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Commission - World of Tanks

A commissioned piece of World of Tanks fan art for :iconthesourkraut: *TheSourKraut including his characters.
The battle is over and a damaged Russian IS-3 overlooks the snowy valley where the fighting took place.
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Fixing a broken track on an M113 APC was bad enough.  But to fix something this big and heavy, even in good weather, must have been an SOB!
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Seems it was the case with most heavy tanks of the era, impractical in the long run.
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I remember reading about the victory parade the Russians held in Berlin.  Their IS-2's led the way, and the American and British general staffs filled their trousers as the sight of such behemoths!
it was actually is-3 if i recall well, they shat themselves, that caused the development of the m103 and conqueror, as they were created to fight russian heavy tanks, specifically is-3
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The M-103 was a failure, kinda like the Maus.  The Conqueror was the precursor of the Centurion?
nah, both were the precursors of the chieftain, even then the chieftain suffered the same thing as the m103 and maus, but it was taken care of on the challenger 1, which is an modernized chieftain with the main problem taken care of
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Couldn't remember the Challenger's name at the moment.  Thanks for jogging my memory.  I think the M-103 made an appearance in the anime "Girls und Panzer:  Der Film".
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T-34s FOR DAYS!!!!!!
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Actually, that tank was IS-3
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And then a Sherman full of dudes comes rollin' by and they be like "wassup suckas"
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Sherman was weak tank compared to t-34 . T-34 was simple , yet reliable tank with good tracks , strong armor and big powerful gun . Sherman was strong used en masse while T-34 was used to be strong in both masse and alone . Soviets were the kings of tanks during WWII and they are still a thread to be reckoned with  .
Not really, early T-34s were decent tanks, good enough to do the job and able to be mass produced but german tigers and panthers were superior and the panzer 4 could trade even with one, the later 85mm gun made the T-34 a far deadlier machine, able to take on panthers and tigers and have a good chance of winning. The Sherman was a good tank, but it was never intended to fight tanks, it was meant to support infantry and help push through fortified areas, hence the focus on HE ability over anti-tank ability. Later Shermans were up-gunned with high velocity 76mm guns which corrected this weakness and with American industry behind them, mass producing was a simple thing. So honestly, the Sherman and T-34 are peers, there really isn’t a clear winner on which is better.
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It's not only about firepower and armor . It's also about reliability and resistance to the hostile climate . German tank tread was completely useless and in autumn when they invaded USSR  their tanks were stucking in the mud while soviet tanks had wide tracks and no mud was scary for them . German tanks were complicated to operate and thus were less reliable , unlike T-34 . Besides T-34 changed forever the meaning of tank war . It was unprecedented combination of firepower, mobility, protection and ruggedness. Sherman , as I read was also made according to this philosophy and it turned out to be reliable, relatively cheap to produce, and available in great numbers which also has it's pros  . Just like I'm saying ,  during WW2 USSR (my second homeland ) and US were the the most important players in the world . We both  fought shoulder to shoulder to beat Nazis and their lackeyes .  While many slander my second homeland I say that every person who sacrificed his or her life to destroy the Axis powers deserve respect , regardless if it was Soviet , American , British , Chinese , Polish , French . True , we Russians , Poles and Chinese    paid the biggest sacrifice in blood and my grandmother never met her father ( he was ripped to pieces by explosion )  :( , but I remember about not just my nation but about everyone who died fighting against Axis . Without T-34 and M4 Sherman we wouldn't win so easily .
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Reminds me of 'Girls und Panzers'.
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10/10 would like to see more girls und panzer inspired art
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too late to make a difference in world war 2 yet too old to make any impact on the cold war (aside from fighting in minor Israeli squabbles in the mid 50's) such a sad fate...
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Cool! Very detailed picture! Good job!
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it's an Is-3, the hemisphere turret and pike upper glacis gives it away
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Thanks for knowing your stuff lol. Blows my mind all the bad assertions people have made on this piece :D
I swear, it's like nobody's played WOT before. The is-3 is VERY hard to mistake for another tank tank. It has a very unique look, you did a great job drawing the dimensions and remembering the little details btw.
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