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Commission - Santorini Probe Group

*Re-post due to accidentally deleting part of my gallery*

I'm not sure if I ever posted this specific image in its entirety. The leftmost ship can still be found in my gallery, the larger right side ship was the original image I accidentally deleted. The two images were made to be combined, but I don't think I posted it. Definitely one of the more elaborate pieces I've done, definitely my biggest space art piece. Things were extra complicated by doing each main ship several years apart from each other so I had to keep style matching in mind. Both ships are kitbashes from Space 1999 models, so I had full models to reference, and also explains the somewhat hodge podge nature of their designs.
But here it is in all its glory!
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I seen all the episodes of Space 1999 years ago and you did a good job of making your own designs. There were two other ships they had in the show like the hawks from a episode from season one and a actual probe ship in the episode Dragon's Domain which is smaller than the one drawn up close.

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In this case I didn't even need to design any parts arrangements as the client already had the full kitbashes photographed. I just enhanced the details a bit.

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I see the one on the right and it just looks like a bigger warship from space 2001 and I love it

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The one on the right could pass as a more-realistic interpretation of what Star Trek's DY-series vessels from our era were like.

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Me: That's an Eagle cockpit! :D

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Cockpits partially based on Eagles of Space:1999?

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As noted in the description, all of this is Space 1999 kitbash.

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Definitely don't remember this one, but its fairly cool.

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Yeah I had faved the big ship. But this expanded picture is better methinks.

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