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This version of story and some planning written by: Emmy--The--Frenchy  (If questions about story please note or mention Emmy--The--Frenchy in comments you may also visit her DA page: emmy--the--frenchy.deviantart.… )

Original story and editing help by: Shimmering-Moon

Main Character Bios

First name: Star (or Night)

Last name: N/A
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: January 28 
Hair color: Light blonde (almost white)
Eye color: dark blue
Attire: Usually wears a light gray hoodie with a white t-shirt underneath, faded jeans with small holes on the knees and a pair of black tennis shoes with blue laces.
Personality: Is usually friendly with people she's comfortable with, but can be really pissy. She acts like she doesn't care about things but usually she does, she values each of her friends and makes time for them whenever she can, and  hates school so she skips a lot even though she knows it's bad for her.
Appearance: (height, build, and distinctive features) she's about 5'4, she just qualifies as slim but she's definitely not a stick figure, her hair goes down to her lower back, she's rather pale. Her face is rather chubby and is usually bruised in some way. She has a faint scare on her left hand from when she met Flamesoul, this was caused by him constantly biting her hand as she removed his wing from a branch. 
Backstory: (as much detail as possible please) When Night was little (If Lane was 6, Night was 3) their parents were burned in a house fire (by dragons from the military) while the siblings were down by the river playing. A family member, let's say aunt and uncle, found them and took them to a new bunker. Lane found Shadow in the rubble and kept him until he left when he was 14 after getting into a fight with the aunt and uncle over keeping Shadow (After so long of the dragon and Lane causing trouble, they wanted the dragon to go). Night tried to go with him, since they had a good relationship, but he said no and that he was leaving her with their aunt and uncle because he didn't care about her or them. Night, since she was so young, always thought the aunt and uncle were her bio parents, and upon hearing that, marched into the bunker demanding to know. After they told her, she cried for days grieving over the loss of parents she never knew. A week later, she woke up to an empty house and a backpack full of supplies. A note on the backpack read "You can fend for yourself, we cannot let you live under our care anymore. We're sorry. -Your Aunt K and Uncle J" She cried in the clearing for hours upon realizing she lost all her family, then decided she'd find a new family. So she walked to the nearest town and asked directions to the nearest school. They pointed her to a school a couple miles away, but upon leaving a hooded stranger came up to her. They asked her if she wanted to find her brother. She did, she wanted to find him, punch him to a pulp, then show him how much more skilled she was than him. Petty, but she didn't care. So the stranger smiled lightly and to ok off her hood, revealing a beautiful woman. She gave her directions to the school where Lane resides, and Night was on her way. On her way to the school, she found Flame injured in a flooded town. She nursed him back to health, they bonded, and they went to the school.
Fears: She dislikes most bugs so flame enjoys catching them, She has a strong fear of the Military (due to her parents death), she doesn't like being left alone for long periods of time, and of course fears for her friends safety.
Anything else you want to add:
her hair goes down to her lower back so she ties it in a bun when training
She gets sunburned really easy
She spends like 5 hours coming up with insults for people because she can't think of them on the spot
She has a certain dislike for Lane for abandoning her as a child but still hangs around him because her friends do.
Ph by Shimmering-Moon

Dragon Name: FlameSoul
Dragon Nickname: Flame
Dragon Stage of Life: (baby, mature, elder) mature
Dragon Sex: (don't take that weirdly) male
Dragon Type: (e.g. Fire, Lightning, Light, etc.) Fire
Dragon Power(s):He has a very excellent sense of danger (as of something nearby or in the next room) together he pretty much increases night's stamina and over all awareness, he can also bend large or small amounts of fire, and when worn out smoke with rise from his body.
Dragon Appearance: (this includes any distinctive features) His face (and look, but he can sit like a dog so his back isn't just flat and his legs are longer but he can crawl too) is similar to a gecko but with small horns (these are a red very close to orange) (like small bumps that end with a point) on the sides of his face (not quite the sides but just above) going all the way down to his tail. His wings are closer to his sides than on top of his back so they fold flat, each wing has a small claw at the end as well. Though Flame's right wing has a scar on it from when he was a baby caused by a branch in a bush. The color scheme is close to a sunset (minis the pink) with deep and light orange shades that fade into each other. His face goes from dark orange to the tail that is a lighter orange with small dark patches. His eyes have huge iris making them almost black but there are traces of a red and orange that flow into each other in the visible pupil. His stomach is a patch starting at his chest to the middle of his back legs. He has small (filed/dull/not sharp) nails similar to a dog's but the size is closer to a cat's nails.
Dragon Personality: Very stubborn, always complaining, actually hates danger but reacts with a sour attitude instead of fear, (IN secret) loving 
How Dragon and Character Met: Night walked determined to find her brother and beat him up in front of everyone at his school, she ended up passing through an abandoned, flooded town. While treading through a rather murky area she heard a small coo from a nearby bush, though dragons don't usually call for help in fear of humans killing or capturing them, it was a rather young (It's parents did not survive the flood) and crying for help. It's wing had been cut by a sharp branch and it couldn't fly. Night being young and impressionable obviously decided to help the animal but he bit at her arm quite alot from the pain of removing the branch so she now has a very light scar along with flame on his right wing. After feeding the dragon and trying to bandage him the best she could he stuck around her unknowingly bonding and they became inseparable ever since
Anything else you want to add:
He looooves attention

