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Battletech - Unseen Moon

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(If you want a print of this artwork, you can buy its file from me to print locally, just send me a note and we'll sort out details)

Finally finished! I've painted this on and off over the last 5 months as a commission for :iconvoidwarhammer: VoidWarhammer, though I put a substantial amount of my own time into the piece to go beyond the original idea. When I first ran the design project on the Marauder a year and a half ago I considered adding each additional redesign to the same scene, but was soon after commissioned to make the artwork intended for shirt printing. This commission here revived the original idea and with my added time I made it a dual screen desktop.

For those that would like to use this piece as a desktop (dual or single screen), this stash link has a zip of all the files you'll need sta.sh/01nk5db2gtmc

Grey Death Legion mercenaries. A Warhammer, Marauder, Rifleman, and Archer rush forward. Meanwhile a Thunderbolt exits their landed Fortress dropship. Defensive naval lasers on the moon surface meant an aggressive approach was necessary for a timely assault. An Elephant dropship is completing the risky angled deceleration burn and roll toward the surface. The objective is a Lyrian facility who's aerospace assets have been scrambled to defend. Two Lucifers don't fare well during their strafing run. This battle will be short and bloody.

*Edit* Thanks go out to Shue13 for the DD award. I worked really hard on this piece so it's nice to see that pay off. Enjoy the spotlight Battletech! :la:

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This is truly a work of art.

Unfortunately, the stash link looks deader than a doornail.

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Grey Death Legion!!! Great job!!!!

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OliverInkHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, a rather serious assault here!

Excellent Lance BattleMechs! 
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ThadiusTheThirdHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is soooo epic love you version of the Marauder!
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Heard forres dropships get big!
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Can't wait to see your re-designs make it on the Table-top and one day BattleTech make a come back with those arseholes at Harmony Gold sinking their Robotrash, we may see BattleTech rise again. 
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Shimmering-SwordProfessional Digital Artist
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Keep up the good work Shimmering_Sword, wish I had the money to spare to support your works, but I am paying off college debt and saving up to build my own little art studio. 
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Shimmering-SwordProfessional Digital Artist
I know that student loan feeling haha.
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Honestly, for what my gov spends on operating and maintaining a single Aircraft carrier fleet, we could most likely take that money spend it into education and health care for the masses, and still have eleven more aircraft carrier fleets to keep the waterways free etc.  
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Actually you only have 11 Carriers to lead taskgroups (or if you include the Marine corps' amphibic Helicopter carriers 20) of which one of the Nuclear ones is ALWAYS in refurbishment at half its service life, so only 10/19 can "keep the waterways free" if you get rid of one it's 9/18.
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great, i like it. Just missing Loris Shadowhawk in this lance :)
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Maverik-SoldierHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing artwork! I happened to stumble upon cropped versions of this image in some other places, glad to find the original piece!
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Shimmering-SwordProfessional Digital Artist
And I'm gld you found me too, it always sucks being unable to find the official source on something.
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Beautiful, especially when there are "unseen" mechs around :).
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man-among-menHobbyist General Artist
I have used this as my desktop long before I was a deviant! Really amazing work! Could I ask what you color with? Is it traditional or digital? I'm thinking about trying some color soon and thus looking for ideas. And I cant think of anyone better to ask! You are the master!
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Shimmering-SwordProfessional Digital Artist
I work all digital, from sketch to paint, and often 3D modeling too. Photoshop and a wacom tablet cover most of the bases.
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man-among-menHobbyist General Artist
I see, thank you kindly! I have decided to do digital color instead or traditional as well, although I use a cheaper program. I'm, making progress, but I'm nowhere near your level yet. Your work is stunning.
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Excellent and inspiring work!
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I printed one of these on a 2' x 6' banner for $25+S&H and it looks GREAT.

If there is any method I can send you a few bucks I'd be happy to do so, this pic has been my wallpaper for "many moons" :)

You are an absolutely amazing artist who is doing a LOT for the battletech community.
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Shimmering-SwordProfessional Digital Artist
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Your best art so far, Anthony.
Simply stunning! (and the redesigns are perfect) 
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Shimmering-SwordProfessional Digital Artist
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LordOmegaZHobbyist Artisan Crafter
you probably considered this but why offer this as a print when someone can just take this picture and print it?

This always bugged me :?

(nope wait i didn't see that watermark in the corner) >w< *facepalms*
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