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Commission - Dusk Strike

Another commission for :iconalpha-dilophosaurus: Alpha-Dilophosaurus

With human and alien combatants on both sides, troop transports push into a city, meaning to capture local industries. Though enemy forces are making a rushed evacuation, not all craft are making it off the ground.
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are those Birrin i see there?
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this is so good!
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So in this pic the humans and aliens are working together?
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Yep, several human factions have allied with differing alien factions, so humans and aliens on both sides of the battlefield.
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"We're taking heavy fire down here!"
"Requesting backup!"
"This is Squad 2-1, multiple tangoes converging on our position..."
"Tangoes neutralised at enemy LZ, moving to secondary objective."

Just some of the things that go on in my head when I see your art.
Love the detail and quality of each piece of work! Keep it up!
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How much is a commission like this? o~o
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I feel sorry for the guys in the drop ship that's being shot-up
Evacuation is the disciplined equivalent of running around screaming while waving your arms in the air
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so really cool, it's amazing to see how much you have progressed over the years
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This is amazing detail. :)
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Where is the air support?!
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Incredible art! And are those Birrin?
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How much did this cost?
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     Love your idea of alien and human side by side.  Love the scene.  This could be a video game intro scene.
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
Well, not quite my idea, as it was commissioned.
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   Commission but your art, his idea but your art.  And it is awesome!!!!.
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The aliens remind me a little bit of the Birrin (search on this site).
Very nice work though.
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I know Abiogenesis' work well, good stuff.
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aliens vs predator
godzillaSan's avatar
great work!  AVP3 director currently looking 4A an artist.  What do U think?
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