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Commission - Night Raid

Here's another commission done for :iconzachg56: Zachg56

Under the cover of dark, squads storm a rebel occupied building in a surprise raid. They move quickly, and leave no survivors.
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Reminds me of crysis the nanosuit h.u.d.

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what does TGT stand for
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
Target, nothing special :P
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That is badass, love the executions
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This is easily one of my favorite art pieces.

Great work!
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Looks very reminiscent of the interstellar marines game. 
Thaiauxn's avatar
That is awesome! Look how cool that HUD is! :D
ArcSpartan009's avatar
Getting a very Republic Commando/Halo feel here. Nice.
lastbullet2's avatar
ouch plasma torch to the gut
Chaoticghost101's avatar
Nice I wonder who they are now
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Pixy looks like a storm trooper from the back. Feels so hnngh awesome 
Black87Mamba's avatar
Pixy...Ace Combat reference?
NB6636-1's avatar
Very cool. = )
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the hud makes it look like a video game/
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Awesome dude. Posing and lighting is spot on. The HUD is pretty cool 
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Camera girl...? xD
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The affectionate nickname given to the embedded reporter that's stuck with them
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who's perspective is that?
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It's coming from another squad member's perspective.  Originally the squad was larger, but due to the particular nature of the squad, they can't get replacements that easily, and thus are largely separated into different units most of the time
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oooh. if you don't mind me asking then where's the camera girl?
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