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Long time no Ranger art! The solder was picked by request, and I was itching to paint some exotic mecha. Done an about 3.5 hours, possible a little less.

A Ranger infantryman is caught off guard by a nimble heavy type power armor.
The power armor uses a neural link to control the extra set of arms, rather than slaving to the users arms. It can carry a wide variety of weapons from machineguns to light autocannons while it's shoulders can internally or externally mount additional firepower, such as HEAP rockets.
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The main hands of the robots make the small ones to look somehow disproportionate and the style is really different. To me that was the first thing I noticed while watching the picture. To say something, if the small hands will stay I thing they should be more "squarish" and the small arms wider as well. It just looks weird to me.

The light blue eyes look awesome, and the red ones on the infantry armor do as well. Don't you think there should be two colors to differentiate the infantry from the robot (In this case, due to the enmity). Though, the hostility can be noticed instantly, really good!.

It looks in general, futuristic.