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Commission - Predator Gunship

The 3rd piece I've done for :iconsabresteen: sabresteen

This VTOL gunship is fairly straight forward. Two jet engine nacelles provide vertical lift capability, and during level flight an additional tail thruster kicks in for extra speed.
A turret cannon (maybe a gauss rifle) on the underside can rain down death, while two weapons pylons allow all manner of missiles and rockets to be carried into battle.
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no downloading option sad

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...nice -- how many extra passengers is it designed to carry, pass the needed crew to fly it?..
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I don't believe that was ever specified. I could carry a squad, or none.
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...this was the drop ship that carried those Marines on the movie Aliens, is it not?..
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lol nope. Original design.
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it reminds me of that, mixed with a terminator HK and a halo pelican, kickass!
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wow what a beauty!!!
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NICE plasma canon ^^
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I don't think it looks anything like the dropship from aliens.

The dropship from aliens was combination cobra helicopter and a harrier jet.

It's not even the functional equivalent to the dropship from aliens the Vindicator is lol.
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Comparators gonna compare :D
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Ya there are a lot of comparators out there. :D (Big Grin) 
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Nice work dude, it's been a while since I last saw a picture from you.
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Did some one call for an airstrike?
Very well done. Though, you have a liking for the movie Aliens?
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This gunship can't carry anyone except it's too pilots. And is not designed to leave a planet's atmosphere.

This is my universes equivalent to the Aliens dropship.…
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Thank you. As far as dropships go I don't see much resemblance between this and the one from Aliens.
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