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Battletech - Shadow Hawk

Just a few more to go in the lineart dump.
This "classic" (or "newseen" as the fans call it) set of mechs is intended to refresh the art for some early era mechs.
My goal was to be as faithful as possible to the originals to deliver something recognizable and iconic, yet still come up with something original.

The shadow hawk was fairly straight forward in the redesign process, though we did go through a lot of iteration and ideas over the cockpit.
I wanted a more box face style, similar to what you see in MWO and some of the original battletech lineart (not dougram art), but we finalized on something more angular.
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Better than the Phoenix Hawk lol
BishopSteiner's avatar
Yeah still waiting to get the mini of this guy.... but I notice a certain gap in these NuSeen... no Quads?
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
Wants gave way to needs, we definitely talked about getting the Goliath done.
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This guys miniture is already out I noticed.
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
Yep, one of several CGL approved IWM to produce. Though, an improved version will be in the box set.
Deviator101's avatar
Same pose I hope. I've also seen a painted Battlemaster and Thunderbolt.
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I've got five of these in miniature form in various stages of getting painted.  One of my new favorites.
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
You're probably going to find yourself with a 6th or more when the new box set hits :D
Viereth's avatar
At a bare minimum ;)
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Nice take on the Dougram!
Deviator101's avatar
Is that an LRM 5 in its shoulder?
Deviator101's avatar
CONGRATS! This pic is on SARNA.NET!
Deviator101's avatar
Hmm interesting. I'm kinda torn here as the shoulder mounted AC in MWO looks more plausible but your redesign also has marit.
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
On mine it more or less aims to match the old Dougram design as requested by my art director. I'd have preferred an MWO style mount too.
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I'm sure that in the first grey death legion book Grayson Carlyle uses his left hand to grab the AC5 barrel and direct the fire at some point, i think it was when he fought the crusader, you can't do something like that with the MWO design, or any time of AA work, this mount looks a bit more fragile but better suited for attacking fast moving targets.
Deviator101's avatar
And it can change angle, makes sense. I just hope the new model mounts the AC better than on the first one.
Stargazzer811's avatar
Best Shadow Hawk I've seen. And no seriously, I'm not kissing ass, it truly IS the best Shadow Hawk I've ever seen.
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
The things one can say without nostalgia goggles  :D
EVAUnit4A's avatar
The problem with this guy is he's clearly built primarily for melee, but all video games (not just MWO) have shunned that aside because game engines and physics and technical bullshittery that they really should have looked into BEFORE commiting to having it in their title and so it becomes fairly underwhelming for its meager ranged arrangements.

Zax19taken's avatar
Yep, I like the melee side and it's never really relevant in PC games x)
EVAUnit4A's avatar
They tried to do collisions and knock-down in MWO, but the physics were sooo sensitive that even scratching paint caused allied mechs to both fall over instantly (many players say that could have been avoided by using a different game engine!), and the vocal minority snowflake OP-must-nerf-Lights players complained really loudly that getting knocked over by something like the kinetic impact of a quarter-ton solid steel sphere moving at almost the speed of light from a Gauss Rifle was "unreasonable".
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
But this is battletech, no one punches, only kicks :P
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