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I have a shared table at Tracon's artist alley this year with a friend of mine! I will be selling prints of some of my work, along with charms and enamel pins I've designed. If you're attending Tracon, please stop by to say hello and take a look! :happybounce:

Gonna have prints of these three at least:
Tracon is an anime & roleplaying convention held in my home city in Finland each year. I'm also part of the organizing team (we're a bunch of volunteers who organize the convention with no pay) so I've been involved with the event in one way or another for years. However, it's been a looooooong time since I've last attended an artists alley, and I'm so excited to have a chance to do so again. I haven't had much energy to make art for shows and alleys for a few years now, so having that extra burst of excitement this year has felt so nice. Hopefully that energy is here to stay, because it feels so good to be drawing again.   
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So I hopped over to Blogger to create a new sketchblog and stopped updating the one at my website. It's just so much easier having a sketchblog there because most of the artists' blogs that I follow are there as well, and it's simpler to keep track of everything in one place. Plus, I can enable comments without fearing a huge random spam flood.

Check it out ->

There's mainly just my newer, completed works there at the moment, but I'll start dumping pencil sketches and other things there soon enough. Also I'll use it as a place to gush about whatever game I'm addicted to at the moment. :3


:iconklsteeleart: has some awesome character concept arts with beautifully styled armors. She also draws some pretty mean-looking orcs.
:thumb197359644: :thumb197535410: :thumb197269930:


:bulletpurple: :iconartofrivana: is holding an awesome workshop! For more details check out her journal:….

:bulletpurple: I'm holding a manga workshop at the library of Turenki on the 5.2 and 19.2.2011. Please come say hello if you're in the area. :3
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EDIT: Instead of flooding your message centre with my journal every day, I decided to go ahead and start filling up some of the remaining empty slots with people I watch who deserve to be featured. Only 3 more empty slots left after this update, so if I don't get them filled with artists from comments, I'll do one last update tomorrow. :)

Well, since I got tagged by two people, and then was featured by a third, I thought I'd go ahead and do this meme. :)

:bulletpurple: Be one of the first 18 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Featured List!

:bulletpurple: For each of the 18 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list (if I don't get 18 people commenting, then I'll pick randomly from people who watch/comment my work).

:bulletpurple: If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 17 other people (no you don't have to do this). The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

1.:iconlamppuzini:, the awesome lady who did this meme first and got me into it too through a feature. Her gallery has a lot of lovely fanart of Star Trek and One Piece.

2.:iconzinny-chan:, the energetic commenter who tagged me with this particular meme a second time. I always enjoy reading her comments on my work, and likewise her gallery is fun to browse through for the different variety of artwork.
Hira ID by Zinny-chan Moomintroll goes drag-queen by Zinny-chan Fox reminds of cold winter by Zinny-chan

3.:iconartofrivana: didn't tag me and probably doesn't even know of this meme, but she was wonderful enough to feature me in her journal which automatically gets her a spot here. I would've featured her eventually anyway since I really like her art style and the skilled way she brings out the character's personalities in her drawings. :)
Tomie by ArtOfRivana Bayonetta - Finished by ArtOfRivana Trapped by ArtOfRivana

4.:iconyoshifreak: has a smashing sense of humour and a unique drawing style to back it up. His comics parodying Left4Dead and Team Fortress 2 always crack me up.
Team Sexy Too by yoshifreak Isometrical Love by yoshifreak Acme Sticky Bomb Launcher by yoshifreak

5.:iconsirtiefling: is a wizard with a mouse and Paint Shop Pro. Like, seriously.  
Halberd For Breakfast by SirTiefling Virtue of Valor by SirTiefling Death Holds No Terror by SirTiefling

6. :icondeega: left a lovely comment on this thread, so I went to check out her gallery. Her photos definitely deserve more recognition, they are very vibrant and have a fun vitality to them.
arrogance by deega boat and mountains by deega illusions111 by deega

7.:iconmiizou: currently has only 3 drawings in his gallery, but those three are so full of awesome he deserves a feature. You can never have too much Samus.

8.:iconneesa: has a very lovely, soft colouring style that really lights up her drawings. Her use of vibrant colours is joy for the eyes.

