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I have a blog and I post there pretty much all I make :3
Drawings, gifs, edits. Just check my "favorite blogs" section to get a glimpse of what I might do :3
Also, it's full of Tom Hiddleston, Thirty Seconds To Mars, My Chemical Romance, Tokio Hotel, Avengers, X-Men, FASSBENDER. LOTS OF FASSBENDER AND FASSAVOY OR MACBENDER.
Also~ I'm 16 now. I was like, 13 when I got my dA. And yeah whatevs shit's been going on and all and life is shit but beautiful in many different, unexpected ways.
AND I'M GOING TO AN INCREDIBLE BRITISH SCHOOL NEXT YEAR! Which makes me really really happy. The entry tests were fucking difficult but apparently my english and my maths are good enough to get me in! :la: They even have one of the best art courses of all Europe, so, yeah, I'm pissing myself because happiness.
That's basically all I had to say. If any of you is interested (i doubt but whatevs lol) you'll find everything about me in my blog :3 I'M EXPECTING YOU GUYS THERE~

Natasha xx
My llama upgraded to Super Llama! :D
What the fuck its going on with my avatar...?
IT WAS JUST AMAZINGGGGG!!! Okay, I've been in Torino and in Padova for Tokio Hotel's concert, and it was...... *0*

In Torino, I had a seat, but I just went to the hole (I dont have idea about how do you call the place were you are standing, in english) and at first I was behind all the people, but with the pushes, I could arrive to THE 1ST ROW!! *0* I took soooooo many photos! And in padova, I've been there standing for 11 hours, and I was anyway behind everyone, but like in Torino, with the pushes I could arrive to the 3rd row, and... Guess What? The plectrum of Georg fell IN MY HEAD, AND I COULDNT TAKE IT!!!! T_____________________________________________________________T

If I could explain it with words, I'd, but I just cannot!

Amazing! *0*
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Like... HEEEELL!! It snowed! I went out of home yesterday, and it was snowing a bit, and OF COURSE I WAS HAPPY, but it was a bit of snow. I arrived to school, and, before 11 AM it stopped, and we all were like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" And after 11.30, it started snowing A LOT! I mean AAAAAA LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!! Like never before in Rome! Since 1986 it didn't snowed! Im sooooo happyyy!!

:icontommahgirl: Was RIGHT! She gave me snow a few months ago, and now it snowed :D

Im pretty dumb - I know, but it was IMPOSSIBBLE to don't tell everybody... But maybe y'all already heard it in the Tv xD
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By :icongothvm:

1. First rule: Post these rules!!!
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 5 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs~ x

1.I love TH c:
2.I'm a lazyass
3.I'm a problematic person (at the moment.)
4.My name's Natasha NOT shina.
5.I love twc! :heart:
6.I cannot go out without my cell phone.
7.I'm tired of this thingie XD
8.I don't really know what else to say.
9. I'm 13 :'D
10. I miss my friends in Py 3:<

TEN things you wish you could say to TEN different people right now:
1."I'm obsessed with you XDD"
2."I'm going to my room, 'kay?" :)
3."I'm not an idiot!"
4."I love you"
5."I'm sad, and I need your help."
6. "Can you please stop reading what I'm writing?!"
7. "Lol, that's freaking stupid XD"
8."I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"
9. "You guys scare me! Hahaha"

EIGHT ways to win your heart:
1.Being you! Spontaneus!
2.You should love me back! But first I'd need to love you xD
3.Make me smile when everything goes wrong.
4. Don't freak if we don't have the same taste in music
5. Help me when I need it.

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:
5.Tokio Hotel

FIVE people who mean a lot at the moment:
1.- Tokio hotel (them four xD)
2.- Sofia / friends in Py
3.- My mother
4.- My father
5.- My sister
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WBMW :heart:

Enjoy the video...

Isnt it amazing? Cute doggies :'D
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Pullip Dolls

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 29, 2009, 1:52 PM

So hello everyone!

I need... help? Does someone know where can i get Pullip Dolls? If you know, plz, tell me! I would love you even more xDD

Oh, yeah, and I want to delete all my deviations, but Im too lazy T.T

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Allora, se parli italiano, ti chiedo questo favore di visitare il blog della mia migliore amica! :iconxoxo96:!
Perfavore, mi faresti un gran favore!
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Does anyone know a TWC(twincest) fansite over than ?? If you do, tell meee!! I need new ficsss!! DD:
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I saw Tokio hotel Live
I seat with Sofia
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  • Watching: The mood thingie,
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TOKIO HOTEL AT XFACTOR :… so sooooooooorryyy, i was speaking and singing soooooooooo loud xD and i didnt even knew the song in english, just in german, and OMG, see tokio hotel was... ORGASMIC!!!

AND, SHIT, a friend (i knew her at the concert) had a friend(she knew him at the concert) with passes to the backstage there! HE WON THE SHITTY PASSES! MA VAFFANCULO! xD aND AND AND, i have his msn, and he sent me the video at a DINNER with TOKIO HOTEL! FUCK.. him >.>
Its not only that I've seen TOKIO HOTEL LIVE! (OMGGGG, CANNOT BELIEVE ITTTT) but now i seat with Sofia!!! YAY, this is the best week of my life!
CHECK THEM OUT NAAAAAAAAAAOOO!!!! They all are in You just have to see for "MTv Coca Cola Live Summer Song By Nat" :) Enjoy them! Cuz it was the best day of my life!
I have no words.