He is actually quite protective
He will sometimes plan the pranks Night does
He secretly hates the scar on her had because it's from him so he often will rest his head under that hand when she sleeps.

First name: Lane
Last name: Newmoon
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: 11th of February
Hair color: Black with red tips.
Eye color: Right eye is blue. Let eye is orange.
Attire: Wears a black leather trenchcoat and a  navy-coloured jeans. The trenchcoat is usually not done up and he wears any t-shirt he has in his drawers, basically you can choose what the t-shirt has.
Personality: A tad selfish and loves to eat. He's a little arrogant but once you earn his trust, he makes for a loyal friend, even if he may have a bit too much pride and confidence for his own good.
Appearence: He is very tall, coming in at about 1.95 meters but he isn't that muscular. Quite slim in build and not with many distinctive features. He wears an eyepatch to cover up his mismatched orange eye and claims that he is blind in that eye but just doesn't want to freak people out. He may reveal his secret during your story or keep it a secret throughout the adventure. Your decision.
Backstory: When Lane was little (If Lane was 6, Night was 3) their parents were burned in a house fire (by dragons from the military) while the siblings were down by the river playing. A family member, let's say aunt and uncle, found them and took them to a new bunker. Lane found Shadow in the rubble and kept him until he left when he was 14 after getting into a fight with the aunt and uncle over keeping Shadow (After so long of the dragon and Lane causing trouble, they wanted the dragon to go). Night tried to go with him, since they had a good relationship, but he said no and that he was leaving her with their aunt and uncle because he didn't care about her or them.
Fears: He has a slight fear of fire and burning things but he's gotten more used to it over the years. He also hates snakes and scorpions. Doesn't like swimming, either.
P (1) by Shimmering-Moon

First name: Shadow
Last name: NA
Sex: Male
Age: Estimated at around 21, the same as Lane.
Birthday: 22nd November, the day the house burned down, as all Shadow's details were lost in the fire. This was his new birthday, as it was the day that he was found.
Hair color: NA
Eye color: Red.
Attire: Wears a black saddle for riding but takes it off when Lane isn't riding on his back. Carries the saddle in his wings.
Personality: Aggressive to anything it doesn't trust but, if friends with Lane, they're friends with Shadow. Shadow...shadows Lane and is always at his side. Loyal to friends and will fight to the death.
Appearence: Quite short, having only going up to Lane's waist when stand up vertically . Red eyes glow, faintly, in the dark. Has 6 wings, which come out of his back and are very slim. Each wing is tentacle-like and doesn't look like they grant flight but they are very efficient and fast, making Shadow very fast. The tentacles are black but with a large, curved, red claw at the tip, used for striking and slashing. Has sharp teeth for devouring food and biting enemies. Doesn't breath fire. Instead, it breathes venomous smoke, which can be lethal if inhaled. Lane is naturally immune to the poison, having being used to the fumes. 2 breaths is all it needs to kill. 1 breath can paralyse. It can expel these fumes very rapidly and, in about 30 seconds, can smoke out a large residence.
Backstory: Meant to be a birthday present to Lane from his parents but they never lived to give it to him. Found in the remnants of Lane's burned house and rightfully given to Lane to raise.
Fears: Losing Lane, being alone and traitors.

First name: Rae

Last name: M. Amber (the "M." is not an abbreviation; its more like of a reference to a certain anime)

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Birthday: 28 September

Hair color:  Black

Eye color: Green

Attire: Wears generally black shirts with captions that most of the time make references to either memes or games, always wears an fedora with an 4 leaves clover stuck 
on the top, and dark-green shoes with untied shoelaces.

