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Commission - Star Wars B-wing

Landed in an underground hangar, a Miralukan B-wing pilot is taking the structural integrity of her ship rather lightly. The same can't be said for the Dug who has to fix it all up.

Commissioned by :iconrock-splitter: Rock-Splitter

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Holy shit thats fuckin awesome

Tragically, the B-Wing never gets the love it deserves.

A blind girl flying a Starfighter.

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ooooh awesome ...

Nice pic, a shame the franchise has taken such a hit in the last year...
Is there any chance that this exists somewhere in 1080p? I love this photo, but want a higher-res version. :)
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Dug: What did i tell you about flying blindfolded?!
Pilot: That i shouldn't do it unless i'm running on at least a 300 credit bet?
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B-wing is my favorite ship in star wars other than Slave I for some reason, this is cool
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I always felt these ships never received enough love in the series with their unique design and flight profile. This artworks fantastic from the subtle scoring on the metal, to the variance in paintwork where things had been patched and reapplied! Well done! :D
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This has got to be one of my favorite star wars ships of all time! Unfortunately it suffers from minor appearances. Still, it looks amazing. And everything looks just like I would expect it to in the original trilogy. (except for maybe Sebulba) The angle really brings out the awesomeness of the ship.
Nice! I like this a lot. I am going to be playing a Star Wars RPG soon and my GM shot down my first idea of a Miraluka Pilot. I'll have to show him this pic. Nice work. 
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I'd say the idea is pretty out there, but this is star wars we're talking about :)
I like this. I am going to be playing a star wars RPB game soon and my DM shot down my first idea of a Miraluka Pilot. I'll have to show him this. LOL nice work.
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Nice one. I pity the poor Dug. 
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Rock-Splitter I would love to know the story here and why you commissioned?
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Just had the idea for the scene but I can't draw at all. So, I figured I'd look for someone skilled who'd be willing to take on a commission. Shimmer fit the bill perfectly. 
BaronNeutron's avatar
I am the same way!  I have no skills so I commission people here.  Check out my gallery; 90% SW commissions :)
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Nah, the Y-Wing is the A-10 of the Star Wars Universe; old, outdated, but still flying and kickin' butt. The B-Wing is more like the F-15E Strike Eagle. The K-Wing is just insane munchkinism on steroids.

I think the scale on this is very close to just right, maybe just slightly oversized, but not terribly so; otherwise, it's an incredible pic.
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