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Battle Mech - Grey Death Marauder

After doing so many Battletech commissions I wanted to do one of my own again, for a little more freedom in mech choice and design. Turns out my last personal BT piece was also a marauder, both done for the same reason, though the old one looks silly compared to this :D

A lot of fans miss the old unseen designs, so for this piece I wanted to create something that was a little more faithful to the old, while also trying to avoid a look that would cause legal issues, and going on a bit of related fluff from the Mad Cat.

Grey Death Legion Marauder MAD-5S going to work on a moon.
2 ER Particle Projector Cannons
2 M Pulse Lasers
1 Gauss Rifle

If I was to redesign another unseen, or any BT mech in general that you feel is an iconic mech that needs a face lift, which would it be?
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Heh, I love this MAD variant. I used this one in Btech 3030 MUX, and my opponents didn't like the Gauss + 2 ERPPC blasts hehe. Besides, this variant has jumpjets too. Mind the heat though. ;)
Excellent work, love it! And it's Gray Death to boot!
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Add a mech-tail for balance, and some useful purposes for storing, etc., or side-bashing the enemy. 
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Best. Marauder. Ever.
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always loved the marauder and this is by far the best version I have seen that isnt the original macross based design honestly if the two went at it i would put my money on this one it looks better armored
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Why the hell we can't use this design is beyond me. That includes the Archer and all the rest.
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Because one side has lawyers that are trolls, and the other side has lawyers that are expensive.
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the marauder and the timberwolf are by far my favorite mechs.
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:icondarthvaderplz::iconsaysplz: fell the wrath of DARTH VADER
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Reminds me of the mech in "Battle Mechs"There's a mech pic in loading screen,looks like this but it's golden nice one tough
The best 55 ton mech and one of the oldest mechs around.
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That is pretty awesome, I've been trying to draw a Summoner, (my favorite mech) in a MW:O style, but it keeps coming out awful looking (I have always had difficulty drawing mechs, though people are no problem)
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It's all about practice, keep trying and you'll get better.
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I expanded this into 1 16:9 format for the background on my laptop, you have full credit in the description, as well as your signature is untouched in the original image
I composited it with imagery from nasa of the moon, and redid the shadows to match, as well as adding the ppc glow lighting. I wish I could generate art as detailed as you.
posted here: [link]

If I had my choice I would love to see your take on the LCT-1S Locust, it has always been my favorite mech and I hated their project phoenix redesign.
Shimmering Sword - well done sir well done indeed

I am blown away by this and your other pictures of this venerable design

The "Mad 3D" is one of my favorite Mech's - in fact it was probably the first Mech I ever saw back in 1990 when I got my hands on a copy of the original 3025 Tech readout - The Marauder being the on the front cover.

I love its clunky odd shape and its 'alien' layout and despite the additional readouts and plethora of designs it (and the Banshee 3S) remained my Mech of choice.

However after looking through your pictures (the Grey Death, Highlander and Free World League variants) the original "Officers Pod" design just looks rubbish by comparison.

This particular picture encapsulates everything the Marauder is in my mind and I love the dynamic pose as it advances guns blazing

Now when I imagine the Marauder - this is what I see.

Another unseen I would like to see given the Shimmering Sword re-design is the Crusader - but I understand that you are now quite busy so this is unlikely to happen.

Now obviously no one has created a "3 D Print" of this model and as such haven't been swapping them for certain cash sums or contributions so I am not going to ask.........

....unless of course someone has in which case please please please PM me with the details.
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I've seen one homebrew model that was made of this, but it was a bash of parts rather than a casting, so there aren't any duplicates of it.
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" giant stomp for mechkind."

Couldn't help but paraphrase Mr Armstrong when I saw this one. :)
Outstanding work, sir.
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So many heatsinks. . .
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Oh how very awesome. That's the one thing I always liked about the Marauder. The dual-PPCs. Very nice angle and atmosphere (even without the atmosphere... :O_o:). Nice design, too!
In all seriousness I would love to see an Urbanmech done right. But since you rightfully think I'm trolling with statement a Stalker, Catapult or King Crab would be awesome to see a re-vision.

Also, this (and your other work) is insanely fantastic!
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