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A fun Battletech fan commission, featuring the Sagittaire which is a favorite of mine. I also gave the Falconer a redesign, who likes knees?

Both of these are mechs (with paint schemes) from the camospecs website. It's cool to bring someone's minis to life in illustration.……

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Ya know no one has considered the Sagittaire for MWO yet....I think we need to change that cause I'd use your painting as the model reference.
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Love the Falconer redesign. Looks good enough to be the model for Mechwarrior Online. 
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I put jumpjets on my highlander assault mech in MWO recently. Its really fun popping up in places noone ever expects to see an assault mech. XD
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Love that Sagittaire. Do you have more images? I think I might have to sculpt this one.
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I think I've painted it one other time, but with funky inverted knees. Do you work in 3D? I do have a very basic 3D blockout of it used for posing, works great as a starting point for 3D sculpts.
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Digital 3d? No...all my work is in plastic. Would you mind sharing that 3d block out? I start with flat sheets of plastic and a basic block format would be great to start with.
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Ohhh nice one Shim.  I didn't realize you created this piece.  I found it on Google and used it on a Warpigs recruitment banner.  It's a fantastic piece.  You can see it at the Warpigs website in the gallery under propaganda section.  I would post a link but it won't let me here.  
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Featured in portuguese blog Coisas da Interwebs. Have an awesome weekend. If you could please share this feature, I'd really appreciate it, as lots of hard work goes into finding and selecting all the awesome art and running the blog. Thanks!…
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that falconer looks beautiful, great job!
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In all honesty, a lot of mechs could use a good reboot. Which is why I'm always so excited to see which mechs will be added to games like Mechwarrior Online and such.

Awesome artwork as always, BTW.
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OH, Falconer and Sagittaire!  House Davion forever!  Very well done.  One of my favorites of yours!
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This is sick. I love this.
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Thank you for making the Falconer look like it can walk properly. Care to redesign the Penetrator while you're at it? I remember them being next to each other in the 3055 TRO.
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I love me some Sagittaire. A nastier city fighter does not exist.
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Amazing work, as always!
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Well done lad.  You nicely modernized the Falconer.  Like you, I love the Sagittaire...wish it got more love...
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Love how the Falconer came out. Simply amazing. Heck, the whole picture is amazing to look at. Great job.
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Hi Anthony,

Can you post this piece on the Battletech forums?

Thanks again for doing such an excellent job on this piece!
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I have the feeling something off screen is being utterly destroyed.
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