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Curious Mysteries
Being open 24 hours a day, seven days a week was, Lloyd believed, less of an extreme business practice to ensure constant income, but rather, more along the lines of common sense.  He could have done anything with his existence, been anyone, partook of any vice or profited from absolutely any line of work.  From that boundless tapestry of choice he had, over time, plucked a number of threads, and to each he had dedicated all of the time and resources that he could until it was strung just so; the thread he currently held woven between his fingers was no exception.  Why open a bar to service the thirsty and the lonely and the needy, if not to serve them all, all the time?
Lloyd’s establishment never closed.  The lights never went off, unless he was hosting a love-in…and even then, they usually only dimmed.  The drinks flowed like bottomless springs, for a price, and while the entertainment occasionally had to take some relief, the pseudo-faceless ma
:iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 7 10
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Michelangelo, You're Not 2. :iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 6 20
Mature content
Michelangelo, You're Not 1. :iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 6 18
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Texts from the Monster-Dog I :iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 2 4
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You Want Me To Do What, Now? :iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 8 27
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OC Christmas Roundtable :iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 5 9
Mature content
Back Off, Santa, We Got This. :iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 6 28
Mature content
Why, oh Why, Couldn't I have Sprung for a Muzzle? :iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 7 19
All that Could be Desired
She was a Savage.
She broke the will of enemies with her presence, and tore their lives from them with her strength to feast upon their flesh and their fear.  She reveled in bloodlust and stoked her own fires with the corpses of those who fell by her hand, wearing their lives like ever-growing belts, taken, and never removed.
She was a Knight.
She wore armor around her mind, though armored her body only in scars.  She rode high upon her steed and bore her cryptic banner brightly in the wind, stooping to give all aid to those close to her, chivalry her shield, vicious honor her sword.
She was an Assassin.
She outwitted her hunters with the cunning that she never learned, but was born with, and grew into when she had nothing else but herself, and a world of enemies.  She grew strong in the company of those like her, learning skills, earning a whispered title with which to cloak herself.
She was a Prisoner.
She was trapped at all times in cages large and small, forever doom
:iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 6 14
Cavemen Birthday
Prehistoric pinata discovered!!!
...candy all stale...
:iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 6 6
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Love, Death and Vampire IV :iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 5 3
Mature content
Love, Death and Vampire III :iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 5 6
Mature content
Love, Death and Vampire II :iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 5 1
Profile by ShinaRyun Profile :iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 5 11
Mature content
Love, Death and Vampire I :iconshinaryun:ShinaRyun 5 12

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Another fantastic piece, and one which actually makes me think for a second. I notice that you've left Soi's brow unfurrowed and kept h...

First of all, WOW. This makes me think of when Kenpachi fights Tosun and Tosun calls him a demon in Soul Reaper form. The way you've ca...



United States
If thar be gods above, er devils beneath,
May they all be cursed with rot in their teeth,
With impotence weak,
An' ignorance bleak,
An' in listless boredom forever to seethe!
Let's see, how to put this...

About four, maybe five months ago, one of my roommates might have been forced to listen while I prattled on about writing, on such subjects which interest me; blood-fueled chainsaws and heavy-caliber weapons, basically everything which operates on hairy callouses and testosterone.  She might have turned to me, sighed in that heavy way which women sigh when encountered with overwhelming levels of male retardation, and said the following: "Why can't you write something about rainbows and unicorns?"

Well, naturally, with my mind already seeded with idiocy and violence, these concepts of unicorns and rainbows did not grow very healthily.  And now, four-five months later, they finally managed to bear some rotten fruit.

Now, let's be clear.  This is fruit as rotten and awful as fruit can get; we're talking dead-in-a-dumpster-for-a-week-homosexual, rotten fruit.  I won't got into detail, but I will say this: there's a lot of death for something which does, in fact, involve a shitload of unicorns and one fucking magic-soaked rainbow.  Because I'm not entirely certain whether I even want this god-awful wreck seen in the light of day, I'm not posting it on DA without someone unbiased taking a look at this thing.

Hence the title of this entry...awkward.  If you're reading this, and you're of a somewhat dark sense of humor, and you've any kind of desire to hack through 3,600+ words of blood and liquid skittles, drop me a line.  I will either email the document to any interested parties, or post it on an alternative website and send a link thereof.

Honestly, I'm not expecting any interest, but where there's a will...
  • Reading: Lovecraft



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Dimcreaper Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017  Student General Artist
Thanks for the support mate! means alot, did you find me browsing or through Warframe?
Alleluia00 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
How's it hanging old buddy?
ShinaRyun Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016
Hanging in there; stubbornly refusing to change my profile picture.  Writing less, gaming more, looking for work, trying to avoid Death By April.  You?
Alleluia00 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Well what's Death By April? Is that a real thing that is going to happen to you or a figure of speech?
And I'm doing okay, I met a girl and we're talking taking things slow. And I'm doing my damnedest to kick the teeth out of writer's block.
ShinaRyun Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016
Good luck with Writer's Block; that bastard can whip me in nothing flat.  I'd be humiliated if I wasn't a masochist.
Good that you met a girl, and good that you're taking it slow!  That way she'll be ever so surprised when you take her back to your underground lair.  XD

Death by April is something that I've come up with in the last year or so.  Lemme break it down: the month of April hates me and mine.  Need proof?  Two years ago, in April (the 8th?) my stepdad died of cancer (around 1 AM while I'd taken a night watch so my mom could catch some sleep).  Last year, in April, my youngest brother hung himself.  This year, in April, I get a text from my mother; 5,000+ acre forest fire within sniffing distance of her farm (eventually controlled and doused, no harm done but still fucking scary).

So yeah.  Next April I'm staying indoors and keeping my eyes peeled.  In the words of Ron White, my year has two terror alert levels: go buy a helmet, and put on the fucking helmet.  April is Helmet Month.
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