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Haven't done one of these in a long time but I keep being reminded that I should, considering I'm not available for commission personally.
I'm going to put together a list of freelancers on DA that are looking to be commissioned.

If you want to be considered for this feature, send me a private note asking me to check out your work. I want to see:
-Art skills that demonstrate you'll be able to deliver consistent results.
-A commissions journal or deviation sheet that shows your rates and terms. (critical)
-Understand I wont accept everyone, and most of my fans are scifi focused so scifi art will get more bites.
-I'll pick some of my favorites from your gallery, brace yourself :P

Ok first up!
Quite good at character art/design and rapidly gaining skills at putting environment behind said characters. Also if you need overwatch fanart, no brainer.
Rate here: Commission Rates
Here we go again, my patreon is back for a third time haha.

Banner by Shimmering-Sword

This time around I'm launching with a new angle, one that I've considered in the past, but just received a huge content incentive boost to. My patreon page is now cleared to feature Battletech content, including previously and upcoming secret project stuff for subscribers to get a sneak peek at. If you're a Battletech fan and want to see more of how things come together on the art side, and especially if you want some hints at what we're working on for future stuff, this is the place to be and I hope you'll throw in your support of my work.
The better funding goes this time around, the more effort I can put into my Battletech art director role, and eventually it can even free up more of my time for Rangers and commission projects (when patreon pays enough for me to further reduce my side job work hours).

Any questions or feedback on this new direction?

I greatly appreciate any support you can offer (even just kind words lol).…
Using this journal for more art posting oddities.
:iconsentinel373: Sentinel373 Just posted this newseen Marauder 3D sculpt Marauder - MAD-3R Miniature Sculpt by Sentinel373 and I don't think it's getting the attention it deserves.
Go over to his page and give him some favorites, and a watch if you want to see all his upcoming posts (he's dumping a bunch like I have been).
Hello there people.

After putting it on hold for a while due to overwhelming client projects, I'm finally resuming my Rangers Project patreon page. First withdrawals of funds will be the beginning of next month, which (pro tip) means if you sign up this month and don't like what you see, you can unsubscribe and pay nothing (if I'm not mistaken) :)

You can find my page here:…

I'm hoping this year I can support my patreon page much better and build a much larger subscriber base. (one can always dream about that sakimichan money)
If I can grow its funding more, I can get back into a focus on my personal stuff, rather than always going hard at commission work.
And remember guys, it's more about a bunch of small patrons that a few big ones, so even if a few dollars a month is all you can afford, that helps me greatly.

Thanks for reading, and for everyone who continues to support me here on DA and elsewhere!
Hey everyone, Contact fans in particular.

I'm not directly involved in this, but for those of you who have been waiting and asking over the years to be able to buy an English edition of the Contact RPG rule book (that I made all the pretty art for), now is your chance to possibly grab it.
Uhrwerk Verlag is running a kickstarter to fund a first print run. Currently it's struggling a bit, so it needs your help if this is a game you've been interested in (Think X-COM on the tabletop).

Here's a link to the KS page:…

Go check it out!
(UPDATE) For the undetermined future I will be putting a hold on new commissions. This is so I can work on personal projects (including my art book) and clean up long term client assignments.

I'm still weary of any large/ongoing requests (can't commit to multiple pieces at a time), but everyone is free to inquire regardless of what they have in mind, I'll let you know what I think.
If you have been discussing commissions with me previously and fear I've forgotten about you, please send me another note to get things revived.

Work examples and prices are listed below. The shown tiers/levels are simply easy to understand steps in what quality you can expect by price. Ultimately I work by an hourly rate, so more specific budgets can be discussed.

