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Battletech - Phalanx

Here's another, the first original design I made for the Battletech Marik XTRO.

Because everyone needs an amphibious, artillery, personnel carrier right?
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sorry, fuckers got shot

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Is that a window?
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Yep. Battletech has glass that is as strong as armor.

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This looks like an M46 Patton! I like!
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did this tank have autoloader ?
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Yeah, pretty much all vehicle weapons in this setting are autoloading.
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It reminds me of the 1980s future weapons designs from anime:)
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Steel Bull, ready for the deploymeny.
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I keep mine in the garage.
this looks pretty epic...
What are it's specs?
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All I remember is that it has a sniper artillery cannon and machine gun, is amphibious and carries infantry.
Sounds like a tank from our era. I like it! Didn't know they had a sniper artillery cannon though. How long is their range?
Huh. I should look this up.
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What's it mount for weapons?
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Sniper artillery and a machinegun I think.
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Well now as well we could call it an all-in-one vehicle, yes? Very nice, liking that bumps and stuff all around the tank.
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Amphibious, artillery AND personell carrier? What, wasnt there room for the mobile comand post package as well?

Sarcasm aside, this is a really cool looking tank.
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Haha yeah, I thought the features list was over the top too.
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So I was just gonna say "MMM, BIG BOOMBA!!" and that I like the remote-controled mg up top. But then I read the description and saw that it's amphibious and a personnel carrier?!?! Some might say that this is trying to do too much, but hey whatevs, I dig it. X) Great job.
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Haha yeah it is trying to do too much, but that's what the order was for.
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