9.:icontomvanrheenen: has been improving by leaps and bounds while I've known him, and his newest paintings display the abundance of talent that he draws from.

10.:iconaizictoxemia: manages to convey a lot of different emotions in her character drawings, from joy to horror and everything in between. She also does wonderfully clean lineart.
Spoon Legs And Dwayna by AiZicToXemia Saint Gemini by AiZicToXemia Little Chibi Dervish by AiZicToXemia

11.:iconliviazita: is a veritable guru of many talents. She can manage awesome 3D renders, along with sewing, photography and photomanipulation.
Crossed by LiviaZita Minami and Razah: The Secret by LiviaZita Real Fur for Mill. Big Cats 2 by LiviaZita

12.:iconmagicnaanavi: draws the most beautiful women you'll find anywhere on DA. Her use of colour, detail and texture is just extraordinary.

13.:iconhectigo: is an abstract specialist. It's amazing how many different things he can fit into a drawing.
Sky Fish Eye by hectigo

Mature Content

Electric Tail by hectigo
Throne of the Undying by hectigo

14.:iconroseannepage: draws the loveliest of zombies. :heart:
:thumb194923313::thumb177471712: TF2 Stickers: Medic by roseannepage

15.:iconthistlexandra: is another deviant whose artistic progress is just astonishing. She's definitely on her way to becoming a master artist.
Ready and Waiting by ThistleXandra Murke Art Trade by ThistleXandra My monk portrait by ThistleXandra



:bulletpurple: :iconartofrivana: is holding an awesome workshop! For more details check out her journal:….

:bulletpurple: I'm holding a manga workshop at the library of Turenki on the 5.2 and 19.2.2011. Please come say hello if you're in the area. :3
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Happy New Year!

3 min read
The holidays were a pretty busy time for me. Last Christmas I couldn't spend it with my own family, so this year they seemed determined to make up for it with double the food, double the presents and double the "must spend time with family now". And not having eaten finnish Christmas food for nearly two years, I was happy enough to pig out - getting sick in the process and taking several days to get better again.

Hopefully this year is going to be a better year for me. Last year had some really nice things happen and a whole lot of really, really awful things happen from which I'm still recovering. One of the nice things was that I became inspired to draw 24/7 again - nothing like good ol' personal conflict and angst to get those creative energies flowing freely. Here's hoping that energy will stay with me for this year as well.

I wish an awesome year 2011 to everyone! :boogie: Keep living and keep drawing to the fullest. :heart:


:bulletpurple: :iconartofrivana: is holding an awesome workshop! For more details check out her journal:….

:bulletpurple: I'm holding a manga workshop at the library of Turenki on the 5.2 and 19.2.2011. Please come say hello if you're in the area. :3

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I'm helping out :iconartofrivana: with a contest she is holding by providing a commission from me as a prize. If you're looking for good reference photos and a chance to improve your people-drawing skills, head over to her page and check out her contest!


I like browsing DA for things that help to develop my drawing style. I'm at a stage myself where I'm trying to push my style in a direction it has never gone before, and feel that I need to get all the help I can. That's why articles like this one are an absolute gold mine; while they don't really tell me anything I didn't already know, they still keep hammering the point home into my thick skull.

Draw from life! Practice! Try to see things in 3D! Teach your eyes to measure! We've all heard most (or all) of these things before, but at least I have a tendency to procrastinate with actually doing them.

Back when I started out, I stuck to drawing what was in my head because it required less effort and I felt that I was actually good at it. But later on, learning to learn again has been a huge struggle after I spent so many years disregarding good advice. I did pick up one or two things along the way, but now I see I could have gotten so much better faster if I'd bothered to open my eyes and challenge myself.

That's why, for the past year or so, my style has been changing heavily. I'm testing out my boundaries, doing things I haven't done before, striving to get better at something I only dreamt about before. Yes, I still occasionally draw in my old style (especially in my manga-style; that will always have a special place in my heart as the style that got me into drawing people). However, most of my finished works will be something entirely different. :)


I will be opening up proper commissions sometime after Christmas. Realized that I have waaaaay too much to draw before then (including current commissions and art-trades). :)

Hm.... not a very sweet dessert... well, here's a random awesome deviation to sweeten it up!

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