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As I was walking down the cold snowy street,
I couldn't help noticing how everyone I'd meet
Was laughing so merrily and would drunkenly say:
“I hope you yourself has a wonderful day.”
With a groan in my throat, and a weight on my chest
I passed by the stores showing the chef’s very best:
Pies, cookies, muffins and quice
Turkey, potatoes, apples, gravy, a feast
I could smell the food cooking and sweetening inside
I thought about stopping, but just passed it on by
I looked up to see a sheet of black ink
Had covered the sky with a moon by the brink
I looked at my watch for time that I had
10 minutes remaining before she'd be mad

While trudging through the snow on the ground
I heard a song play, so suddenly all around
I looked up to see a store front of him,
the jolly man with light bulbs and wires worked in
Who only showed his face once a year, I groaned
Nothing more than a fantasy so our children can own
A five week old toy, or a small game to play
Is this what we want from our kids today
To grow up greedy and dependant on other people’s things
That do nothing to further their love of human beings?
Is life just a cycle of giving and taking?
Or is there more than that for the people that are willing?

As these thoughts fogged over and turned my brain to mush
I almost didn't notice the child in the brush
Hidden away like a squirrel, wrapped in a shawl
With their eyes closed shut and shivering in a ball
I almost passed them by, almost looked the other way
But I knew if I did, there was nothing I could say
That could clear my conscience, I couldn't just leave
This child was desperate, more than I would be
Seeing they were quiet, I crept to their side
Withdrew the small parcel from my pocket inside
I lay it down by their side, bliss spreading down to my feet
“Merry Christmas” I whispered, before walking down the street.
Merry Christmas Sign Did you know Christmas is my favorite holiday?
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November 21, 2016


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