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Commission - Star Trek Tank

A Star Trek fan commission for ~MajorDiarrhia

The Somme Class 'surface defense escort' is equivalent to the modern main battle tank, though it comes with some added features that make it far more versatile.
It's main gun is a torpedo launcher, giving it considerable punch right out of the gate. Several phaser arrays supplement this firepower.
Most systems come with considerable redundancy. Teleporter arrays on the front sides and rear top/bottom work in defense and offense. The front top and rear bottom hull feature a tractor beam for towing. Optical systems and sensor strips surround the craft providing the crew with full 360 degree vision and detection. With a pair of warp engines it can fly as a space craft and move at a limited warp speed.
Standard issue red stripes are proven to make it go faster.
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I'd name it
Praesidum class (Latin for Protector)
The Quote
: *Pathfinder Unit deployed. Sir!
: Yes, Commander?
: Doesn't we mean to be explorer?
: Hailing, sir.
: My crew and i are ready, sir.
Moving to location
: Location confirmed, sir.
: Mobilizing to your coordinate.
: Course laid in.
: Boldly go.
: (siren) Stop messing around with that panel! Timmy!
: (background crew argueing) Baka Shinji! Did you gonna do nothing other tha- (Spraying sound) Finally... Peace.
: In that day... we'll finally laid down our arms and united in peace.
: (Space invader playing in the background) Yeah!!!! New Hig-... *Akward silence*... I mean... Yes, sir.

More will come soon.

Enemy spotted

: Yellow alert, What is your order?

: Hostile detected. What is your next move?

: Stand guard crews. We have enemies on sensors.

: Picking up movement. possibly hostile.

Moving to attack

: Assault vector laid in.

: Alright crews, prepare for attack!

: Target solution locked.

: It is time... Commenced the Attack!


: All weapons focusing fire on target.


: Si Vis Pacem! Para Bellum!

: For The United Federation of Planets!

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Red Alert/Tiberium Wars/Generals style add-ons:

Using teleporter arrays:

(Offensive ver-Teleport photon torpedoes into a new target)

Beam it to here!

They will be surprised!

Don't expect it,heh?!

You are still not safe from the torpedo!

Let us fix the trajectory!

Error found,now applying corrections.

(Defensive ver-Teleport itself to a location)

(in RA2 voice style) Warning,Matter Stream activated.

Quick,beam us away!

Goodbye you maggots!

You blink,you miss! (yes it is referenced from Contra 009's Hazael)

Jump to safety!

Teleport NOW!!

(Support ver-Teleport troops,friend or foe)

Need a help out?

Transporter beam should make it happen!

Transport coordinates locked!

It would be like a second!

The moment it is here,the next moment isn't!

Teleportation service on the way!

Switch to flight mode:

The tank isn't land and water bound!

Time for some aerial maneuvers!

To the skies and beyond!

I warned you,it is actually a spacecraft!

Antonov A-40 would be proud!


Sir we are taking fire!

This is not really okay...

Damage report!

What's the current status?

Near death:

Use the transporter ASAP!

Why the hell we aren't retreating?! (referenced from ST Beyond's quote:"Why the hell we aren't moving?!")

It is gonna blow up!


: Fall Back! We cannot win here!

: Shoot anyone followed us!

: rtb. RTB!

: Nearby Outpost, Requesting Repair ASAP!

Continued Attack

: Uh...Yes Sir...

: We shall fight while we still draw breath...

: Continueing Engagement.

: Stay on Target, Crews!


: This should help, if not much.

: Shutting down weapon system for repair

: No enemies nearby?

: Crew, Time for a Field Patch-up.

Self Destruct

: For Those We Cherise, WE DIED IN GLORY!


: We'll Taking you with us!

: May our children remembered and forgived us...

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I find it kinda ironic that many trekkies always say that star trek shouldn't be like star wars and that starfleet is (supposedly)not a military orginisation. And yet they always get a hard on when the fleet moves into battle, new battlship classes and fans creating new types of starfleet-starfighters, armour and battletanks.
Now I don't hate that, being a fan of both trek & wars but I do find it hypocritical.
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Pretty sure YOU are hypocritical as those are not the same sorts of fans. Tanks and Fighters only ever make appearances in Comics and Comptuergames and the fans of those rarely to never make statements like the one paraphrased by you about ST now being a military series, exactly CAUSE the gamers love the fighting regardless in which universe/setting.
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Gotta have those advanced peace keeping tanks lol.
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Space America!
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Classic federation aesthetic....
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After seeing the the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "The Siege of AR-558", I felt a little bit disappointed. I know space battles are still pretty cool, but the ground battles I find rather lacking. It's like World War I, all without tanks of any kind. I feel the UFP and Starfleet made a mistake in not having a dedicated military branch (like the MACOs) and not having any kind of armored ground assault craft. Seeing this makes me feel like there may still be hope that they take future ground battles more seriously. No away team or assault squad on the ground cannot always depend on orbital support to take out high-priority targets or simply punch a massive hole in a wall...
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Seriously. Starfleet isn't really adapt at ground-based combat.
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Agreed. Which is why I generally gravitate towards Star Wars, Stargate, Halo, etc., as those sci fi franchises still know the value of having intact military branches with which to fight in all aspects of war. But still, overall, a very cool design. Who knows? Maybe one of these days, you could get hired by CBS or Paramount or whoever owns the Star Trek franchise and help to bring a more realistic perspective to any armed conflict (unless it's on a starship, of course!) By the way, the last sentence in my last comment was referencing the Star Trek: Elite Force II video game (which isn't all that bad, not that I played it) and how Hazard Team could use their modified tricorders to call for orbital support, which could only happen if their ship(s) wasn't currently engaging against enemy ships. Thus the need for an actual planetary combat vehicle. What I am saying is, that any Navy needs the Army, as the Army is generally the branch with the armored combat support vehicles. Starfleet is nothing without an actual army. In a ground war, Starfleet may not last long in a fight against the Galactic Empire, though all of this is up for debate.
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Well here's the balance for ST's military:

Earth Federation has armies.However,Starfleet has 0 of them and all land armies (and water navies) are trained and kept by Section 31.Sec31 will give Starfleet armies if needed or as ordered (since Sec31 pretty much loyal to Federation).

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OOh I like that.
Federation chique. To me it looks like a federation barge or cargo ship like the Horizon
what a beautiful sight to behold, love the technical aspects you have added as well
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Indeed the artist really put effort into this and it shows.
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 Interesting design. I don't know how I'd be able to top this in the "different and creative" department.
so, question, is this cannon or just something you came up with?
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All the specs of this design are the clients idea, so not canon, then I simply jammed all the requested parts into what you see here :)
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