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Battletech - Griffin

Continuing the dump of official Battletech lineart!
This "classic" (or "newseen" as the fans call it) set of mechs is intended to refresh the art for some early era mechs.
My goal was to be as faithful as possible to the originals to deliver something recognizable and iconic, yet still come up with something original.

The Griffin was a pretty easy one to tackle. I'd already redesigned it in detail for this painting several years ago: Battletech - Lyran Royal Court by Shimmering-Sword
Come officiating time, there were only a few proportion tweaks needed, but as you can compare it was mostly a task or turning it into lineart.

I hope the trend is noticeable, that so many of these "classics" have been around for you guys to see for some time, and the community helped guide me in designing them. So a big thanks goes out to you guys for being fans, critics, and commissioners. You helped nudge these shiny toys into production.
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I remember that painting! And its better in the painting, but this is better then the one in MWO, so there is that
BishopSteiner's avatar
Hmmm.  I like it, but not feeling it quite as much as the Shadow Hawk and Wolverine redesigns.  Still, beats the blasted ProPho version to hell and back with a 2x4.
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
Haha, and I think that's the main goal. While the new primitives have helped fill a gap, especially for miniatures, we needed some mainline official art that wasn't PP junk.
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Back in the late 80's and 90 a few friends and I played as a demi-lance. Our leader piloted a Griffin. The other two mechs were a Shadowhawk and a Wolverine.
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
A group of trashy troopers :D
popandchips's avatar
We were a bunch of broke mercs trying to keep our mechs running and not starve.
Heretic1311's avatar
Form the high point of view the mech looks heavier than it´s 55 tons.
Yes i know, it´s just perspective.
What irritates me the most on the design in general is the one-sidedness.
They should have put the missile launcher in the left torso to counter the weight of the PPC.
Because those two weapons together amass 12 tons the right side has to carry.
Just imaging how much of a pain in the a$$ this must be for the pilot, constantly struggling for balance whenever the mech makes the slightest movement.
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
That's where you're thinking too much about realism :P
Regardless, the mech would be built to counter balance that out. Some of the variants do swap what side the missile launcher is on too.
As icekatze  mentioned, asymmetric builds have very good shielding capabilities. A tactic put to heavy use in MWO.
Heretic1311's avatar
I´m familiar with that torso twist tactic, i use it myself.
Centurion best mech to learn it.
The left-right thing is just my own imagination.
icekatze's avatar
hi hi

Perhaps it is a tactical decision, allowing the mech to use most of its volume on the left-hand side to shield it's weapons from return fire, sort of a sword and board profile.
Darkton93's avatar
If I recall, the Dougram version of this was basically a Zaku.
Heretic1311's avatar
It didn´t have the mono-eye visor from Gundam, but that was how gigantic fighting robots were drawn back then.
Luckily we came quite a bit further since then.
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
Pretty much, though I haven't watched the anime myself, just seen clips.
Zax19taken's avatar
I'd love to get into the problem of density of mechs and how big as targets they are compared to tanks  (oh, feet and waist anatomy... #tangents) but I prefer the interpretations that depict smaller weapons, less inconvenient for melee fighting (just look at the various Shadow Hawk interpretations, although the copyright is probably a bigger reason). Is the PPC supposed to be droppable and are battle fists actually mentioned in the rules? 

Crisp and clean, cheers! :)
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
CGL is making a bigger effort to use quirks, so some of these oldies with handheld looking weapons are receiving the jettisonable quirk. Battle fists are also a quirk some mechs get.

As for mech realism, I will never make any claim that they are. In fact I am on the side that thinks they're extremely impractical and silly. As such, while I try to go with a somewhat "realistic" mech style, I also fully embrace that at no point can I design a realistic big combat mech, so making sure the design is cool and fun is also critical.
Zax19taken's avatar
Yeah, the motivation for weapon size probably isn't realism, just that I've seen a range of depictions which influences my favourites. While on paper they might be very similar the above mentioned Shadow Hawk has a silly range of medium laser looks x)
StealingPica's avatar
Aww... such a cutie... it has always a place in my heart AND my lance
Streaked-Silver's avatar
Toys? Wait.. are ... are they making another table top game? D= .. ARE WE GETTING ARTICULATED FIGURES OF THE MECHS AS DESK TOPPERS!?!! *SCREAMS IN DELIGHT!*

But no seriously..that'd be way fricken cool. 
Shimmering-Sword's avatar
Haha, no "toys" that I'm aware of, but new miniatures of course!
This Griffin looks good on the tabletop.
Streaked-Silver's avatar
NEW TABLE TOP! I shall be happy with that.
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