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Battletech - Catapult

With the Beginners Box and Game of Armor Combat Box starter sets out on sale finally (and still available if you're in the US) it's time to get the last 3 pieces of lineart posted that rounded out that colossal project.

The Catapult has always been a cool mech, one with a fairly clear combat role and unique look. Several older versions were quite appealing too so I didn't feel I had to change a lot with this one.
I'm not sure this lineart shows off the design the best, but in 3D/Miniature form I think it came out great.

Related note: If you'd like to see breakdowns on how I design mechs for Battletech, and how I direct my miniature sculptors, consider joining my Patreon. CGL is letting me post production materials there, including upcoming designs... soon.
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Re-found your artwork after getting into BattleTech myself (courtesy of a friend persuading me to buy MechWarrior 5 and BattleTech 2018 games). I love how excellent you made them look without changing them too much from their original versions. Some of the MW5 / MWO / BT2018 models are a bit strange by comparison.

Can you draw the K-2 if you have spare time? IT's the one with the PPC's.
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Haha spare time? I know no such thing these days haha.
Work will set you free!
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Reminds me of Mech-warrior, oh I loved that game
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Well, it is Battletech, it should remind you of it :P
You know we still make those games?
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Really? I didn't know that. Tell me one game please
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Battletech is the tabletop game, been around since the 80s, I'm the art director for it.
Mechwarrior Online has been running for 5 years. Mechwarrior 5 comes out later this year.
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Oh... I'm talking with a person that works on a famous game, that's awesome. XD

The last Mechwarrior I played was the Mechwarrior 4, but it was a demo, I never had the full game.
If I ever remember, I'll see if I can buy it on steam. I like the game.
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You really missed out, the 3 MW4 games were pretty good, and for PvP we've had MWO for a while now. Oh we also ahve the Battletech PC game by HBS, if you want something like a turn based mech commander game.
MWO is free to play on Steam.
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Ok then! I'll check it
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Just be sure to go through the Academy tutorial, you'll learn a lot, and also earn some money to start with.
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A very underrated battlemech.
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The Cat... a big favorite of mine ^^... Played the darn thing on boards and RPG, every PC game it was in... and I'm still not over the old star league support machine...
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I like this one and the Bushwacker the best. 
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Bushwacker is definitely a good looking mech.
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I think so, when I was a little girl I was terrified of those games. My dad had them and seeing the way they moved, like the chicken legged ones. Now I love them the most, more than the humanoid ones. haha
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Ah, the Catapult.
I used to shun this mech back in MW4, but with the recent BT game it became one of the most important pieces in my Lance.

"Oh, Im just going to missile barrage you over and over again until you topple and I STOMP YOU TO PIECES YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!!"
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I've never had enough Catapults show up against me in HBS BT to salvage one before I'm already rocking orions, so I've never deployed one in my lance. I sure to target them fast though, they're a menace along with LRM carrier vehicles.
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Those and the PPC tanks...

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At least in my campaigns the Schreks either seem to get stuck with terrible skill crews, or get unlucky on rolls. Not to mention the AI isn't set right to have them alpha strike every round like they should be capable of.
Called shot into their side armor makes quick work.
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a well crewed Schrek can ruin your day to be sure
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SA2B bulldog’s boss is exactly the same as this machine!
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