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Battle Mech - Kell Hounds Warhammer

As noted in my last journal, what started as a personal exercise to redesign classic and unseen mechs (Marauder first) is now a project being commissioned by No Guts No Galaxy [link] . Now I'll be able to churn out the designs at a much faster pace :)

A 70 ton Warhammer 4L sporting Kell Hounds mercenary colors.
2 Particle Projector Cannons
4 Medium Pulse Lasers
1 Streak Short Range Missile 6
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Always a good day to meet another Battletech fan. Nice work.

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Your KH Warhammer has a new fan...
Blood angels dreadnaught with lascannon by Naarok0fKor  
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"Even in death, I still serve."
Naarok0fKor's avatar make really nice mechas...
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So this is where it started. I like this design. It reminds me of the Loki.
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hm... unseen mechs... the marauder is unseen? one of my person faves in heavy. the marauder II is amazing because it can mount a clan rail gun. in fact, it's the only other mech besides the behemoth II that can mount that weapon.
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Technically there wouldn't be that restriction, that's unique to the MW4 slot system. The railgun however is just a weapon that showed up in a few videogames and isn't really proper canon in Battletech. If it were, any mech could mount it provided it had the tonnage and crit space, though it would likely have Heavy Gauss type rules where non assaults would have a harder time firing it.
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well, I guess my copy of mechwarrior 4 mercs got some of the expansions. but tonnage wise most assaults can carry it. only problem is it requires 7 crit space where as the heavy gauss is 4. only the dorsal guns on the behemoth II and marauder II have that kind of space. I know because I looked at every mech in the game to figure it out. long drawn out process.

oh crap, I wrote all that and THEN realized what you were trying to say. hm. I didn't know the slot system was unique to mw4. but that's all I've played. I wanted to get more because the games are fun but haven't. anyways sorry about that
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If you have a good computer, try out MWO, it's free.
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I have it. just don't play much
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I've seen this concept art done now as an early version of an upcoming Battletech miniature, and it was awesome!
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Yep, that's my work.
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Superb Piece!
However I'd prefer the Valkrie (Veritech in the US)!
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Man, I'd love to see this brought into MWO!
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ha NG those are my initials making my name nick grayeagle ^u^
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This is SMOOTH!!!!!!
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could any of the classic kaiju monsters destroy these mechs?
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Easily, Battletech mechs are small compared to Jaegers.
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Red means 'I don't care if you see me, whatcha gonna do?'. I like the more enclosed cockpit. The Battletech version didn't have missiles in the chest panels unlike the Robotech Destroid (Excalibur???) so I can dig why the chest area is redesigned to look more like armour plate. I'm only saddened this loadout has no machine guns to punish those impudent infantry.
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hey, Iwas Wondering what would you think of a Warhammer IIC 6 in Ghost Bear Dominion camo?
durian10's avatar
A Warhammer IIC, the first Warhammer is an "unseen"
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