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Protectorate Assault Cruiser

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It's been a while since I released some of my Rangers Project artwork, so here's another piece :)

I'm also reviving my Patreon page, which helps me work on personal artwork such as this, along with making (currently glacial) progress on my art book.
If you're interesting in pledging as a patron, check out my page here:…

This ship is a Heavy Assault Cruiser of the Protectorate navy.
Operating as a local flagship for naval fleet operations, it has formidable combat capabilities as well as considerable troop capacity. This makes it technically capable of a planetary invasion all on its own, but such a valuable ship is typically escorted by combat ships and additional troop carriers.
The long prow of the ship allows for large main guns that may out range even main line battleships. Meanwhile abundant secondary turrets and point defenses make closing distance with the ship a dangerous proposition.
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Great work here
love the backdrop to this. very well done.
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cool illustration with a nice "Homeworld" feel to it.
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These vehicles always come out so fantastic ^_^ 
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oh that's some gorgeous use of color with the nebula backdrop. I really appreciate the fine focus of the hangar area, this is gorgeous
Dantedesertfox's avatar
A great background for a mighty Assault Cruiser.
fecler's avatar
looks like something you'd expect to see in Star Citizen
sykosan's avatar
Looking cool :)
PortentosaMan's avatar
Your art and project is awesome!! The designs are very good!
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Oooooohhhh, I love this
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Looks great. Love her design =^^=
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Would like to see her in action
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Eventually I'll get to illustrating more space battles.
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