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30STM live in Paris by shina88 30STM live in Paris by shina88
It was so fucking awesome. The best concert of my life.

-20 hours of queue
-Amazing people
-REALLY organized concert
-Nice french people! They don't push, they don't argue, they don't fight, they are not always trying to get in front of you, and they ask things to you before doing them. I had never seen that before!
-First row in front of the runaway. That was pretty cool! My first whole-concert first row was in Paris, with 30STM. Now, who can beat that? haha
-They were on time! They opened the doors at 18.30, then the first opening band played at 19, White lies at 20.30 and 30STM at 21-21.30! That's being on fucking time, guys. Try and learn.
-I touched Jared's hair! When he passed right next to me. And when we were about to take the picture (the whole venue photo, I mean) Shannon took my hand! God bless the first row! They both were really sweaty, but I couldn't care less. That was pretty fucking awesome. Now I can say that I touched both Leto brothers! Fuck Yeah!
-Didn't get to touch Tomo ):
-Took in my hand Shannon's drum stick! But then it fell to the floor and a girl asked the guard to give it to her. Lucky girl.
-Fucking awesome connection between band-crowd. That's one of the things I love about them, they actually TALK and they just ARE with they fans. It's no show in a crystal ball.
-It was long. I loved it. I never wanted it to finish.
-During Night of the Hunter, Jared fell on his knees and started singing that way, then, he looked to the first row and locked eyes with me. I wont EVER forget that moment. Must have been about three seconds, but those blue eyes... Oh god, no, i will absolutely NEVER EVER forget that look! That beautiful moment when we locked eyes! I was so happy I waved to him, haha! Stupid, I know, but I wasn't thinking about it!
-For Kings and Queens, he pointed at me and said "YOU!" (just like he does with everyone, lol) and the fucking guards wouldnt take anyone on stage, because there was some random guy that was picking the people himself and wouldnt take who Jared was pointing! Orgh! Just thinking about it makes me angry. I could have been on stage with them! But oh well. Next time it will be then! It was so fucking awesome I can't really keep myself mad for such thing.

utopic-roads Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2011
what a night it was ! and nobody can forget Jared's eyes ahah =)
but you're lucky, it must have been awesome to be on the first row !
shina88 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011
It was, it was, believe me! Also, I met such nice people! French people is great haha Or at least French Echelon are!
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