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Battletech - Rifleman

Continuing the dump of official Battletech lineart!
This "classic" (or "newseen" as the fans call it) set of mechs is intended to refresh the art for some early era mechs.
My goal was to be as faithful as possible to the originals to deliver something recognizable and iconic, yet still come up with something original.

Anyone seen this one yet? :) Not sure if CGL has published it, but I've been cleared to show it off.
Here's a Rifleman doing something it enjoys, swatting aircraft from the sky.
It's another one that barely changed from my personal version to the official iteration. Mostly updating the legs to match the new Warhammer.
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I watched a video on the Rifleman on YouTube. I think the series was Tex Talks BattleTech. Thought it really did the Rifleman justice, while being funny at the same time too. Nice artwork.

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...Gotta love the Classics!

...Aside from problems with overheating (not enough Heat Sinks), & light armor for its tonnage, the Rifleman had a well-rounded armament--especially in its intended anti-aircraft role.

...My established variant replaced the AC/5s with LRM-10 racks (12 shots each: LT & RT), replacing the AC/5 ammo  with a Flamer (fry infantry, FRY!!!), 2 Extra Heat Sinks (not much, but still helps noticeably), & another 2 tons of armor. The first time I played this variant,though nearly destroyed it wrought havoc (LRM indirect fire, gotta love it!). 

...When LosTech was available in the 3050-era, this variant got even worse: Engine was now a 300 XL, each LRM had Artemis FCS not to mention CASE for the ammo, the Large Lasers were upgraded to their ER equivalent, & Double Heat sinks (a must!) were added. A later version had Endo Steel, allowing a Guardian ECM Suite (Peek-a-boo!) & an Anti-Missile System with ammo. 

....Aaaaahhhh, Memories! :) 
Recently picked up Battletech again after a ~20 year hiatus and was horrified by this Unseen business.  Your interpretation of these designs is gorgeous.  Perspective and proportions are spot on and I love how you've updated them in such a tasteful way, adding just enough 'edge' to keep them looking futuristic without ruining them.  This is the quality of art we all wish the sourcebooks and technical readouts have.  Kudoes!
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Do you actually mean the Unseen (mecha designs used in the original boxes without proper license and thus almost unheard of or not seen since 25 years ago when the court suits really got rolling) or the "Project Phoenix" Reseens aka newly designed "original" versions of them?

I'm kind of in favor of the reseens as a) the names were still used in basically all parts of Battletech except the visual representations and now you can once more have minis, computer game models and similar inclusions into the game play and b) they look a lot more like the designs Battle tech has brought forth since the Clan era than the original anime-"stolen" designs. They have made the look of them really their own, instead of going with just "detrademarking" the forbidden looks as minimally as they could get away with legally.
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Funnily enough the older Unseen are still considered canon as "older models" of the mech and the Reseen as "newer models". I definitely prefer the Reseen versions of the Marauder and Locust; the originals always seemed so flimsy to me.
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Thank you, I'll be pushing as much of said quality as I can into the game going forward :)
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The Rifleman, Jagermech and Blackjack:  The Inner sphere's "plinker" mechs.  Great for standing at long distances and plinking away at targets with light autocannon fire until they fall over from account of having too many holes in them
Wow this was the first mech I ever played! Lost out to my friend’s Wolverine but it is still a favorite of mine! Did you ever get around to doing the Crusader?
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Crusader will happen eventually :)
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Of all the classic mechs, no matter what pose it was in, to me the Rifleman seemed the most shooty, closely followed by the Warhammer. No hands = maximum shootiness.
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YAY!!! Never was keen on the Rifleman - until you did it - now it looks a beast! And a practical one!

Love the munition bin housings (if that is what they are?) and the guns are gorgeous in detail!

Superb work sir :D
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Awesome! One of my favorites, even if the munchkins say it's not that great.
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This is my baby.  My hard and true favorite Batlemech.  I'm very fond of the later -6X version with dual LB-10X, ER Meds, ER Smalls and some downright speed over any other variants.  Great at swatting aircraft and ripping mechs apart equally.
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Yeah, the design, as many intro tech mechs do, benefit greats from SL tech refits.
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dump??? These are fucking amazing!!!
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my favorite battlemech, just so grand and great
That's a great redesign there, and fantastic work as allways. Time for me to get to work MegaMeking

Question, did you do anything with the Ostroc or Ostsol?
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Are you the btg sprite guy, or someone else? :D
And no other osts yet.
Nope, I'm the MegaMek sprite guy all right. Going insane for my hobby.

Thanks again for your awesome work.
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Far out I love this style, your line work is so good :)
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I don't think I'm that great at inking, i just keep it clean :P
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