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Mechwarrior - Bait and Switch

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Outgunned, the Raven darts from cover to cover in the falling snow, evading fire as best it can. It's all a ruse though, as the hunting Atlas chasses its target into the husk of a downed dropship, he becomes the hunted. A Stalker packing a battery of lasers and an AC20 let rip into the Atlas' torso. The tables turn.

A Battletech / Mechwarrior fanart commissioned by Mgeni
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Awesome, love this!

Just curious though, is that some custom Stalker variant? I'm not familiar with any canon Stalkers armed with ballistic weaponry. AC-20 armed Stalker would be hella cool though, go nicely with SRMs and MLs.

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Good luck killing the atlas before he annihilated you though

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OliverInkHobbyist Digital Artist
I rather like the title, scenario setup and exceptional level of skill you have achieved with the work!
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Next round; Atlas fires ac20 to the Raven, regardless of the outcome, and starts walking back behind the pillar to the left. The plot thickens ;)
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That Stalker is gonna have a rude awakening. That Atlas is still hunting them.
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Shimmering-SwordProfessional Digital Artist
Might be tough missing half his mech though :)
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Tis but a flesh wound!
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They made a critical mistake. They hit his left side instead of his right. His AC20 is still operational.

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fidgetlilmeg12Professional Digital Artist
I'm reworking the Battletech CCG cards for a free Tabletop Simulator mod. Would it be ok to use some of your Battletech images for some of the card art? I am making no money from it. It's a labor of love :)
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Shimmering-SwordProfessional Digital Artist
Sure, go for it.
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I remember the Atlas. I think I still have my copy of Mech Assault or something along those lines for the first X-Box. My favorite Mech was the Thor.
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Shimmering-SwordProfessional Digital Artist
MA was a fun game. I play MWO these days.
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Yup, I think before that I had the PC ones, Mech Warrior and ME Mercenaries. I kind of lost interest in the game over the years. However, Pacific Rim rekindled my love of Mechs in general, so some of my own stories include Mechs of different types and sizes.
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NightsOfFuturesPastStudent Writer
Something about the look of your art makes me think of the old Battletech books and their cover art. Very nice. ^^
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this song is relevant:…
the tension, the steel-on-steel violence, it isn't a fair fight for anyone
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then an Oxide comes up and kills all three the end.
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That atlas looks like its about to be, in Misery :P
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i think pretty much anything getting shot at by a Stalker would be in a bad spot
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Hellloooo Huginn.
Nice piece of imagery and the small description adds a bunch to the tenseness!
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Incredible,first of all I would like to mention the perspective and the balance of your artwork.It really feels as if you're that tiny soldier who is nothing more than a witness to a clash between titans.I love the how the laser beams are both transparent and solid,which to me is important since the beams show magnitude and direction.Making it clear that those are not flashlights and the explosions are very realistic as well.
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ravens are the best.  ^ 3^
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Hitman85PlHobbyist Artist
Bad ass Atlas.
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Ah... This game brings back memories...
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HeavyhoofHobbyist Writer
Sometimes your work is so good that I swear my brain is boiling.
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