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Mech Warrior - Dark Woodsman

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A second commission for :iconmr-balk: ~mr-balk

The Dark Woodsman, a 75 ton Clan heavy mech.
Weapons: (Clan types)
1 Ultra Autocannon 20
1 LB10-X Autocannon
1 LRM 20
1 ER Medium Laser

Poor Bulldog :noes:
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Ah yeah, some Wolf love

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the fire looks so damn real!^^
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I like it, but I've never been a fan of using a Gatling to represent the UACs. There are plenty of autocannons that have double the firing rate of guns like the Bushmaster, mainly those that use revolving chambers.
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Yep I'd prefer to depict faster firing autocannons with a single, maybe double/triple barrel setup. This is how it's been set in recent canon though, and I'm expected to deliver art that resembles the reference.
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nice work with the guneffects i think you got better there ( remembers daishi gausrifle effect ;) )
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Yeah, lately I've been paying more attention to effects.
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A very striking and very impressive painting.
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This picture makes me want to play MW2.
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getting one of these to guard my estate/military outpost :)
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Dear god, this thing is a close-range monster. I LOVE IT.
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Quality work . You are my favorite mech artist on DevArt . I can only hope you will continue you series of pics .
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I don't see myself stopping any time soon :)
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Yes , let the good times roll .
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Bring in the Baneblade and shodowsword!
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Yea I agree 2 AlaskanWyvern. Those 2 tanks shouldn't gone in2 battle with a 75 ton Clan Heavy Mecha. And I should sure say 2 myself, they actually got pwned. XD HAHA
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Maybe those are just 2 down from a bigger force :) Who knows.
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Yea i Agree 2 u on that 1.
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wow very nice work
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