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Battletech - Unseen Moon Marauders

My most recent big piece from this dump or artwork. Over time I'm going to be remaking my entire Unseen Moon illustration as an official piece for CGL, with all official designs worked in and a lot of general additions to the scene.
I swapped the steeply flying/landing Elephant dropship with a landed Union and the new Shilones. Added a Marauder II on the back along with a downed Comando.
Of course the most striking change is the red of Wolf's Dragoons Alpha Regiment instead of the old subdued grey camo of the GDL.

Definitely one of my favorite pieces now.
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awesome work as always man.

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Having (somewhat) recently well and truly taken the plunge into battletech, I have to say that the Marauder (the OG heavy, though I do like the Marauder II), is my 3rd favourite ‘mech (2nd is the Hellspawn and my 1st is the Urbie, because it’s the Urbie). I like how the red stands out against the grey Lunar landscape here, as well as the blue PPC trails. Always happy to see some giant stompy robot action :-) .

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Woah I thought your Deviant Art page was dead. Happy to see you post again :) Are you still not doing commissions?

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Still no commissions yeh, but maybe next year. That's my goal.

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I understand, I'll keep checking back :D

This is amazing. Love the dragoons

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This one is fantastic. Cant's wait to see the whole piece.

Gotta say that I still prefer original unseen moon for it's subdued colors (can I say it's silver on black even if there's a lot more colors there?).

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Love the retro coloration of the aerospace fighters. They look like something out of the old TTA books

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Most impressive. Every nuance feels spot-on... Gorgeous work Anthony.

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Shilones? Like the livery - brilliant work - and nice to see OTHER vehicles in the BT world depicted - and the striking Marauder with the weaponry done right - well - as I always say - you are the man!

Curious - the Shilone colours... what inspired them?

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From camospecs: "Unit aerospace fighters are commonly painted bright “canary” yellow or fiery orange, though the classic red-on-black scheme is still prevalent." That left open plenty of room for fun, so I got to paint them retro style.

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Sterling :thumbsup: reminds me of the Stingrays in the TTA...

BTW the red on the Marauder - makes it look furious :)clever :)

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An official remake? That sounds fantastic.

I am curious what format it'd going to be released in, if I remember correctly, the original was a 2 monitor wallpaper; far too wide for a print publication (though as someone with 3 monitors, I wish it were wider).

The Wolf's Dragoons livery is certainly more striking against the grey background of the moon, though there's something to be said for a restrained color pallet.

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Should still be able to make a 2 desktop format out of it, but it's also formatted to work as 4 portrait orientation book covers. I'm sure they're going to chop it up in many way. A multipurpose piece.

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You definitely have some fantastic Battletech scenes, and you do all of it on a software program or do you hand paint these?

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Painted in photoshop. I also use Maya for 3D prep work, while some of my workmates use Blender for the same.

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Christ, you just keep getting better at it. Go full force on it my dude!

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May I ask how tall are they?

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