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Prostor VTOL Gunship

I don't do gunships as often as other vehicle types, but I always seem to enjoy then when I do.
This piece was one of the reward pledge options from my book kickstarter years ago.

In an often hyper lethal combat environment filled with railguns, high velocity missiles, and even lasers, this gunship is what might be called over-gunned in order to dish out heavy barrages of firepower in short spans of time. Or, should it find itself unopposed, be able to engage multiple targets across a wide arc in order to support ground troops.
It is armed with two 30mm rotary cannons and two 100mm guns.
Both pilot and gunner sit in a fully enclosed cockpit with a full digital view of the battlefield. Either can control the weapons with a mere gaze at their target, making engagement a rapid process.

I'll start to post up all my old Protectorate Wars art that was generated through Patreon, with it focusing more on Battletech artwork for currently.
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Looks like the gunship the combine use in half life 2

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Don't know if you'll get around to seeing this but this was one of the main inspirations for my Mk6 Arsenal gunship.

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Ah cool! Your design looks good.

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It looks really awesome! Love those big guns.
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Mean looks and just as mean punch. 2xRAC2 2xAC10 flying arround, harassing Mechs and molesting Battle Armor Squads...
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I take it that the Book is going to be on hold for the foreseeable future.  Its a bit disheartening but I got a cool picture out of it and the beta PDFs are still a fun read.
Thank you for sharing.
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I've had the final editing professionally done recently, it's just not injected into the working file yet, which I have to do myself. Once I find the right combination of time and motivation to sift through text edits, I'll have it done!
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WOOT!  Soon the Epic tale of Space War book ONE! will be over.
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Now that is air support...
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Those ball turrets are huge.
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This is awesome ! But maybe drawing bigger the "weapons" in the right could help the prespective.
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This was started in 3D so the perspective is precise :)
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This would be awesome as a plastic toy or model.
How much ammo is that thing carrying?
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Not a whole lot :P
There are magazines in the rear for quick rearms at base.
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