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Giftart for Makintosh

A giftart for :iconmakintosh91: Hope you will like it :> I never saw him (you), but I used this picture as reference ^^ a moment from stream :> Maybe it was in night, but gah I have no power to edit it. And I've got no idea how to draw dogs

Check out his gallery and youtube: link
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Thank You!

By the way:
I don't have such large desk! Oh... wait... I have :|
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You know, I'm not good at drawing those things, so I did it so big :'D I never saw your room, so it was improvisation XD But I'm happy that I could do even this for you :>
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Welp :| It's time to subscribe on YouTube because of vlogs where, You guessed it, You can see my room (or most important parts of it ^^") :P
Anyway wall color is almost the same that I've got but... wrong walls xD Wall behind me is red xD

And nice "easter-egg" with computer brand :P How did You know that I like what they did in The Simpsons with Apple/Macintosh (hint, hint)? :3
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XD I subscibed you really long ago, but I have to watch vlogs :^ goddamit, I wasn't long at youtube either :'D

Um...I've got no idea? I just know that you're using computer from Apple, so I did this :^
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I'm not using Apple products :|
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Really? :^ Well, that's new. BTW you look good, really good :D
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