From the moment I was born, to yesterday... Nothing in my life bring me a happiness like that.

It was worth all the 14 hours i've been waiting STANDING and with all that PAIN.
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  • Listening to: lollipop Luxury
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And finally i arrived to that answer. Yes, i am confused, so i wont make any conclutions about what I feel from now to an indefinite moment of my life.

I dont know where am i happy.

Here? Friends. If I leave Sofia, I will die. And I dont want to depend about my mother/sister to go everywhere. i want to hang out with my friends in the street, not like in Paraguay.

Paraguay? Friends. Family. What else?

Am I happy here? Dont know.

Would I be happy in Paraguay? Dont know.

I love...? I DO NOT KNOW!

I need to clean the mess I made in my head! From the moment I left paraguay, all my mind is messed! All the people I left. All the people I meet again. All the new friends here... I am so stupid, i do really dont know anything! I am not sure about anything! I was crying today, when I arrived home, and i do not know why..Im just confused about the reason...! But crying like there was no tomorrow! I dont know...

I am just... confused!
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Yeah, there is sttupid people over Rome...! Remember when happened that near my home, with Valentina, and that boys were mocking us saying stupid stuff? It happened again! With other people... In Piazza San Cosimato!! DD:

Piazza San Cosimato, is teh place that me and Sofia (:iconxoxo96:) most care in Rome! And we wont go over there for a while... a long while DD:

I know, its sad! DD: These boys were like saying us "stupids!" "Ugly faces, come here!" I just wanted to go over there and give him a ... in his... BUT, sofia stopped me...! Minutes later Bernardo and Filippo came, and they were at the beggin "lets go otu of here..." and me and sofia "why? I mean, cannot you do nothing with them?!" "Are you crazy?! that boys will kill us! You think we do not know them?!" and we were like... FUCK! then we left... and one of these boys followed us, he tried everything to find some bad times with me >:3 But then he get annoyed and go by his way... we went to Filippo's home then XD

DDD: stupids stupids stupids!!! DD: Cannot go  for a lot to piazza San Cosimato because of them! DD: THEY ARE THE UGLY FACES! DD:

Well, this is my first week in rome, from my vacations...! Yay! I'm missing so much all the friends i had in Paraguay, but... I have to wait a year to be again there.. :).

I dont know how I always have time, and i want to write so much xDD I mean, dont I annoy you?

Wutevr, Im going to Piazza Del Popolo on 26! Its MTv coca cola live summer song!!! Yay! And TH will be there! As my parents dont leave me sleep there, i wont, but as they leave me wake up at 3 to be there at 3.30 am , I will. HA, i will be in the first place in front of them!!!! I WILL, HELL!
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Here's what you do:
1. Post the rules.
2. Each tagged person must tell 8 things about themselves.
3. At the end you have to tag 8 people and post their icons in your journal.
4. Then go back to their page and leave a comment saying you tagged them.
5. NO tagbacks!!!!!!

1: Im a 13 years old eBil minded perv... x3
2: Everybody calls me whore, but the right words, are the words above!!!
3: I know more things than who ever of my age x3 I've been for a bit in all south america!! I know a lot of things xD
5: I say EVERYTHING in the face, Totally teh contrary of cinic.
6: I use to be ironic about my cinism... Cuz i am SOOO cinic.
7: I use to seem even more nice, cute and a good person xD Really, Superficially,  I do not seem that.
8: Yes, i am exactly how i said, but i am better in real life x3 You should know me xD

Owwww I am a soo good person!!! :D

I tag everyone would like to do this... :D
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Yezz, im In italy... AGAIN... I mean, I was happy there, but here I have all mah friendzzz!! Okay, now i am really far away, so i can say it:
:iconblasterkat101:'s BOYFRIEND ITS KOREAN, ITS 19, AND ITS A PANDA!!!!!

Huhuhu, their childrents name will be "Panda Junior" and "Pandora Junior" x3

Oh, I called sofia when we were out of the plane, i mean, EXACTLY, when i was one metre away from the plane, i mean, HELL, its Sofia!!! My uncle and my cousin went to the airport. They were so nice, we went to home, and my Aunt came, she gave me my tokio hotel thingie for pre note the album, HELL I PARTICIPE TO THE EXTRACTION FOR THE FAN PARTY! WOW!!! I've spoken with Juan Diego too, dk if i named him here? Wutevr, yeah, i spoke with him, and told him about his present x3 A golf ball firmed by Carlos Franco saying "Carlos Franco" and under that "Para J. Diego" it should be "To J. Diego" YAYZZZ, he said he just wanted "da fuckin ball" in his hands XDD

Oh, yeah, im using mroe this account that the other DD: I said it would be hard to really change my account! DDDD:

GORDO!!! --> DD:                :O