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Bolo - We Are Already In Hell

Destruction anyone? The environmentalists wont be happy about this :noes:
Haven't done a painting on this scale in a while, so it was nice to spend some good time on something. Enjoy.

For :iconmihoshik: *MihoshiK
The Bolo MkXXXIII "Sabellicus"
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Man, I wish I could commission you to draw other bolo marks. Imagining a drawing of an XXIX bolo in this style makes me giddy.

For when it absolutely, positively, unequivocally, REALLY, has to go!

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This is a General Motors Mark XXXIII Bolo as described in the technical appendix of the second William Keith novel (the post-Laumer stories).

The artist (Shimmering Sword) managed to take the text design (a big ass tank with three Hellbore turrets) and turn it on its head (the actual layout of the three turrets were not highly detailed).

Placing the turrets in a triangular layout allowed for an interesting placement of the bot-tank's infinite repeaters (again, glossed over for sake of narrative) and gives Bolo/Laumer fans an excellent "one-shot" visual / comic panel / book cover by which to imagine how the ultimate beast (or at least, the final "official" version) would look like.

The bad points would be a lack of scale (even with the charred trees in the foreground -- trees could be any height on an alien world). The artist should consider a bolo vs Deng Yavac / Melconian mech / or other <insert alien species here> battle comic -- a story told chiefly by actions of the war machines and requiring very little (or no) text.

Actually, since the 3 main cannons have a 2 meter bore, I think that we can estimate it's size just by taking a look at them and comparing it to the body.

Oh, and this page from SpaceBattles has another design which is, bar a few things here and there, an exact diagram of the Bolo represented on this drawing, complete with a pixel/mm to meter scale:

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Personally, I think this is a great piece of work.
One of my first critiques would be the fire. It's not as vibrant and intense as it could be, but is more sort of gassy. The burn details however, are great. I think the foreground tank could use some roughing up; the situation is obviously either dire or overkill, but little things like scorch marks and scratching on the hull could add a lot to the grittiness of the situation and the piece overall. I'd also have liked to see some interplay between the two tanks somehow, whether it's the other tank firing near the foreground one, or otherwise. Perhaps a bit more background detail would also have been good, perhaps more mountains, or simply taller mountains. but I think overall it's an incredibly impactful and eye-catching piece, with a lot of drama.
The title helps with that, I think.
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(If I knew more about art or more "Artsy" words I would probably say more.) I really like how the tank is set, up close to the viewer but not to close. It would be nice if there were more things in the sky, such as what the missiles are shooting at. I felt that the effects around the barrels of the laser cannons were interesting. The tank in the background seem to be doing the same things as the main one, if it was shooting at that mountain in the distance, or even if it was firing one of its cannons above the main tank, that would be interesting. The machine guns firing at the mech was a nice touch, but I think it would be better if one of the plasma cannons on the side were shooting at it as well.
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I am a huge fan of Bolos so i have read some of the books, my faverite is Bolo Rising, you should read that if you have not but let us get the business

I like how it is not as towery as many are and the fact that it has the morters and heavy howitzers as well as the missiles, plus the fact that its not alone ( even in the early parts of ww2 no one tanks moved anywhere alone if they could help it)

though i do have some problems with this, one all the curves are what you could call a SHOOT THERE SHOOT THERE place for it it like shooting a hole but this is fan art not a design for a real things so in my mind this is the best Bolo fan art that i have seen to date!
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The detail is wonderful on the tank, but the vertical layout has one problem: there is a little too much empty space up in the sky. this could be solved by removing some of the fire in the lower half, but mostly there's just too much gray sky up there.

that one turret that's pointing at the viewer is a string element. You might be able to make it better by showing it charging with the blue light the others are shooting.

The other thing here is that the tank is just sitting there. That may have been your intention, but it might make the piece stronger if it were moving along the landscape. Some dust from the treads and suggested blur on the treads could help.
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Very valid points and good ideas. If I make an update I'll apply em.
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I can't comment on the artistic balance of this picture, but I believe the positioning of this tank is fine. It's in what the military calls a 'hull down' position, where only the turrets are exposed. The turrets generally field the heaviest armor aside from the glacis plate and have good sloping.

Because of this, and the fact that presenting only the turret reduces how much of a target you are, this is the preferred position of tankers galaxywide both on the defense and the offense.
that is a good tank
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Don't ask if Bolo tanks could survive Warhammer 40K, instead ask if Warhammer 40K could survive Bolo tanks
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Hmm... Well, the average Leman Russ or BEHNBLEHD wouldn't stand a chance. A Capitol Imperialis would probably give it significant pause, as this thing RUNS OVER FUCKING WARLORD TITANS, and the Leviathan could also give pause. Ordinatii would most certainly harm it, it has armor and weapons sufficient to do so.…
Take this.
Now multiply its firepower by 10. 
That is a Temple Gargant. 
It was the Beast's personal Gargant and fired everything it had at an Ordinatii. The damage only crippled it.
Also, the Temple Gargant shoots down orbital battleships. Anyhow, uh, yeah, this could ALSO hurt a Bolo.

Zayth. Yes, yes they can. It will run over a bolo brigade and remove fleets. Nothing will stand in its path. Nothing. Titans? No. Ordinatii? No. Nothing will stand up to it. It is able to simply wipe hundreds of Bolos with a broadside. This has Antimatter Cannon batteries, city removing macro cannons, bioagents capable of burning through superheavy tank armor...

So, in essence, Zayth tanks are Super Bolos.

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...I mean, like, kind of an understatement, but yes, continental size armoured vehicle.

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Unless someone build a planet sized BOLO.

Planetary Annihilation, you learn a thing or two or more.

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*gestures vaguely to Doom Engine*
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I said a planet sized BOLO station, not a siege tower!

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Gestures vaguely to black hole bombs
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Imagine an army of BOLO Tanks in warhammer 40k.

The possibilities, man.
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The BOLO line stated that they stopped at MK.33.

I wonder what MK.100 would looked like?
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Actually, according to the series, the last Bolo in the universe is a Mark LXIV (Unit LKT). Though, it isn't made clear if this was the last model of Bolo, since LKT was buried in molten rock during a battle and was comatose for millions of years. While you could argue that this was in an anthology, at the end of Old Soldiers (David Weber), it is directly stated that Mark XXXIVs have been produced. So by no means is the XXXIII the end of the line.

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