Personality: Can't be bothered, flirts A LOT, very talkative, like to meet new people, optimistic, and although very laidback- knows when he haves to take things 

Appearence: hnnng i can't explain very well maybe Shimmer's representation of him could help? i don't have the details but he's not that tall nor that small and has 
this weird "X" shaped mark on his right hand's palm.

Backstory: Traveler and explorer of the Wastelands, the largest scrapyard on the destroyed Earth. His mother died when he was about 6 year old on an accident caused by 
an unknown dragon. His dad took care of him until he was 14; Rae by himself told to his father that he wanted to see what the rest of the world is like, despite 
knowing about the leftovers of the war. ; he travels to different places all the time; until he settles down on an forgotten city with an huge industrial area (the 
place where he met R.O.X.Y ). After that he set on another trip and met the protagonists and decided to actually stay there.

Fears: Weird insects, losing Rox or his friends, really odd-looking or surreal stuff; has a bit of claustrophobia and aracnophobia.

Anything else you want to add: He has an vehicle called "Bugger" (an carapace of an big rusty car with aracnid-like mechanical legs that helped him to travel through a 
lot of terrains). He calls his Magnum pistol "The Worthless". He's an quite good mechanic and could build small A.I. machines if the right materials are give to him; 
and knows how to forge weapons.
Photo (1) by Shimmering-Moon

Dragon Name: R.O.X.Y Mark V0.9 (She's an mechanical Dragon so therefore she was named as an machine)

Dragon Nickname: Rox or Roxa (pronounced as "Rosa")

Dragon Stage of Life: Permanently stuck into Mature

Dragon Sex: Designed and set as female opon creation of an unknown manufacturer

Dragon Type: Steampunk/Lightning

Dragon Power(s): If touched, Rox can electrocute anyone if she desires to; zaps small charges of electricity from her tail, can disassemble completely (and remain 
conscious) and has sharp steel claws.

Dragon Appearance: She's an dragon made out tubes, pipes, steam engines, many wires with rusty-yellow-golden looks similar to the Victorian era A.K.A Steampunk, her 
main body color is pink-chromed with her lower body, 2 horns in the back of the head, wing's color being yellow-golden. She is kinda skinny for an dragon and has some 
feminine features like eyelashes, pink colored claws and things on her lips that mimic lipstick. Her tail looks like an very elastic radio antenna with a slightly 
bigger metal ball at the very end.

Dragon Personality: Cautious, slightly flirtatious, friendly to those who are friendly, kind of a nerd and a pun-dork (LOVES to make puns) and sometimes slap some 
sense into Rae.

How Dragon and Character Met: (W.I.P currently)

Anything else you want to add: Has an USB plugger on her neck; her only means of "feeding" are drinking oil or data-transfering (like for example plugging RAM or 
different kinds of file types into her CPU) 

Scarlet Rose

Gender: Female 
Age: 18 
Attire: is a light pink hoodie with crisp white jeans with black sneakers. ( most of the time)
Appearance: she has short brown hair with bright blue eyes and a elf like face and cheekbones 
Personality: She is very happy and good natured, she only gets her hands dirty when she has to. She is always the person people go to for help or advice. She also is easily scared or worried.
Bio (W.I.P.) notes: She is good at medicine and plant. Single Mother died from cancer from being exposed to radiation for prolonged periods of time (Since she was the only parent she had to get the food and everything since Scarlet only sent outside to learn about medicine and herbs). Lived in re-enforced beach house. Immune to radiation. Got dragon after meeting Mis.
Phot by Shimmering-Moon

Dragon type: light dragon
Dragon Name: Arina 
Dragon personality: (Like Scarlets but Arina is more stubborn) Arina is 2 so she is still a fairly young Dragon, resulting in a smaller than average size.
Shared power: Scarlet can shoot beams of light out of her palms and Arina and shoot melting hot light out of her mouth.
20170318 001631 by Shimmering-Moon


Untitled by Shimmering-Moon

Untitled by Shimmering-Moon

Untitled by Shimmering-Moon

Untitled by Shimmering-Moon

0 by Shimmering-Moon

Class Descriptions:

»All on first level

History: Led by Mr. Rocke ; teaches about everything that happened until the nuclear war.

Dragon Training Class: Led by Ms. Gonzales and Ms. Robedeaux. Teach a bout using shared powers and help dragons develop their independent  powers. No written tests. Weekly duels on Friday determine passing or failing. If progress is shown, you pass. Extra credit to the person who wins!