Sketches. Ranging from loose sketch to shaded and somewhat cleaned up.
-Quick Sketch $35-105
Awesomann Mech by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Iron Element by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Soldier Classes by Shimmering-Sword
Quick painting. Good for loose color character or vehicle designs with simple/no background, and minimal revisions.
Alternatively I can do clean shaded sketch designs.
-Quick Painting / Clean Sketch $140
Commission - Slab Face by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Ion Armor by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Klingon Tank Destroyer by Shimmering-Sword
Small Painting. Has clean painted work with time for revisions. Can support light/moderate background detail.
-Paint $280
Commission - Last Stand by Shimmering-Sword Battletech - Mad Cat by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Galkgrost SpecOps by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Behemoth Tank by Shimmering-Sword
Extended Painting Commission. Options for high detail, full environments, and ample revision time.
-Paint $420 and up (will quote based on request)
Battletech - Heavy Air by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Human Resistance by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Star Wars B-wing by Shimmering-Sword Battletech - Draconis Combine Sunder by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Homeworld Clandestine by Shimmering-Sword

Please note me if you are interested.
This commission structure is not rigid, alternate processes can be discussed if needed.

Prices are in USD$
Payment by paypal only. 50% or full (preferred) paid in advance.


Hey everyone!

Really late notice lol, but I'll be around at Seattle Sakura-Con this weekend with some friends (no table). About to start the drive up from Portland.
Anyone else going that might want to meet? I don't quite know what my schedule will be with my group, but it might be nice to meet some DA folk for a bit.
If you're interested, consider sending me a note and maybe we can work something out.

Have fun out there!
Merry Christmas everyone!

It's been some months since my last update, and even longer since I was properly active on DA. I feel a little bad neglecting this place for so long, as it's truly you guys that have propped me up, encouraged me, and even kept me fed and off the streets for years. Here's what I've been up to:

My DA messages inbox is currently at a historical "zero". Three days ago I had over 600 messages backed up. My loose estimate was that I'd been ignoring most comments for about half a year, but to my own shock it turns out I've actually neglected replying to you guys for a full year. Time flies!
Unfortunately it wasn't practical to get back to everyone, even all the actual questions. I missed you guys on my Birthday, and when I received my last Daily Deviation award, among other things.
If anyone has sent me comments, notes, or talked about commissions and feels I'm forgetting you, please do contact me again to get the ball rolling. I want to get back into maintaining my communications here, just gotta build those habits.

Battletech fans have probably seen some of the new artwork coming out from Catalyst. I've been the lead artist for the classic redesign project for much of the year, which is where most of my time has gone and the main reason I've neglected my DA account this year. This project will be going on for quite a while still, but I'm picking back up with my other art projects and commissions too.

Some of you are also wondering where my Protectorate Wars book is, as it's long overdue. I definitely got in over my head there, painting up some artwork is one thing, but pulling it all together into a book including the writing and layout is a whole new level of effort required. Keeping myself going in tandem with others has been a lot to juggle. Letting myself slip, or anyone else involved, holds everything up, hence the delays.
I'm still chipping away at it with my layout guy Murry. He sets up a few pages, I fix up the art fittings, he lays it all in, repeat. I hope we'll have a new war chapter ready soon to release another beta version, but I still can't say when the whole thing will wrap up. One thing is for sure, I wont abandon the book, it will be done some day.

Might be forgetting something, but I think that's all for now. Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays.
Phew, time for another one of my randomly timed streams! I'll be finishing off a commission that has been sitting on the shelf for a while now.
Come watch and chat :)

Painting Stream Offline
>> <<
Hello there loyal watchers!

First off, yep, I've pretty much lurked out of existence for the last few months, there's a solid 430 unanswered comments in my inbox and a bunch of notes. Apologies to those who have been trying to make contact with me, you're not alone there.
Some may already know, but I've been putting almost the entirety of my art efforts into official Battletech freelance work lately, and what little else I have left goes to chipping away at my Protectorate Wars art book. Because of that I've closed down commissions for the time being, including putting on hold anyone that was already in line. I'm not sure when I'll be available again, as my Battletech obligations involve some long term projects.
This also explains the general lack of art posting lately. With most of my work being book or freelance related, I don't have much to post publicly. I'll post what I can when I can.

