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Commission - Hammer's Slammers

*Re-post due to accidentally deleting part of my gallery*

Commissioned by  :iconmihoshik: MihoshiK
They wanted some Hammer's Slammers hovertanks with their crazy plasma beam powerguns. The result of being hit by one visible in the entirely red glowing mass of a melted down tank destroyer.
Still holds up fairly well today I think, 10 years on.
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I loved Hamer's Slammers!

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Incredible! 🤩

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HELLS YES, I LOVE me some Hammers Slammers. Gimmie some of them Blowers. You are fantastic and I love this rendition.

Glad to see you are still among the living. I love this piece.

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Halo the Master Chief Collection got me like:

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I remember reading a few Hammer's Slammers novels when I was in high school. Liked the tanks, hated the characters.

I loved Hammer's Slammers, and you do a fantastic job of them!

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I was that client, and I'm still very happy with this :D

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Thanks! I can slot your crediting in.

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Excellent depiction of the Slammers tanks. Was a big Slammer's fan back in the day and might still have the books somewhere.

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I think this was the first peace of your art I ever found back in the day

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These are one of my favorite series of books. Esp being from someone who has "Seen the Elephant"

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Mongoose Publishing?

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This one was just for an individual if I recall, no official intent with the art.

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Mongoose Publishing has Hammer's Slammers sourcebook in their Traveller TTRPG line, hence the question.

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Loved the Slammers as a kid. This is a very good representation of how I always saw these tanks in my mind's eye. Very well done. :-)

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A very good book.

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I read the series after I finished my time in the US Army. David Drake had an interesting concept for a future tank. Your art of the tank is well done.

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Oh, definitely held up very well. Still the best depiction I have seen.

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I feel there are a few old scifi IPs an artist could easily dominate if they focused on it due to them have practically zero modern art.

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