Survival Class: Led by Ms. Gonzales and Ms. Robedeaux. Same grading system as DTC.
Indoor Survival- A changeable environment where students must learn to survive in multiple environments, usually in the form of games.
Outdoor Survival- Used for building fires, small structures, digging, some games and dragon feeding.
Prep Room- Where students leave possessions when in Survival Class.

Combat Class: Led by Ms. Gonzales and Ms. Robedeaux. Students are  taught to fight properly without dragons. Learn hand-to-hand combat and how to fight with weapons. Same grading system as DTC.
Weapon  Room- Where the weapons for Combat Class are held. Always locked. 

Physics Class- Led by Mr. Roth. Teaching about building effectively, gravity, physics stuff. Small rockets are made and tested in class frequently.

Weapon Making Class- Led by Mr. and Mrs. Steele. They help kids design and create their ideal weapon, while helping it to suit their needs.

English Class- Led by Mrs. Ousane. Teaches about literature, proper English, and Latin. Other languages are to be learned in spare time, not class time!

Art Class: Led by Ms. Sheanih. Teaches students about sculpting, drawing, music, art techniques, etc. Lots of projects.

Science Class: Led by Ms. Kzcatsa. Teaches basic science but is known for her crazy experiments in class.

Math class: Led by Mr. Bleu. Horrible at explaining and tends to ramble. Teaches about all levels of math, not that it matters because nobody understands. He gets frustrated and gives out A's to most  students anyways. 

School Locations:

>1st level:

Entry Room: Where students and staff must check in when leaving or entering the Warehouse. Students need staff permission -which is checked by guards. No students allowed to leave at night. Always one security guard on duty there, although there's one security guard that takes bribes. During the day Ms. Diana watches things there from her office.

Office: Ms. Diana's office, she's usually found there. Works likes a principal's office, students go there when in trouble, teachers go there to revieve jobs and orders.

Nurse's Office: Where students, staff, and dragons go for in juries. Ms. Diana handles dragon injuries but they must report to the nurse's office first.

Teacher's Lounge: Where teachers go for lunch or free time, if they want. No students permitted at any time!

Outdoor Common Area: A grassy areas where students and staff can roam freely at day or night. Fights happen here often, but people also like to cloudgaze and stargaze.

>2nd level

Teacher Conference Room: Where teachers hold meetings.

Gym: Where students  go to work out, practice dancing and sports.
Indoor pool: Where students go to swim. Common place for water dragons to be, they love pulling pranks there.

Repair Store: Where students can go to get broken or damage items restored.

Movie Theatre: Where movies are shown constantly. Genres depend on a cycle that is completely random because I don't want to come up with one! Snacks are sold and tickets are cheap. Very nice and clean, except after horror m ovies.

Arcade: Where a variety of games (from the oldest to newest) are to be played. Coins are bought at the doot. No food or drink allowed!

Student Store: Where school supplies and other general supplies are sold.

Public Kitchen: A kitchen where students can cook themselves breakfast and other food whenever they want. Occasional kitchen leftovers are there. Most students only cook food when the cafeteria isn't serving.

Cafeteria: Where lunch, dinner , and dessert are served up by lunch ladies and student help. Dragons get their food there then go to the Outdoor Survival area or elsewhere to eat in peace. Open to dragons 24/7.

*Student Lounge (2): Another place where students can hang out. Small parties are held there.

Computer Lab: Where students a nd staff can do research and call people. No mobile devices on campus unless in Computer Lab!

Library: Where students go to check out books, read, or study.

Supply Room: Nobody knows what lies beyond the door that is constantly locked. Probably supplies.

>3rd level

**Student dorms: Where students reside. Contains beds, one dresser to share, one nightstand per bed with a personal drawer and lamp. Also has a small bathroom with a sink, small mirror, toilet, and shower.

Gym: Where all announcements are made to the students. Used once a week on Sunday.

Student Lounge: See * because I'm too lazy to rewrite that.

>4th level

This level is completely made up of many student dorms and the staff rooms, along with the Security Room. That is where a security guard sits and watches everything that happens on computer screens.

Please see ** to know what is in every student dorm and staff room. They are all essentially the same except for whatever personalization the person put into the room.

>Also, the main characters of Dragons Eye will all be in one dorm. It is the only dorm with a 5 in it, indicating that five students reside there. The room will be put into more detail in the story itself.<

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