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Commission - Behemoth Tank

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Here's yet another commission piece for :iconsabresteen: sabresteen
If you're interested in commissioning some artwork from me, check out my journal here:…

This is a super heavy tank, naturally bigger than the previous Goliath.
Once again its main armament is a rail gun, though larger. Two remote machinegun pods provide close in support. Expanded missile launch systems provide ample indirect fire support over a large area.
On top of all of that its laser anti missile system has been amped up in power, with four defense pods and an additional large emitter pod added atop for engaging foes within line of sight.
To round everything off, smoke and airburst fragmentation launchers surround the hull, further improving defense against incoming fire and infantry attacks.
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Good lord, it's practically the Mk. V bolo at this point, all we need are the infinite repeaters and we're set.

Nice, but why does it look like it’s made of cardboard

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What did you use to make this?

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Photoshop and a wacom tablet mostly. Though to start it off I made a very simple 3D model to help with perspective.

How big of a railgun is that cause from what I see its probably a 140 to 145 millimeter railgun

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That would be a reasonable size. Though it could also be smaller and have a more built up barrel system to fire at higher velocities.

A 100mm barrel could still output a pretty big hyper velocity penetrator even after losing some to the sabot blocks.

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Does this tank have backup armament in case it’s railgun is disabled?

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There are two MG's on the turret, one near the railgun and one situated near the back.

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It will be even more awesome if we will have four tankmen and a German shepherd, as a crew.
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I love this design but I feel sorry for anyone that has to maintain those tracks. I'm also not too sure of it's ground pressure but don't mind me, I'm just being nit-picky haha.
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If it uses enough light weight materials to manage not weighing 8 times as much an a modern tank, it's 8 treads might just hold it. I assumed they'd keep this thing away from mud and rough terrain though.
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With some dimensions we might be able to figure out what it's ground pressure would be. Basically the overall weight and surface area of the tracks.

TBH, it looks like it'd weigh more than the Maus. Do the track sections turn individually? Kind of like giant tires? That'd be pretty cool.

Haha, you could do a recovery vehicle based on the chassis because anytime something this large gets stuck you would need a lot of power to get it out. (All tanks get stuck)

I'm just a tank nerd and I love it when all the bases are covered.
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Have you made the Ultra Heavy Tank yet 
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Haha, this is as big as the client intended to go.
supreme-emperor-over's avatar
Did they get back? Can you tell me the specs for the super tank 
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I've been looking everywhere and now I've found it. This beautiful beast is a worthy successor to Halo's M808 and M820 Scorpion series of Main Battle Tanks. I can imagine that this is what a Scorpion Family Main Battle Tank would look in the late 26th or early 27th century's. 
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It kinda reminds me of the Scorpion from Halo

Reminds me of the M1 Abrams still in use by the US Army. Look at the design of the turret.

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This one would win :P
Tank goodness I found my way back to your page. ;) Lovely tank man, glad I'm not going up against one in combat anytime soon. Is the turret manned in this at all, or is it robotic like the T-14 Armata? Somehow, I have a hard time envisioning grunting gunners opening the breech of the railgun and ramming a new conducting sabot between the rails. XD
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Yeah, definitely too heavy to hand load. There would be room to fit everyone in the hull, though there is access to the turret.
This is not just another tank's worst nightmare, it's the thing that tank hunter helicopters use to frighten each other around campfires. Very well done!
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