I moved up to Portland Oregon (finally) a few months ago. I've been enjoying it so far, good weather, nice location, and fast internet :)
Anyone in and around town (I'm in Hillsdale) that wants to hang out, send me a PM maybe. "Industry oriented" art groups seem to be hard to find here, most being focused on traditional mediums and subjects, so I'm on the hunt for art friends that are more down my alley.

I think that covers things. Again, sorry for being so quiet lately.
Thanks to everyone that has been dropping by to congratulate me. Thanks for the Llamas, I really like the llamas. Also thanks for all the cake, my cake grows larger.
Time for another year of growing frailer.

While I'm at it writing this journal I'll throw in that I'm moving back to Springfield Oregon next month. It's not Portland as I'd originally planned, but it's getting closer. I still think I'll end up moving to Portland eventually, but this is an easier jump for now.
Hey everyone. I'm opening back up to take on a light trickle of commissions. I'm still spending a lot of time on Battletech art development and a few other projects (and my own book when I find the time), but I need to balance the books a bit better, so here's your chance if you've been looking to commission me.
For now I'd prefer to not take on any large or ongoing projects so that I'm not locked into anything (had that backfire recently), so sketches, small paintings, and the smaller end of large paintings are preferred. In the same vein, if you have several pieces in mind I'll need to rotate everyone in the queue before repeats, so no batches.

For those already in line and that I have previous paused projects with I haven't forgotten you (I hope). It would be good to check in with me though, as I will be culling stalled projects from the line.

Work examples and prices are listed below. The basic idea is that I work in sittings, and the more sittings paid for the more I can achieve. This is my way of quoting costs without getting into the nickels and dimes.
Alternatively I can work/charge by the hour for more flexibility. (My hourly rate is what defines the prices shown below, so it's all equivalent)

Sketches. Ranging from loose sketch to shaded and same what cleaned up.
-Quick Sketch $35-105
Awesomann Mech by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Iron Element by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Soldier Classes by Shimmering-Sword
Quick painting or cleaned sketch. Good for loose color character or vehicle designs with simple/no background, and minimal revisions.
Alternatively I can do clean shaded sketch designs.
-Quick Painting / Clean Sketch $140
Commission - Ion Armor by Shimmering-Sword WinterMoth Soldier by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Klingon Tank Destroyer by Shimmering-Sword
Small Painting. A 2 sitting project allowing for clean painted work with time for revisions. Can support moderate background detail.
-Paint $280
Commission - Last Stand by Shimmering-Sword Battletech - Burrock by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Galkgrost SpecOps by Shimmering-Sword
Extended Painting Commission. Three+ sitting painting. Options for high detail, full environments, and ample revision time.
-Paint $420 and up (will quote based on request)
Battletech - Heavy Air by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Human Resistance by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Tank Combat by Shimmering-Sword Battletech - Draconis Combine Sunder by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Homeworld Clandestine by Shimmering-Sword

Please note me if you are interested.
This commission structure is not rigid, alternate processes can be discussed if needed.

Prices are in USD$
Payment by paypal only. 50% or full (preferred) paid in advance.


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*Update 02/19/12*

Today we hit the $11,000 goal needed to unlock the Guppy infantry squad, and that funding figure continues to rise. Thanks to everyone supporting this campaign.
The master print for the Salamander came in a few days ago, you can find a picture of it on the kickstarter page.

We've decided to open up the Protectorate Wars backer free add-on deal to pre-orders also. So if you've backed or per-ordered The Protectorate Wars digital art book you will get a $3-$5 add-on for free when you pledge for a Salamander miniature.
Here's a link to the blog page where you can pre-order the digital book:…
And here you can find the Salamander campaign if you've yet to check it out:

Thanks for reading and sticking with us.

*Update 02/08/12*
The Salamander kickstarter has now passed the $6000 mark and is closing on another stretch goal. On the horizon of stretch goals is an unlock for a 15mm soldier, but for that we need a zbrush sculpt. So I'm putting a call out here:

If you're a zbrush sculptor with experience modeling soldiers (preferably experience in small scale) AND have sent your sculpts through perfactory 3D printing (this is critical), we're looking for a single soldier design in 5 poses. If you're interested and can start work right away, send me a note. This is a paid job.

