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Commission - Samurai Armor

Here's yet another character concept lineup! I have one or two more of these to show in the art dump.

Kind of speaks for itself, these guys are some samurai inspired scifi soldiers in power armor. Comes with super effective gold head armor, definitely not soft and easily penetrated :P
(quire aware the 3rd robed variant is fairly silly and has issues)
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These look awesome, i love power armor in general, but such nicely stylized is even better.

And the classic Kabuto helmet offers a lot of customization options, simply because of its size and the fact that it has been used for decorations by the Samurai themselves.

Plus with a bullpup AR/SMG and a large shield, this looks like one powerful unit.

Sword on the back is the sprinkles on top.

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Really love this

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That's awesome.

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Ronin Heavy Infantry

Heavily armoured assault troops specialized in close combat and hardpoint pushes. Most small arms fire just bounces off their armour plating, and shrapnel has almost no effect.

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It WILL ruin the nice paintjob though... ;)

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Superb. I would like to see more in this theme

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I love this so much.
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Still love the color Scheme xD realized I never commented on this but thanks for the work on it Shimmy. Probably done my design the best credit in design out of those I’ve commissioned thus far.(Better than myself without a doubt.)
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You have good ideas, just gotta work on your rendering :)
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pretty cool, like the first one the most, looks the most well drawn and thought out. Only critique would be the lower pouches on the second figure (gonna assume those are mag pouches) are a bit small compared to the one in the gun, would recommend going for bigger ones. overall a nais/10
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I defiantly will now picture these guys as the Renraku red samurai from shadowrun :D
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Nice…. But I'm not sure about the appropriateness of the shield. Samurai rarely used them, especially when armour became more sophisticated.

(going from left to right) I like the non-cyclops like eyes of #1. #2's tactical harness is a plus for practicality. Perhaps putting what I think is #3's haori underneath the upper armour. It could act as an extra layer of protection for the back of the legs if made from an anti-ballistics material.
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Ultimately the samurai look is just a look, so I didn't make any attempt to match their combat style. He has a rifle and power armor too, those are also out of place :P
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True. Power armour? Must have glazed over that in the description.
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Not sure if anyone suggested this idea but, maybe House Kurita elite soldiers? Very good work!
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This is very interesting . It is not only aesthetical change but very useful defence . The armor , while it has come cons (  it should also  protect the sides of the torso not just front and back  ,  ) it gives the necessary protection of legs , knees , arms and groin  and required torso protection . The psychological effect of the helmet is GREAT . I always loved samurai masks and you can clearly know you messed with the wrong guy . Samurai helmet is also well made not because it is cool but because it protects WHOLE head and scuff . This is sci fi I love that combines effectiveness with aestetics and coolness . Good job mate :) 
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True the sides don't have additional plates, though at least the under suit provides some protection.
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That's the snag . Some . And "some" for me means "as much as nothing" or insufficient  .  Sides are very important to protect especially stomach sides  because it is very soft and even most meager bullet or knife is dangerous to it , because it penetrates them like butter    . When those troops would engage in sword fight since they are samurai and I wouldn't be surprised if there would be lots of such fights , the undefended stomach sides would be the first thing the enemy troopers  would try to slash  with their swords .
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That's like saying because a shirt only provides "some" protection a soldier should go into the field naked lol. Some protection means it's a high tech muscle suit interlaced with flexible armor. It'd be far more effective than modern soft kevlar armor for comparison.
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All right . That is different story . Sorry . I didn't meant to be rude or to insult you :$
BDW . Those are normal soldiers or augmented ones ?
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Not sure about the soldiers, the suit itself augments your strength.
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