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Showdown of Fangs

Time for some Rangers Project art?

With most of my client obligations out of the way, for the last few months I've been able to resume activity on my Patreon page, posting new work there at a higher rate than I've been able to before.
Now that I have the commission art dump done, it's time to post a bunch of patreon/book art. They've had some exclusive stuff over there for quite some time now that I'd like to make public.

Here's a piece funded by patrons.
An Isles Protectorate Elemental soldier is getting up close and personal with a Prostor Dominion Fangtooth (many will know it as a guppy).
Both of these soldiers are equipped with energy shields that dampen projectile velocities, combined with quality power armor and/or myosuits that make effective ranged engagement difficult.
Getting in close with a high caliber weapon or blade can do the trick.

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i do armor like you ,i hope you like my small design

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Reminds me Dune

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I don't know why but that makes me think about Warframe, maybe it's because of the similarities of the action XD
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Dune's shield concept is very interesting and its nice to see it being used more
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This is awesome art, almost feels like it's moving.

What is a Myosuit exactly, though?
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Short for Myomer Suit, or artificial muscle suit. Think power armor but lighter weight.
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That's a lot like... well a lot of cooler powered armor and mechs nowadays, hell yeah. 
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look at all those shines. What can I say, I'm a simple man.
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Wait wait wait, you're back with some Ranger project arts?

Awesome!! I'm so glad you're keeping it going!
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A lot less lately, but yeah I still do some :)
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Too bad Patreon just changed their fees to screw over low-paying patrons!
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It's all a matter of perspective, and I say it can go either way on personal opinion.
In one instance, you have people giving a dollar or two, and maybe not knowing that a chunk of their support isn't making it to the artist.
In the other, a dollar or two might truly be all someone can afford to give, with anything higher breaking the bank.
When you talk of someone getting screwed by fees, that's always there, both ways. If a patron can't afford a little extra a month, I kind of question if they should be pledging at all.
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Well, if you pledge $1 and you are charge extra .38 in fees, that seems a bit ridiculous. If you have the money or not, being charged an extra 33% of your pledge seems a bit overkill!
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But that's exactly how it's always been, someone gives me $1, and that money is charged 38 cents in fees, except I eat it. Am I fine with only getting 62 cents? I find it wasteful.
So yeah, there is no side of the coin that fixes the problem. But you need not worry, as Patreon isn't going with the change.
Their idea was simply to have patrons be aware of how much of their pledge is eaten. Some don't like to know the truth :P
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Still a kick ass piece. 
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Awesome job and the lighting are superb. :clap:
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Looks awesome man
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Haha, so cool. Always love seeing your deviations in the inbox.
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Cool! BTW if you have the "Elemental" stuff lying around there was supposed to be a booklet in the Kickstarter x)
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