*Update 02/05/14*
We're pretty blown away guys. Within 14 hours the Salamander miniature was fully funded. Not even 2 days in and we've already passed 300% funding. 6 Stretch goals have been hit and a 7th is likely today, causing the Salamander Squad option to increase in value roughly 40%. All this in just the first 2 days of a 3 week campaign, it's exciting to see where this will go.
I'll be using my cut of the funds to cover the extended time I've decided to spend on The Protectorate Wars book, so it's great help.

Now in order for us to keep up with our success I need to start designing more mech parts. Come join my livestream and watch if you want:…

Chris Gotcher, my friend who has done most of the 3D modeling work and will be doing all of the physical production work, launched the Kickstarter page for the Salamander miniature today.

Check it out here:…

I've had a few of my designs turned into tabletop game miniatures before, but this is the first one from my Rangers project setting, it's also the largest and most complex.

Up for grabs is the default Salamander seen in the art I've been posting, from there you can add on an auto rifle, and if we hit stretch goals other add-on parts will become available.
Those that pledge for 3 Salamanders will get them at a discount and also receive 3 rifles. Every stretch goal we hit will score this pack an additional free add-on, so it's value will grow the more we fund.
Anyone who backed The Protectorate Wars digital art book that pledges for a Salamander mini will also get a free add-on. The first of many perks you supporters will get as I roll out new Rangers items.

Anyway, go check it out, share it with your friends who are into tabletop miniatures, and thanks in advance to all who join in the fun.
For those who missed the chance to back my book project during it's kickstarter campaign, I've set up a Rangers Project blog page which hosts a PayPal widget for pre-ordering.

Check it out here:…

Why pre-order rather than waiting for release day? All backers and pre-orders get exclusive production updates that include uncropped views of all completed artwork. It also helps continue funding production, as any extra funds can be used to bring in more help or cover unforeseen costs.
I also plan to give all digital book backers and pre-orders a discount on the printed edition when I get to that later, and maybe some other perks. No hard details on that though, as I haven't figured out printing costs yet or how to organize such rewards.

Anyway, have at it! Thanks to everyone who's been supporting the project. Feel free to share the page around to those who missed out on the kickstarter or may be interested.
Hello DA, how is everyone?
Time for a general news update:

I've been living in Medford Oregon for a few months now, it's nice to be back in the States. Anyone else living in Medford? I've never been here before so I've got no one to hang out with. Place seems pretty barren as far as the art scene is concerned. I'll be here for around 6 months while I work on my book, after that who knows.

Speaking of my book The Protectorate Wars, things are going well so far. I've been working on all the art rewards for backers which you can watch in my livestream. I apologize for the lack of stuff being posted on DA but I want to keep most of the book's artwork exclusive to those that purchased it. Soon I should be setting up a way for fans to continue purchasing the PDF release preorder, which will put you in a mailing list exclusive to backers where I show off recently completed work and keep everyone up to date on progress. I'll say the reminder again though, my painting livestream remains public so anyone is free to join there and watch me at work.

I'm back to working with one of my sculptor friends to get the first Rangers Project mech miniature out the door. I'm hoping in a few weeks we can launch its own kickstarter campaign. So all you miniature gamers and collectors stay tuned. Expect a 12cm tall (1/144 scale) resin mini for around $35.

Lastly. I got a lot of publicity help for The Protectorate Wars kickstarter, so here's helping out another:
I was asked for a little help publicizing another groups campaign, a set of physical and audio books to accompany the game Elite: Dangerous
If you like scifi fiction go check it out.

I hope everyone is having a good end to their year.
*Update 11/21/13*

Only one day left for The Protectorate Wars art book kickstarter guys!
We're also only $72 away from a stretch goal to add 10 more pages to the book (going up to 110). Not much left to say other than my continued thanks for all the support you've shown so far. Now to wait and see what we end up with.

