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Highlander Marauder

A commission for :iconmaxoconnor: ~maxoconnor
He saw my Marauder redesign and wanted one of his own. I put a little extra time into this one, as it was a good opportunity to show off the Mad from another angle.

This one could be one of many variants, any one that carries 2 PPC, 2 Laser, and 1 Autocannon type.

Enjoy :)
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I can hear the bagpipes from here.
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And haggis cooking!

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I love this picture, it's just right if you get what I am saying.
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I ...
Marauders!!! ^^

Best Mech ever :)
Sure there are 'top' mechs better then the Marauder but for me it'S the best looking Mech ever and i just HAVE to have one in my team every time i play Mechwarrior ^^
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lol I am a dummy! the plaid
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There was apparently a "Redesign the Marauder" contest at the Mechwarrior Online forums, and the official artwork that PGI did for their version of the Marauder looks similar to yours. Did you participate in said contest? If so, then did you win?
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I did take part in the contest, but they didn't pull directly from it. My Marauder designs are pretty popular in the community so some flavoring is expected, but I also know their artist Alex Iglesias would make similar choices to me, and I can see plenty of difference.
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I did always like the Marauder...  My favourite Battletech mech.
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There's another guy here on DA posting this…
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Thanks for the heads up, I've filed a takedown notice.
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Wait is that a Chinese GuoMin Party ico???
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Damn shim, you are fucking dope! this rocks...your designs have got me hooked!
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As much as I loved the original Marauder/Zentraedi Officers Battlepod, I now like your design better. Granted the animators for the original Macross probably wanted simpler lines so they could churn out drawings quickly, but this evolved design is actually beautiful in a brutal, crush your planet kind of way. Reminds me of the feeling I got years ago when I saw a model pic of a Kurita MechWarrior meditating in lotus position on top of his Marauder's cockpit- the weapon in the context of a wider culture. Now only if the design had gatling guns..
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You catch the general drift of all my redesigns well. Take the originals and turn them into proper battletech material, rather than copied cannon fodder mechs made for a non related anime.
that is so cool!
Roiquonmi Glaug Battle Pod 
(Sorry for that, it's just I remember other Robotech mech)
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Battletech also licensed the same designs, I've redesigned them to not be the same as macross.
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not that that ever stops HG from trying to sue
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