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Battletech - Lyran Royal Court

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An illustration of the Lyran Royal Court located in The Triad government complex on Tharkad. Two Griffin GRF-1S Battlemechs stand at either side of the Archon's throne, quite a sight to be seen, particularly for any would be assassin.

(Want this as a poster on your wall? Send me a note to purchase a full resolution file that you can have printed locally)
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If those things have jump jets, then I pity the MechWarrior that accidentally presses them while stretching his/her legs, or gets bored enough to hit them by accident.

Jimmy, what have I told you about bringing your mech in the house.

Is that the archon during the warrior trilogy.

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The Lyrans are absolute madlads! Absolutely insane to put BattleMechs on the inside of the court! I can imagine that the sound of the reactor may make conducting business at that table a little difficult to hear. 
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The reactor itself is silent - there would just be a whine from the turbines (assuming it uses a steam turbine for power and not an MHD coupling), which could easily be muffled.

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They can probably calibrate them to run as quiet as possible, maybe even use noise canceling tech on them.
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 They may be more ceremonial. Thay may not even be manned.
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Oh, they're manned and entirely operational :)
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I hope the pilots get to get out and stretch their legs and such. 
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Typical for a royal court in the Innersphere. :jawdrop:
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that's some security

may the clans find hell if they ever try to interrupt the political peace in these halls
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They had a rough time when they tried it in the DA era.
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I wonder how they are holding up? will the inner houses prevail?
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Clans are having a field day haha. Though I forget if they've taken Tharkad or not. Lyrans might be the worst hit faction currently.
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 The artwork has Great atmosphere  !

                      You're vEEry gOOd, Anthony !
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Hall of Clans next? With each of the clan's unique interiors? :D 3050 or so era?
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
lol, too much work, and doubt anyone would pay for such a project :D
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Are they always manned?  I remember that mech from fooling around with the game with my dad, it had all long range weapons (was also his favorite, I liked the bird like Catapult the most).  Weird choice if they're actually defending the boss lady.  Get some Phoenix Hawks or something.  Hell, even a Stinger would be more appropriate!
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Yep they're always manned, using rotating shifts. These ones are loaded with a large laser, still a long ranged weapon, but all you need to melt an intruder :D
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I know many people simply complain that the Griffin looks "plain", but I simply love them. Maybe because of exactly that, who knows?

Anyhow, kickass art, as usual. 
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Thats not, terrifying at all. Remind me again were the lyrans known for their abundance of sanity compared to the other houses
They were known for sending a 60 ton Mech as a scout, and their assault mechs could outmaneuver most fortifications.  They didn't have that many great generals, but they had a good economy and a great hammer.
Why would they put mechs in the court?
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