*Update 11/14/13*

Just hit 100% funding! Time to start gearing up for full production.
There are still 8 days left in the campaign however, so there's still room to raise more funding. Every additional $1000 in funding will add 10 pages to the book.
Go pledge and share!…

Another reminder to all existing backers. If you've previously pledged $5, $12, or, $15 (Transmission Interception, Hot Dropped Marine, and Hardened Marine options), you can increase your pledge by $2 to add the Elemental 30 page side booklet to your rewards.

Thank you everyone for your support so far. You asked for a Rangers book and now you've made it happen. It wouldn't be possible without your help. I think this is going to kick off a lot of new things for the Rangers Project, this book is just the first step.

*Update 11/11/13*

Getting close! We passed 80% funding today. The pace is trending toward $6000 in funding which will add 10 pages to the book (making it 110 pages), but if there's a strong showing for the remaining time adding 20 or 30 pages is very achievable.

I recently added the option of an Elemental specific art book to go alongside the main book. It's going to start at 30 pages and contain mostly existing art, but it will have a few new bits not posted in my DA gallery.  For all you fans of my Elemental design, this should be an easy choice.
How to get this add-on?
If you've backed between $5 to $15 (Transmission Interception, Hot Dropped Marine, and Hardened Marine packages) you just have to add $2 extra to your pledge and it's yours.
If you've backed one of the higher options ($35 or more, or have already over-pledged on a lower tier) you automatically get the Elemental booklet for free.

Lets make this a strong finish. If you have yet to share this project with your friends, a share on FB or a journal on DA goes a long way. You might even consider sharing it again if it's been a few weeks, reminding our fellow procrastinators that time is running out :)

Thanks again to everyone for their support, toward the finish line we go!

*Update 10/29/13*

As predicted the pledge option to help me design a solider for the art book is going fast, there is only a SINGLE unit left of this. Mech/vehicle and ship design opportunities are still fairly available, and full painting options will allow you to pick soldiers to a degree, though at a higher cost.
So this is a heads up, if you planned to grab a Specialist Solider package, get it fast.

We've passed the 40% funded mark today, and the funding pace has been picking up all on it's own. I've just gotten settled into my new place, so I'll be able to raise my efforts back up. I'll keep you all posted, and if you have any questions about the book, please ask.

*Update 10/25/13*

20% funded in the first 24 hours! Good job guys, that was impressive. The pace is falling off a bit however, and we'll need to maintain a good pace in order to hit a level of funding to really grow this book into something epic. I'm really counting on you watchers here on DA, I wouldn't be doing this book if it wasn't for all your encouragement, so now is the time to throw in your pledge if you really want to see this succeed (remember even a $1 pledge helps).

For those waiting for a print edition, this kickstarter is the first stage of that eventuality. This digital edition must be completed first, with work starting right after to ready it for printing.
My previous polls indicated the price point for a print book would be $40. Under my current plan that will be the combined cost, as I should be able to get the print down to $25. So you don't need to worry about pledging now costing you more. On the contrary, pledging now is critical to getting to that print book, and every bit of funding above my basic goals will result in that book being expanded.
Additionally, I'll be doing my very best to make sure that original digital backers gain extra perks when the print kickstarter is run.

I hop on a plane tomorrow, and the day after I assemble my new computer, back to full publicity mode then.
Thanks again to everyone who has been pledging and sharing the news around. keep it up.


The Kickstarter page is here:…

This digital art book will be 100 pages (or more) of artwork and fiction in the Rangers project setting. Featuring lots of the military gear you already see me posting on DA, but also a great variety of other things that I've yet to illustrate. For those always asking for more info on the setting, this is it right here. The text in the book will give you a broader and more in depth look at the universe that ever before, detailing out all the factions involved, and the star systems they control.

Go pledge now to fund the digital book and join in on the production process.
Many special rewards have limited quantities, so get in fast if you see an option you like. This includes and $12 early bird special for buying the final digital book, and multiple options for having me design something from your ideas to be included in the book.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the project so far, and a big thanks to all contributions and support to come.
Here's an important part, I need all the help I can get to spread the word on this project! Sharing this news with your friends though DA journals, FB shares, and Tweets would be greatly appreciated. You can also Favorite this journal (yeah, that's a thing), if it gets enough favs it might get a little spotlight on DA :)
More funding is going to result in a larger book. The starting goal is for 100 pages, but I'd like to go bigger, provided the funding is there.

