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Battletech - Awesome

With the Beginners Box and Game of Armor Combat Box starter sets out on sale finally (and still available if you're in the US) it's time to get the last 3 pieces of lineart posted that rounded out that colossal project.
To see more, including breakdowns on how I design mechs for Battletech, and how I direct my miniature sculptors, consider joining my Patreon. CGL is letting me post production materials there, including upcoming secret designs :)

The Awesome is one of my personal favorites from the new sets, maybe just a hair above the fan favorite Thunderbolt. It's a powerhouse and workhorse assault mech, fairly easy to understand use wise, and hard to kill.
There were a lot of old Awesome art references that I found usable, from proportions to surface details I cobbled together the most ideal pieces. The main goal of course being to give it a little more form/shape, as is a common problem with early slab fronted designs.
Might have overdone it on the chunky armor blocks everywhere, but if anything that just plays into the tough beast it is, likely having parts constantly repaired, where simple block sections would be appreciated by technicians.
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After the fat boy MWO version, I'm thrilled with how you've treated my boy. Absolutely love it; and your work.
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I love the way even the larger pieces are corrugated or made of smaller segments, it gives the impression of a living brick wall
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Unlike its fellow Classic 80-tonners, the Zeus and the Victor, the Awesome knows it's an assault mech and doesn't try to pretend it's a heavy mech.

Or a Light Mech as the Charger seems to think.
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It looks great, but I think it puts Catalyst in a difficult position.
Even if not announced as such, the inclusion of the Awesome, Catapult, and Commando with revised art in the introbox has raised the expectations from the community that the entire 3025 roster, possibly the entire 'mech roster, will be revised. Had it been only revised unseen, it would have made it clear that the redesigns are just of the unseen, limiting the scope.

With people easily able to acquire 3D prints or making their own versions, I don't feel like the original 80s lineup can stand a chance anymore. While I like them for nostalgic purposes, they've gotten nothing but flak since the unseen were taken off the shelves and were made to stand on their own.
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I'm not sure how far in scope it will go, but we're definitely going beyond the unseen. Like you say, the game needs to look better, and just redoing the unseen wont fix that.
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You have worked a small miracle with making the overall shape a lot more pleasant than the pretty much hunchbacked "original" Awesome witht he deeply reset cockpit unter giant hunching shoulders in that weird drum designs...
but to replace that the legs now look clumsy and too massive, which i guess come from them having this extremely rectangular crosssection that makes them look unnecessarily "deep" when the front-width is strong enough to carry the weight... and the left leg is weirdly twisted. Why would any engineer make a leg do that in any normal movement not forced upon the KI / pilot by extreme territory? A mech is all about balance, isn't it? And moving your legs out from the center of mass is introducing instability into the system, doesn't it?
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If the mech merely turns it must twist its legs, so I'm not sure what is odd about that pose. It doesn't have a fluid body and internally rotating skeleton like our bodies do, otherwise we'd look similarly odd.
It could also be coming out of a more braced pose, or any other number of explanations.
Also the old awesome being ugly was contributed to by being too flat in depth, so the increased leg volume is very intentional. Being the king of early zombie assault mechs, it should have that look of bulk and durability rather than agility.
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I like this armor. It's well drawn and it's design is very originial... I bet you took a long time to draw it
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I really love the blocky modular armour look and the battlefist looks great. Oh and the detail in the PPC barrels...Amazing!
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I personally feel like this awesome design is far superior to the on in MWO it captures more of what the awesome really is, the MWO one is far to wide and squat. I some times wish you could also do the art for MWO, I feel like your art really captures more the feeling of the new and old while keeping the original feel of the mech. 
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MWO has a certain style it's going for that is more fitting for videogame visuals, but yeah it would be nice if they had a little more variety.
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While that is true most of their redesigns have lost the original flavor of what captured the original mechs so well, the awesome is a perfect example of swing and a miss, some of the redesigns have impacted how the mech handles, the Atlas is a good example of this, the torso's were bloated and the arms shrunk thus making it far easier to side torso and the arms now to small to effectively shield it self while torso twisting. 
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This is one of my favs on MWO, Right behind a fully loaded Cyclopse 
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The Cyclops is a fun mech, though I usually load it with a max engine and SRMs just for fun.
The-Last-Dragon-Kni's avatar
My loadout is max armor and a big enought engine for 36mph, then i go HAM with shotguns 
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I was lucky to get to see the massive 5 foot version of this guy in all his glory along with grab one of the limited copies of both of the new box sets.  Your version looks like it could take on a Naval-Gauss with no problem.  He is one beefy bastard.
20180802 102956 by Knighttrap  
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By next gencon it should be painted up. At mechcon the electronics were fixed up.
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I remember this as being Adam Steiners "ultimate" mech in the cartoon series - Information is ammunition!
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