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Clean for Tipper YM

Quick mock up for Tipper YM based on Windows 7 style
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Hey Bro!!! So many time i do not hear anything from you about Live Messenger look like skin. Do you have something to update?
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Unfortunately not. sorry for hear that :( I didnt made anything in this style sinc this one... The main reason was i almost canceld this project, or maybe just postpone it for a longer time... I dont have much time to spend on this.
But the truth is im still using one really old miranda and i would like to made one day a newer, more complex version... so there is still some hope :)

P.S. its nice to hear from someone that still remember this! it keeps motivated me :)
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Wow, Thank you so much for your message to me. Yes i remember that and i will wait on this day when you find a time and make it real))))))))))
Thank you :)
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wow. okey, So i hope it will be sooner than I hope! :)
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wow, cool! nice to hear that)))))) i will wait on it!))))
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Hey!!!! i like that you like it too)))))))))))
Dialog boxes i meant the TabSRM plugin for Miranda.
I will waiting on your new releases
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At first I dont thought i will made skin for TabSRMM, because I like the new one with better Aero support and nicer design (in Miranda 0.9.x)... I want only to skin the IEView... but after some time I decided I probably make it! ;)
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*wanted only to...
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Hey! Your work is awesome!!!! i like the Microsoft Messenger 14 style!))))))))) Could you please answer me, are you thinking about the creation skins for the Miranda contact list and dialog box???? It will be awesome if you will create these skins!!!)))) thanks a lot!))
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Hi! Many thanks!
I like it too :D this is why i made it :)
i definitley plaining skins for some other parts of miranda. Im currently working on skin for IEView but i want to made skins also for CList Modern and maybe TabSrmm... and possibly for ethers...

What do you mean by Dialog Boxes?
how install? thanks.
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1) you need Tipper YM Plugin (you can get it here: [link])
2) Extract skin to %Miranda folder%\skins\Tipper\
3) Run Miranda, go to Options, select "Customize > Tooltips" from the left column
4) select "Tooltip skin" tab and there you should have it :)
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