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Yes , I've decided to leave Deviantart.

But why? Let me explain :
I've been getting bored on Deviantart as I have nothing else to do. And now I have drew less MLP artworks on paper and more on humanoids and other animals like cats and bunnies. On Instagram , I posted some traditional artworks that will be turned into digital artwork but it has became what I want to now. I started to like to draw on paper and post on Instagram.

Another reason is that , now I'm 14 years old , I've been busy with school life and I won't be able to post much artworks here.

I'm sorry to my friends and watchers for my leaving but it's for the best.

I won't deactivate my account ,  I'll keep it on and maybe if one day , I'll return.

If you want to be contact with me , I have Instagram. My username is "it.s_shimmer" (You can find the link on my page.)

Thank you so much for 138 watchers and all the support in the past. I'll see you soon.

Bye everyone! ♡♡♡
- Nur Azmeera
Princess Storia Amore
I'm in love~ with this baby that I got >w<

I got this beautiful , fluffy child from NovaAssassin , It was free but I have to draw it. I was going to choose either C1 or C2 but those were bought so I chose C5 , and I didn't regret it at all~
((Btw , go buy a slot here : ))

Not sure if yak ponies can get cutiemarks so I didn't gave her one :P

It was difficult to make a backstory for her and adding her to my MLP universe [It's more different to the show's.] as she's a canon x canon breeding OC..
Also before I get onto her bio , she's the daughter of Princess Cadence unnamed yak character. 
((And I gave her her name in Italian like her mother's full name.))

Information on Story
Name : Princess Story (Full name : Princess Storia Amore)
Nickname(s) : Story
Gender : :female: 
Species : Yak Pegasus hybrid
Sexual Orientation : Bisexual
Romantic Orientation : Biromantic 
Relationship status : Single
Crush(es) : N/A
Personality (Positive) : Sweet , polite , social butterfly
Personality (Negative) : (Rarely) Hot-tempered
Occupation : Princess of the Sakura Blossom Dynasty  
Family : Princess Cadence [biological mother] , unknown male yak [biological father] and Empress Dove [adoptive mother] 
Likes : Flower gardens , flowers , novels , poems , her adoptive mother , drawing , her empire , romance
Dislikes : Bullying , small spaces , blood , wine [and other alcoholic substance] , being alone

Other info on Story
pink heart {big} Her full name's translation in Italian is "Love Story".
pink heart {big} Sometimes , she likes to draw in a piece of paper , just to kill time.
pink heart {big} She will always water the flowers in her adoptive mother's flower garden.
pink heart {big} She has Claustrophobia.     
pink heart {big} Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle do know about Cadence's accidental child but they weren't mad.
pink heart {big} She does know about her biological mother and was wishing to meet her.

[Bonus!] Backstory [I tried my best.]
Way back before Princess Cadence was happily wed to Shining Armor , Cadence had a one night stand with an unknown male yak. Cadence was then pregnant with Princess Story and wasn't able to take care of her since she doesn't have a husband. She has to give the child away to another family. But she didn't find any luck to find a family. That's when one day...

The empress of the Sakura Blossom Dynasty , Empress Dove , had sent a letter to Cadence to visit the Crystal Empire to talk about the issue. Cadence and Dove had the conversation and had agreed that after the baby was born , Empress Dove will take the child as her own. However , Empress Dove did ask Princess Cadence to give the child a name before giving her away.

After 40 weeks of pregnancy , Princess Cadence was then in labor and gave birth to a healthy , beautiful and fluffy yak Pegasus daughter. Cadence then named her "Princess Storia Amore" , "Princess Story" for short. When Cadence and her child got to Sakura Blossom Dynasty , it was time to give the child a new mother. With tears in her eyes , the princess of love handed little Princess Story to Empress Dove. She was sorrowful after she had given the child's for the best.

The next day , Empress Dove takes care of the young princess , keeping her well and healthy. And as she ages to fillyhood , Princess Story was taught to be kind , behave and of course , taken some princess lessons. Now , Princess Story is now a grown up yak Pegasus and a well behaved princess. Taking care of her citizens and her mother's flower garden. In the future , after the pass of her mother , she will be the ruler of the dynasty.  

(Comment if you want your oc to be friends with Story)

Princess Storia Amore (c) :iconshimmerstargirl12:
Princess Storia's design (c) :iconnovaassassin:
15 deviations
I have to change my style on drawing ponies...
I'll just turn the new ear style and replace it with the show's style and remove the fluff on the chest. 


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