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not even gonna credit this, or put it as fanart, cuz it barely is.
She's not an original, but there is hardly no actual model of her. and this is only for I can't draw any other girls than her. (well, even my originals, there is only one girl I really take liking in)

So here is a slave girl. It probably doesn't show much. I'm not really making any statement here.

Just that as I was reading Pride of Carthage (Awesome book by the way, read it if you have a chance) and got to part about a camp follower, a girl. Not quite a slave, but she was dragged around for a while, and then became a slave at a point. And at 14(only fourteen, she had been raped and had been a slave) she became a scavenger who just follow the war wherever it goes.

and also the part where a soldier found a girl in a house while rampaging a city. He looked at her and thinks about all the things she'd have to face from that day on if he'd taken her or let someone else find her and sell her into slavery. Or if she get in to the camp and how she'd be raped by hundreds of men and will have to suffer a living hell. Then he kills her before any of that could happen because he couldn't tolerate to thought of it. Although he realizes that, at that time, her life was in his hands. And how other men would appreciated this and gladly taken the girl. But that soldier was a brother of 4 sisters and he loves them. so he just can't let a girl suffer such fate.

then there's fiction I wrote in a ..kind of fable format. About a slave dealer and a boy who he can't sell. A billionaire and a daughter instead of a son to inherit his name and treasure.
The girl was traded for the boy. And she became the slave dealer's wife but he only does it so he can sell the children she bores.

So that goes. and this came and that's it.

You guys should know by now that I like this kind of thing.

So, after all, she is modeled on the image of Lusitania.
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Hit me in the feels with a frieght train
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Idon'teven. I just can't get enough of your shading/colouring, it's so... so... Awesome. It looks sorta like a painting and it's soooo pretty and gives off such a feeling and mood :heart: And THE HAIR!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
I love when you draw Lusitania/Portugal - even if this isn't exactly her XD - because she looks SO badass but so pretty and soft at the same time ;u; <3333
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Amazing work!
I love her eyes, they're full of defiance.
It's like she was saying "you can bend my body, but you'll never bend my soul".

Leave this world a little better than you found it. (Sir Baden-Powell)
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that's exactly what a Lusitanain is like isn't it! 8D
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GREAT anatomy drawing, yo!!
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Even before reading the description, I knew there was a story in this piece. Absolutely great job; beautiful work.
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I really love this <3
this is amazing!!!!
great work! :clap:
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This is great! The whole picture gives off a deep, dark feeling, and I like that reddish color. Very eye-catching.
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She is so beautiful...
And I love her expression.~

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