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Battletech - Concussion

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Another Battletech commission. You see I do a lot of these :)

A Concussion 100 ton assault mech and Sagittaire 95 tonner are joined by LRM carriers and a Marksman M1 tank, forming a fire support group defending their base perimeter.
Concussion weapons load out:
2 Extended Range Large Lasers
2 Gauss Rifles
2 Long Range Missile 10s
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For those wondering, the original Concussion design is by David A White, aka Mecha Zone: Mecha Zone: Concussion 2-A

Loving this version of it!
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very "real" Expressive too/
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a bit light for a 100 tonner, maybe has a massive engine. i would suspect maybe 4 med pulse or 2 large pulse or 2 more ER large lasers for more firepower.
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A pair of Inner Sphere Gauss Rifles alone weigh 15 tons excluding ammo. Ammo is 10 slugs per ton and to make carrying and using 2 viable you need 2 tons per gun. Then you have 2 Extended Range Large lasers, which are 5 tons a piece and give off a bit of heat. The 2 LRM10s which are about 2 tons a piece. To make those viable you need at least 3 tons, which is 180 missiles per ton for 540 rounds.

Atop all that, you probably have a standard fusion engine because those side torsos would be hard pressed to take Gauss with a XL or even light engine. So the engine itself is about 25-30 tons maybe. Then you factor in armor and heat sinks too.

Now, since all that's out of the way. Those Gauss slugs each hit for 15 points, and there's 2 of them, which is 1 more then the Atlas K's 1. So that's 30 points alone. Then you get 8 points of damage per ERLL, and 20 points off the LRMs. That's a 66 point alpha in total. The Atlas K has a 63 point alpha by comparison.

So in actuality, they are comparable in damage, and in the way they prefer dealing it, at mostly long range.
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Tonnage-wise, it's actually got quite a bit more weaponry than an AS-7K Atlas: that weapon loadout is 50 tons without ammo, and it probably needs some extra heatsinks to handle the heat.
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Another great Mech (Fafnir) in first plan... and another great work of your's... thank you for sharing it.
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I thought it was a fafnir at first glance
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Next gen probably
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Oh, I totally see the CAV concussion in there.  Pretty cool!
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just awesome!  U should request work from Walt Disney 4 the upcoming Star Wars films.  they R planning 30 of them starting next december with Episode VII.
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Never heard of the Concussion. It looks awesome, though (I just realized that can be construed as a battletech pun).
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It's a custom design.
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Why don't you run it by them? Maybe it can make it in future official stuff...
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The parts are mostly from the CAV mech of the same name, so it's not a design Catalyst could use.
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Now that is something you seldom see in BT art - the LRM carriers! Spot on work on that sir, right down to the radar housing!

Are the Gauss rifles the green rays?
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The client was probably thinking of the Dark Age Jess carriers when he asked for LRM vehicles, but I wanted to do the old carriers.
Yep, gauss trails. He wanted the effects more pronounced than I could have gone for otherwise.
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I see - well thanks for this and thanks for re-vitalizing my get up and go  - keep wowing us :D
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Great details. Good art work.
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my eyes have just cum...
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Wow, I just love this stuff.
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You have the best Battletech artwork in my opinions, thank you for making such works.
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