the only ones actually calling the land Palestine (derived from the ancient Philistine people from ancient Gaza).

According to old books, while the UK actually had their own Palestine flag under their control (which honestly look fugly) books like the 1939 Larousse Encyclopedia used one of several then accepted Zionist flags as the flag of Palestine…

anyways, putting my useless history lesson aside great pic!
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There's a mistake. The Ancient Tribes of Israel are definitely not the jews of Israel today... The jews of today's Israel (land stolen to the Palestinians btw) are Khazars, Caucasian people that converted to judaism centuries ago.
Oh another problem with what you said that I forgot to mention was that you said the khazars were Caucasian, which is absolutely false they were a Turkic people from Central Asia.
After the 2nd Jewish revolt Rome banished the Jews from Jerusalem, with many going to Europe and interbred with the local Europeans, that’s the only reason there are European Jews.
also the Khazars didn’t convert to Judaism on mass, so to say that the residents of modern Israel are all descended from them is pretty ridiculous as the khazars were few.

Saying that Israel’s population is just Europeans that converted to Judaism is rediculous, especially since most of its population consists of Arabic Jews whom were driven out of their home countries due to the hatred many Arabs had for Israel and Judaism.

israel didn’t steal any land from Palestine, their are Arab Muslims that still live in Israel and serve in the Israeli army. and Jerusalem the capital city has its own Muslim section. Not to mention Israel has offered Palestine its own state several times, it’s not Israel’s fault that Palestine is be stubborn.
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Since Israel is recognized as a nation still and since this drawing is the family tree of the middle east and since it's still there then, no, there is nothing incorrect about including Ancient Israel and Israel.  And if you want to speak geneology, many arabs are linked to the ancient Israeli Tribes through heritage. For example, the Prophet Mohammad was a relative to the Tribe of Simeon.  This also includes lots of Indians, Pakistanis  and Saudis. 

Also, Don't bring up the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It's a waste of time to even argue. Just live life and be happy. 
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This is amazing and they all look so cute! I just wish Afghanistan was in it..
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