Here are some helpful link.
Again, the kickstarter page:…
The Rangers Project Facebook:…
Protectore Wars writer Enrique Castro:…<br / />For the Twitter junkies: @ShimmeringSword
Hello everyone! Update time again.

After a one year visit to New Zealand I'm flying back to the US in one week. For better or worse I'm lining up a ton of changes to happen at the same time. Big move, new city, getting my own place, and fully launching the Rangers Project!

The Rangers art book now has a name, "The Protectorate Wars". I'm still undecided on a final name for the entire setting, so "Rangers Project" covers everything for now. The kickstarter page for the digital art book is almost completed, I have everything in place except for the intro video. My plan is to launch the kickstarter as soon as I have my computer set up in the US, so expect it within the next 2 weeks, barring any problems.
$15 is going to net you the digital book (in PDF form), so save up now if you want to support me. There will be a discounted early bird special on this, so keep an eye out for my launch announcement and get in fast to save a few dollars (I will try to ensure my DA watchers get a head start).
For supporters and fans going the extra mile there will be several options to work on a design or scene with me. Priced in the $100 to $350 range they are a steal compared to my regular commission rates. They must fit in with the setting however, so requests have to be reasonable. If you're a fan of the Rangers Project you should have a good idea of what you can get. These will come in limited quantity and per the norm the kickstarter will only last a month, so plan ahead if you're interested in these options so that you don't miss out.

With the kickstarter page mostly complete I'm looking for a few people to help check it over before I launch. Proof readers would be appreciated, but something I'm really looking for are people to test the idea on. If you're into scifi art and have considered being a backer on kickstarter, but are NOT already a close/informed fan of my Rangers Project, I would appreciate if you took a look at my KS page to judge if it sells itself effectively. Anyone who wants to preview the page should send me a note.

Once I launch the KS page I'm going to need all the publicity I can get to make this a success, especially considering that over funding is going to result in a larger book, who doesn't want more Rangers art?
For anyone using Facebook I suggest you like the Rangers Project page as I post minor updates and WIP images there (while DA receives all major news and finished art). It's also a great platform for spreading news of the project.
I also started a Twitter account, I don't foresee using this a lot outside of major news announcements, but you twitter junkies out there are free to follow me. Tweets about The Protectorate Wars kickstarter when it launches would be much appreciated.

I know, tons of begging here. I just want to make this fund raising a great success so that I can make lots of art for you guys. Thanks for all the support so far, and extra thanks in advance for everyone who backs me.
First off, thanks to those who have bought prints, I hope they are up to expectations. Would any buyers be willing to message me to let me know what they think? (compare the physical print to the web image)

I've updated my prints options after getting my second batch of prints.
From now only Matte prints are available. Almost everyone has been buying Lustre prints, likely due to the paper description implying it's the best option. Lustre has the same finish and almost the same values/color as Matte (which I can adjust myself) while costing more (I don't make more), so for the sake of your money I've made the paper choice for you. Let me know if you think I'm wrong here.
I've disabled the larger print sizes on some pieces, print too large and they start to show off some undesirable brush strokes. I printed my most detail dense piece 'Maximized Potential' at 20x30in and that was pushing it. Most now offer up to one size larger than what I consider optimal so you can still go a bit over if you want.

The Marauder print was down for a while but I've put it back up along with my newest BT pieces. DA does not allow the sale of fan art, though a discussion with support seemed that if my designs were original (my redesigns) that it was outside of that definition. I emailed a Catalyst contract handler (closest connection I know to Topps legal) to get their word on it, no response, either a lost email or a blind eye turned. If I get another rejection from DA or a takedown from CGL/Topps I'll pull them down. If you're on the edge about getting one of my BT prints you might want to go for it, though at the same time it's when they sell enough that DA starts to pay attention :P
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